hey....honey boo boo, anybody?

paleblueNovember 12, 2012

talk about limitations! And they continue to procreate!

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Paleblue, could you tell me what channel it's on--pretty please. I've asked several times but didn't get an answer. Sometimes I think I'm the only person on earth that hasn't seen HBB! :-)

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aww...I figure they are getting through life the best way they have been taught..yes, they are not way up on the educational ladder, but I think the mom works at couponing and loving her children the best she knows how. I admire that about her, plus when she is pulling coupons she is always drilling the girls about how much they save. I think the mom was smart in school, but for some reason she never pursued a higher status or education. I imagine that she learned from her parents, the parents from the grandparents and so on..At least she works for what she wants and does not expect taxpayers to fit the bill. I don't know about the daughters how they will cope, though. But, they will probably take after the mom. Now we could go on and on about what is WRONG with this family but I think it is o.k. to find something good in all. I like the quote that says, "There is something odd about everyone except me and thee, and sometimes I wonder about thee." LOL

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patti43..it's on tlc...check your local listing for time...

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I doubt mom was EVER very smart. After all smart people don't get knocked up at 15 and have four kids from four different fathers, all of whom have criminal records including mom.She married none of them and her 16 year old daughter has a baby with no father. If she is so smart, why do they run subtitles on her show? Because if they didn't, no one could understand a word they said. So they eat junk food and coupon all day.

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Not very smart? She's the one with the TV show, and is laughing all the way to the bank.

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Actually, plenty of smart people have had babies in their teens. I don't see the correlation between intellect and pregnancy age. Or dialect for that matter.

I like them. I'd rather spend time with that family any day than all the people who make fun of and say cruel things about them, including on this forum. Personally, those are the types of people that I try to avoid.

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Lily, you are so judgmental. I sure hope you don't have a future granddaughter who might get knocked up at 15 and have four kids from four different fathers, all of whom have criminal records including mom .

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seems there's a whole lot of fun and love in that house

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Lydia, My one granddaughter is 22 graduated with honors from university in May and is now going for her masters. GS is in HS and his report card came with 97% in his AP classes. Doubt this will ever happen. He has yet to have a date.

I just don't get it how people can defend this show. THIS is what represents our country on TV? You approve of people having four different kids by four different criminal fathers? Mom is obese and a few daughters are on their way. Unbelievable. Honey BB has no manners and is a trainwreck when mom parades her on TV. I pity the little girl.

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I really don't watch any reality show, I can't stand them. But when I was channel surfing and caught a moment of Honey Boo-Boo was enough for me. I just can not stand that show, I just can't understand a word they are saying! And I am southern with a heavy accent myself but people can understand every word I say. One reason I don't like the show is I don't like having a small child in those beauty shows. Those little children are all made up, some are dressed provocatively and to my mind that is just wrong.

But, Honey Boo-Boo's Mama has made them a pile of money on this poor little girl.

That is just what I think, but I know others will disagree with me. That's okay too, we are all different, with different up bringing and ways of thinking.


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Most of the people that I have talked to, that vehemently condem the show, have never actually watched it. They have seen previews or very short parts of it.

I have only watched a couple episodes. I found them to be a very loving family that wasn't glued to games or Internet. The did things together. The home was very neat inside and out. A lot of it is edited for shock value.

I think Honey's mom would probably give the naysayers the finger and go on with their apparently happy life. Got to respect that! :)

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I'm not a fan of multiple fathers and the parent's criminal records, but I do like this family and think they are doing some things right. The girls are sweet and I've never seen them bad mouth others. The family seems very loving. They do have some limitations, but I think that the show offers them have some opportunities to overcome some of those limitations. The family is aware of their weight. It appears they do not understand good nutrition. I think June and the family would be willing to try some new things and better foods if the opportunity presented itself. I hope someone who is on 'their side' and not just there to belittle them can help.

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Yes, HB's family does have issues. I have watched a few episodes, but have not seen any one of them be disrespectful to each other or anyone else. Someone must be doing something right. What is somewhat refreshing is that they spend a lot of family time together. They communicate face to face and do not have a cell phone or laptop attached to them. They also did not live beyond their means. HB's dad works full time to support the family. June was/is a coupon queen.

