I'm home.....

GeorgysmomNovember 10, 2012

YEAH! Usually this is a great time to go to the Outer Banks but with Sandy bringing in the cold weather and then followed up by the Nor'easter, the weather was not so great. We were both missing Georgy so decided to come home early. The WiFi at the place we were staying was driving me crazy. It was worse than dial up so I'm happy to get back to normal.

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Sounds like you had to come back home to relax :o)

Always appreciate getting home after going away for a spell.

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Welcome back Georgysmom! You were missed!

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Yippee, you're home! Sorry the weather wasn't up to par (pun intended). ;-) Did you eat any fabulous food? Bet Georgy was happy to see you both.

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Not really Patti....the average dinner cost about $80.00 with tax and tip....and these were just ordinary restaurants with average to below average food. We did go to two of the top restaurants there. One for a late lunch and one for dinner. For lunch, the menu was very limited. DH and I shared a bowl of oyster stew ($10.00) which was very delicious. He had a hamburger and I had a crab cake sandwich which was served with potato salad. The crab cake was small and that grayish looking crab meat and the potato salad was about the worst. Some chopped up potatoes and celery, barely any mayo and tasteless. I think it was $16.00 or $17.00. So lunch came to around $50.00 and was so-so. Mind you we just had water to drink. Same with dinners.

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Sorry your weather was 'dampened' by Sandy, but glad you're safe home. Were you in a condo, so you could eat well without going 'out' for every meal?

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Geez, Georgysmom! Bad weather, bad food. So much for "vacation".

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chisue, the one thing that kept me from feeling sorry for myself because of the weather was thinking about all those who lost their homes and at the very least, their power during this awful storm. Believe me, I was very thankful to have a roof over my head and lights to read by. We were in a time share which was probably a ten 20 years ago but was about a four or five now. LOL We did cook breakfast at home, but went out for dinner. When we go away for two weeks, we're more likely to cook dinner then just being away for five days. My problem is, DH actually likes going out to dinner. Me, I'm mostly disappointed and would rather stay home.

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