Peanut oil

grams33November 11, 2012

Can anyone help me here? We use peanut oil in our turkey fryer and also to fry doughnuts. Lately it seems as if altho the therm says it is hot enough it doesn't seem to be. Our doughnuts have seemed more greasy. Is it possible that the oil could be losing some heat or doesn't actually get to the temp it records. It has been used several times so is it time to replace it?

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Before you do anything, it would be a good idea to test your thermometer--if it's off, that could be your problem. However, you cannot use oil forever. It may be time to get some fresh oil.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Sounds like you need new oil. The greasy taste is a sure sign.

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yes it is I am a cook in a restaurant and you can only use it so long then your food starts absorbing the grease and turns it dark a lot faster

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Curious, could it be the brand also?

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