If I had to chose between watching HB or the Kardashian's, I would chose HB in a heartbeat. Kardashian's are the most disrespectful (to each other and their parents) bunch of people I have ever seen.

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I've never watched the Kardashian's either. I just can not get into watching reality shows, just never liked them.

Now I love a good science fiction movie or thriller!


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After all smart people don't get knocked up at 15

Lily, I'm getting weary of your disdainful use of the term "knocked up" when it refers to pregnant teens. You said the same thing on the last Honey Boo Boo thread. If you don't know anyone who has gotten pregnant in their teens, you've led a sheltered life. Apparently that's the case, as I don't detect a trace of compassion in your comments.

My own daughter, who today has an MBA, a fabulous job, and a wonderful family, got pregnant at 16. The result was my beautiful granddaughter, now a college senior, who has added immeasurably to my life. Her birth was a blessing.

Please do not forget that when a woman, young or old, gets pregnant (yes, pregnant--not "knocked up") and gives birth, the result is a baby. An innocent child. The days of stigma and passing judgment on these children are long gone.

You're highly critical of this TV show, yet you seem to know a great deal about it. It's obvious that you watch it, and I wonder why.

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Actually I watched half a show a few months ago before the daughter had the latest baby .I guess I HAVE led a sheltered life, because the last teen to get pregnant who I personally knew was a friend in high school. Back in that time, this bright pretty girl who was a few months from graduating was kicked out of school. She could not walk down the aisle with us, but got her diploma because her dad was on the school board. I thought that was terrible back then and still do.

I'm glad it all worked out for you and your daughter. I was never forced to make a decision with my daughter or granddaughter. Actually it would have been their own decision to make as we are all pro choice.

But in the case of this TV family , this seems to be the normal. June is a grandmother at 32. Who knows, maybe she'll be a great grandmother at 47 .

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I have watched the show a few times and agree that they appear to be a loving family. Why, oh why, do they not try to learn better manners? I just hate it when people fart and think it's funny, especially females. In fact, I hate the word fart. It's an "F" word to me. No one in my family uses the word. Not that we don't do it... we just don't use the "F" word.

Having said that, I think the little girl is cute and sweet. Just ill mannered. The father figure seems to be a good kind of guy. Is he the little girls father?

My son was a father at 16 and his girlfriend was 15. Neither one was very smart in my opinion. :)
And for those of you that have children or grandchildren that you think are so perfect.... well, you don't know what you don't know. Sometimes things are kept secret so just be careful of judgmental comments that you might make to your loved ones who may be holding secrets of their own.

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Good grief! I can't believe what TV got to be. I am so glad, I only have antenna tv now.

I just watched part of Honney BoBo on you tube, I watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo - Ep#8 (Season 1)
for a little while. I had to turn it off.

What is next on "reality tv"? I really don't call that something worth watching.


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This, and shows like it, are not something I want to clutter my mind with.

Why do people watch tv? For entertainment? To learn something?

Really, is THIS kind of crap entertaining? What are you learning from it? What is the saying? Garbage in, garbage out? yeah.....

No, I've never seen it. No, I don't want to. To me, it would be like going out of my way to see a bad car accident. I've seen snippets enough to know I don't want to waste my time with it, and actually, it's very telling about the people who do...

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>> it's very telling about the people who do...

Hmmmm....I like seeing the love and affection they have for each other, their family closeness, their happiness, their good and boisterous fun, their endearing simplicity (yes, not tied to cell phones, internet gaming, etc.).

When the baby was born, Alana said "That's one more person for me to love". Now how sweet is that? I like that in them.

If that says something about me, I'm ok with that.

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I would hang out with them. Very loving family. The new baby was born with an extra thumb on one hand, some people would have called that a deformity, some would have cried about it and just thought it was terrible, Honey said 'I wish I had an extra thumb so I could grab more cheese balls' The whole family made light of it and June said 'we are all born with something special'. The thing I like best about this family is that they don't judge other people, they accept everybody just the way they are. Some people could learn a lesson.........

