Drugstore and Christmas Music

jasdipNovember 3, 2012

Because of many customer complaints our large drugstore chain stopped playing their Christmas music, which started the day after Halloween.

The news article did say that they will start playing it again in the middle of November

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Christmas music is nice, but not so soon. Let your store now how you appreciate it. Even mid Nov is a bit much for me.

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Wow, how lucky for you to have a store that listens!


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I love Christmas music but it's a bit early. If we, the customers, don't like it this early, can you imagine how the employees, who are prisoners of the stores must feel.

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A bit early??? IMO, December 1 is Ok.

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Yes please....wait till after Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!

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My favorite piece is "Sleigh Ride" (I think the version by the Boston Pops). But, yeah, it's just a tad too early for me (since there's still Halloween candy on the shelves!)

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Gosh, Mare, I hadn't thought about those poor people who work there. Day after day of that would be a nightmare!

Pammyfay, I just love anything by the Boston Pops. I need to get a CD.

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Yes....it is early but the Canadian Thanksgiving is before Halloween.

Speaking of early, I saw Christmas decorations in craft stores (Hobby Lobby) this summer when I was on vacation. They were being put out - not last years clearance stock.

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Today I found a Christmas card in my card basket that comes with a CD of "Children's Classic Christmas Songs". I bought it at DG for $1 a couple years ago and never sent it. So I put it into the CD player of my computer while I read emails. The songs are from recordings made in the 1940's or 50's by the sound of them. I've never heard of "The Reindeer Dance", and it has both the vocal and instrumental versions. ha. Plus versions of traditional carols. Of course being only $1 and from DG, it has its quirks - Frosty the Snowman is there but the title is not on the list. Fun.

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This is the time of year I taper off on going into stores, because of the music and the crowds. 24 hr stores get more business from me.

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There's also the "rush" to see which radio station is the first to flip to all-xmas. Should be one doing it soon. Something radically wrong with that IMO.

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I would be happy if they played Christmas music all year 'round, LOL!

I love to sing and sometimes I catch myself singing a carol in April or May. It's not that I am so into Christmas, just love the music.

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They were heavily bombarded on the social network(s), it appears. And they listened ... and got a lot of publicity over it, for it was spoken of quite a lot on various media: how often does one qualify for such a large bucket of free advertising ... especially of the laudatory kind?

Quite a few up here said that at least they should hold off until after Nov. 11, Remembrance Day, when the vets march to the cenotaphs.

ole joyful

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I remember back in the 50's when I was a kid they never played Christmas music in the stores until the day after Thanksgiving. I hate when they put out the decorations early and also the music.

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Jack Astors restaurant had the it Christmas tree up today!

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Holly, Nooooooo!!! (Our Jack Astors closed this summer)

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There's a radio station here that starts playing Christmas music all the time starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. I like it-puts me in the mood to do shopping, wrapping, shipping, cleaning and cooking.

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To me it's not that they are playing but how loud. I was in an outlet store a few years ago and the college age kids working there had the music so loud I left the store.

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I went to the mall yesterday and the music was so LOUD everywhere and a different song in every store PLUS out in rhe corridors. When DD and I went to eat lunch I went back to a booth as far as I could away from he door. What a relief for my ears. I love Christmas and the music but it's too soon.

Every store is decked out and selling Christmas stuff. I sent to Macy's first while DD had a short appointment. It was supposed to be 10 minutes but he was behind and it lasted an hour and a half. I did a lot of walking around the mall yesterday!

Macy's usually has many trees decorated in different themes but this year there were less than half of what they usually had. They usually have bins of the ornaments around the bottom of each tree but there weren't any this year. I heard a lady ask and the clerk said you just have to take them off the tree . . . there aren't any in the back. If you don't get what you want now you won't get any. Those trees are going to be bare soon. Christmas orniments are 40% off already. The stores don't want to have much left over after Christmas.

That's pretty much how it is every year here in Hawaii. Everything sells out early and fast. Partly because most people have to mail their gifts to the mainland or overseas.

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