A Blessed and easy Thanksgiving

RuthieG__TXNovember 23, 2012

My Granddaughter Laura took this picture with her phone...I don't know if that is why the ham looks so black or what but it wasn't black by any means....anyway...the reason I posted this picture is because I wanted to point out that I bought loaf pans to hold all the casseroles and veggie dishes. Many of the other pans that we used were lined with foil. We never use paper plates at family gatherings either mostly because I don't like to eat off of them and always fear mishaps...but anyway, this year I decided that with at least 10 people arriving, I would take the easy route and we used paper plates...by the time everyone ate, we scooped up leftover for everyone to take home, and ever one quit munching, there was only silverware and water and wine glasses to wash because we just tossed all the pans...They were cheap, something like 2 for 1.75.......It was amazing how fast we were out of the kitchen....I think I will always go the foil pan route...I don't know the size but I'm guessing about 5 x 10...bigger that the regular loaf pans...I took pictures but haven't downloaded them yet so I will just use this instagram... The pans and foil was a great idea and I am sure we will continue doing it from now on. It doesn't make for a beautiful buffet but it sure does make cleanup wonderfully easy...

All of the Guida kids and all but two of the Guida Grandchildren were at our table...A blessing in itself with all the jobs and school activities like football etc. Our Grands are all grown and in college or working so it is very difficult for all of us to be together...

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Ruthie, you are a smart lady! Your Thanksgiving sounds like a very enjoyable day for all. Glad you had all the kids and feel bad for the two grands that couldn't make it.

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Nice! but where is the picture? lol

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I hope you meant that you tossed them in the recycling.....:)

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