Is it possible to color just a few rice krispies?

ivamaeNovember 25, 2012

I was at a Bazaar yesterday and one of the things on the bake table was rice krispie/marshamllow treats in the shape of Christmas trees. They had a few red and a few green rice krispies mixed in with the plain ones. They looked so very nice. Is there away to color just a few and if so how would I do it?

I would presume a bit of food coloring mixed with a little water, put in a zip lock bag with a few krispies and shaken well would work if they were quickly taken out and spread out to dry. What do you suggest?

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Maybe you can buy colored ones at this time of year?

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I wouldn't try coloring them myself--no matter how you do it, they're going to get mushy.

Just buy the box of red and green ones. It's going to save you a lot of work and hassle.

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

You should be able to find Christmas Rice Krispies, which sounds like what they used. I make them every year with the grands.

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thanks for the quick replies. I have never seen the boxes of colored ones but I will watch and see if they are in our stores. I'll also check the bulk food stores. Great if any of them do.

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You shouldn't have any trouble--they're everywhere this time of year. Have fun with them.

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I haven't noticed them in the stores - but I haven't been down the cereal isle the last few grocery trips.

I often add some "sprinkles" into my Rice Krispie treats - just toss in a tablespoon or so of sprinkles and it looks very festive. That might do the trick for you if you can't find the Holiday Krispies. YOu can usually find the green and red sprinkles easily at this time of year.

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That is a great idea. What isle would I find them in? I'll sure look the next time I grocery shop.

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Ivamae-they'll be with the cereal in any grocery store-big thing at this time of year in any Ontario grocery store

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Thanks so much everyone. I just came back from getting groceries and while out I went to the bulk food store. They had all kinds of things. I settled on some sprinkle type that is the shape of little Christmas trees and is about the size of one rice krispie. I think they should be great. I appreciate all the help.
Thanks again

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That will look super cute Ivamae! I stir mine in after I have the Krispies mixed with the marshmallow mixture.

I started making my Krispie treats in the microwave and it is so quick! I nuke the marshmallows and butter in a large glass bowl (biggest pampered chef batter bowl). I put the Krispies in large plastic bowl. I pour the melted marshmallows over and stir it together. Just takes a couple minutes total to make.

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