Albino Deer Baby (pic)

lydia1959November 8, 2007

A friend of mine just sent me this. One of her friends found him..this is what she wrote:

A very eventful day around here... A once in many lifetimes experience!

Mark saw this lil' fella run out in front of a car, thought it was a lost baby goat. Stopped to get it, and WOW. A real Albino Whitetail Deer. Just hours old, but doing fine. No Momma deer around. Another car nearly hit it in front of Mark...

Well,, he is THE neatest thing any of us ever saw. And such a 'freak of nature', that only 1 in more than a million are even born. He took his bottle of food, followed us around the house, doing great. So, we called the Zoo &Fossil Rim, who were both interested, but we're going to send him to a Rehab farm. Maybe he will make it in captivity somewhere and be appreciated. So rare... Sure wanted to keep him tho. but, not the thing to do. And not LEGAL either ; But, here are a couple of pix to show ya. He was snow white, pink eyes, ears, nose and hooves. Kids called him POWDER. He was SO small. That is my shoe lying beside him... cool is that??

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That is the NEATEST thing! Baby is adorable and so tiny!

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Wow! What a neat thing for the kids to experience, bet they'll be talking about that for quite some time!
Suzan J

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Oh, how cute. And so lucky you found him. He wouldn't have lasted long in the wild what with cars, predators, both animal and human. I hope he lives a long happy life in his new home.

A nurse I saw at the clinic had a picture of an albino peacock. It was all white except for the "eyes" on its tail, and they were the usual peacock-blue. Absolutly gorgeous.

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I'm glad Mark found him and got him out of harms way. My friend's husband does research on deer and they had an albino white tail baby once. Her name was Crystal. They keep her at home and my friend took care of her until she was big enough to go to the deer barn. I think she is still there.


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When I read the title of your post, I didn't think it would really be an albino, but it sure is! How sweet and lucky to be saved. I don't think it would last long in the wild, even with a mother.

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Beautiful animal.

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Oh MY Goodness...what a beautiful animal!

Mark must be a very nice person. He did a very good thing...

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Um, according to Snopes these photos were taken in 2005 by a Johnny & Kathleen Maddox of Conroe, Texas.

Snopes was unable to determine if the claim was true. There's another photo besides this one on the Snopes website linked below.

Cute lil fellow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snopes: Albino Deer

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I thought I'd seen that before!!!

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This picture has been going around for several years now. When I read it, it was supposedly from High Island, which is near here. None of the long time rehabbers here had any knowledge of it.

If anyone called a zoo and told them they had a baby deer, they would probably have a game warden at their house within the hour.

Also, if anyone finds a baby deer...please leave it alone. The mother often leaves them unattended, but she will return. That, and it is illegal to keep a deer. Even wildlife rehabbers have to have a special permit and facilities for deer.

Here is a fawn some people found unattended and carried it around for awhile before deciding they didn't want to keep it and dropped it off at my friend's house, a wildlife rehabber. It was taken to a rehabber who has the special permit for deer, but it should have been left alone to be raised by it's mother.

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Sure hope he get to live a full and happy life!
You are certainly doing the right thing!

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Sorry! I usually check Snopes when I get things from this friend... but she said a friend of hers had found it, so I assumed it was true. Sending her an email now!

Cute little deer anyhow!

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We have an albino fawn in our neighborhood. It was seen for the first time by a neighbor who took a photo at a distance. We saw it and it's mother with a small herd of deer crossing our yard late one evening(too faw away and too dark to take a photo). We saw it again last week while coming home from church. It waws with that same herd of deer grazing in a neighbor's olive orchard. They spend their days in the olive grove to the north of us and their night in an orange grove a few houses to the south of us. Sometimes they cut across our yard and sometimes they follow a creek from one place to the other. We are so glad every time we see it. Everyone is worried about it getting killed. Now that it is getting bigger, we feel a bit better. We sure hope it turns out to be a doe as it will be quite the target for hunters.

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How precious are those babies...

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FlamingO in AR

It is illegal to keep a deer in some states, but not in Arkansas. Marilyn's friend, the rehabber, got hers the same way we got Blossom- some kids had kidnapped her out of the woods where I'm sure her mother spent days looking for her. We never saw the kids so we couldn't ask them where to return her to. If you've ever seen a doe frantically calling her baby, you would NEVER remove a fawn from the woods. It's pathetic and heart-breaking.

Rehabbers do great work at much sacrifice to their own lives and that of their family's. Forget ever taking a vacation or having a normal life. Raising wild animals is HARD work.

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"Forget ever taking a vacation or having a normal life. Raising wild animals is HARD work."

Thank you, Flamey. That is the truth!!!

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Some of the does in this area have figured out that our property is sort of a safe haven for their babies and we are on the path to their feeding spots. Several neighbors feed the deer so they travel through our property to get to the feeding areas ...anyway ...they leave their babies sometimes all day long and the babies just lay there waiting for their mamas...They barely move and Mama comes back to get them....I have seen as many as 4 babies all parked on our property at one time....They are so cute to see...The little head bobs up and down as they look around but they will be absolutely still for what seems likes ages...

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