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How is it telling about people who watch this show? There could be a multitude of reasons...entertainment, as a study in social cultures or even plain people watching, joy of watching a family interact and love each other, or just simple down time with the tv on. I think it's more telling that some people haven't watched the show and bad mouth others who do.

TLC has opted to highlight this family because they are at some of the extremes of society. Noticible bodily functions might happen on occasion, but most of us try not to highlight them for the entertainment of others. TLC wants ratings so they make sure that every sneeze, fart, and snot rocket makes its way onto the show. The sneezing and the snot rocket couldn't be helped. Most of us would politely avert our eyes, or say "bless you" or get a kleenix. TLC shows it in an effort to embarrass these people. June, the mom on this show, often has some odd looks on this show. Most likely these 'looks' are because she is squinting because she needs glasses. Most of us wouldn't point fun at someone who needed glasses, but for the people of TLC, it is an entertaining highlight.

There are some things this family does, that don't appeal to me. I'm not sure people wouldn't be pointing at my family and saying "Can you believe they did that?" if we were on tv. We all have our family habits. What we consider just fine for us, might be considered appalling to others. While we would all like to believe we are better than other people because of x, y, or z, we really aren't. A collage education is a good indicator of some things. It doesn't neccssarily make a person a better person character-wise than another person. People in college often have multiple sex partners, make illegitimate babies, drink too much, publicly barf and urinate, and display other unappealling habits. The difference is the college educated people have learned to put on a public face and not highlight their imperfections.

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Strange what passes for 'entertainment', but shows that make a viewer feel even a tad superior will always sell. ("Lookie, those people are more messed up than my family!")

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I have watched the show... one time and that's all it took to disgust me. Which show and role model "mother" would you rather have your children and family watch? Leave it to Beaver and mother June or Honey Boo-Boo and mother June? I know there's many years difference between the two shows, but self-respect and values haven't changed.

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I felt like an anthropologist when I first saw this show. I'd never heard of it, but because it beat the RNC in the ratings, I looked it up. First had to find TLC on the remote.

I couldn't believe that this wasn't a caricature of a family, not actually a real one. Such crude classless behavior, I had never seen before. Like Moonie said ,the F word was never said in my house let alone actually done for "fun". Never watched the show again but caught Mom with Boo boo on a clip from Dr Drew and also saw her on Kimmel ,and I have never seen a worse behaved kid in my life and with mom sitting there with a smile on her face.

At 32, mom should take a good look at herself on TV and try to make some changes in her junk food diet, if not to improve herself, but her kids' lives. Does she ever plan to marry the guy that is presumably Boo boo's father? Fine example, and the one daughter with the baby is following in her footsteps.

Yep, there are way better shows on TV than this. If people like reality shows, try the educational Amazing Race or even Survivor.

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If Honey Boo Boo is the worst behaved kid you've ever seen in your life, then you've been pretty sheltered.

There are all types of families in the world, and there is no "right" type. Marrying someone and then having a child is only one way. Not everyone wants to get married for their own reasons. Some people still can't get married. It's not a requirement to have a family, and it shouldn't be.

I've seen plenty of families who did it "right" because society told them to, and who are completely miserable.

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I don't watch "reality" programs. I only get 24 hrs. in a day and when I do watch tv, I really don't want to squander my time on junk. I don't think there is anything for me to learn or to benefit my life from watching the Kardashians or Honey Boo-boo. Ditto the X Factor, The Voice, etc. And ditto for the "talk"shows and their talking heads. I could care less what Whoopi Goldberg or Matt Lauer or Bill O'Reilly thinks about anything.

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I don't have cable, but watched a little on hulu and saw some of the Toddlers and Tiaras...I think that was one, when I was house sitting for a friend.

I am sure there are things about that family that we could be judgmental about....I don't agree with beauty pagents for toddlers. However, I am sure there is something about every one of us, someone else could be judgmental about...and I always find it amusing that some of the more liberal members are the quickest to look down their noses at other people. I have known people like Honey Boo Boo's family...and I have found them to be very down to earth in lots of ways. I don't really like to hang out with anyone on any social level....I don't have time or the desire...but if I had to pick one....I'd just as soon know someone like Honey Boo Boo's family than some of the more hoity toity folks I have come across. Call me red neck. I can relate to them better.

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