Lemon and orange peel

marie_ndcalNovember 27, 2012

Posting here instead of cooking forum but I notice that many receipes ask for a small amount of lemon or orange peel--that is 1/4 teaspoon etc
Because here it is hard and expensive to get good lemons and oranges, how much difference is the "real stuff" against the peel in the bottles and how long can the jars be kept-
Does it taste the same etc' Are certain brands better??

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I do have bottles of orange and lemon peel (Penzey's brand) on my shelf. I rarely use them--they're okay, but definitely not as good as the real thing. I wouldn't ever chance using a lower quality (supermarket) brand. Makes SUCH a difference with herbs and spices to get fresh, high quality products--the stuff in the supermarket could have been sitting around on the shelves for years, and is often manufactured with less than high standards (you don't know what else is in it besides the spices).

Look, when you do buy fresh citrus, why not zest the entire thing, measure what you need for your recipe and put the rest in a small container in the freezer? It freezes just fine and will still be better than the dried stuff.

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Marie, you can grate the whole lemon or orange and store the leftovers in the freezer. I usually wrap it in waxed paper and then foil. Tastes as good as new.

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Move to Florida! We have fresh Citrus in our yards all the time - Tangerines are especially sweet and juicy right now!

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