eBay removed one of my listings (again)

alisandeNovember 13, 2012

This week I listed a Massage Mouse on eBay. I had received it as a gift, and never used it. I checked Completed Listings, and found that quite a few of them had sold recently on eBay. So I listed mine, and the next day eBay informed me that they had pulled the listing because the massager delivered electrical impulses, making it a medical issue. They must have changed their policy very recently.

In the past they removed a listing I had for a vintage deck of cards because the picture on the cards was a Native American chief in full headdress. And once I used the term "shabby chic," which I didn't know was copyrighted. Out went the listing.

Has this happened to you?

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That is strange! No, I don't list stuff but my husband and my cousin do all the time and I have never heard of anything being removed. What possible reason would have had to remove the cards? Do you think it was the wording and not the actual item? Just list it as a vintage deck of cards and don't even say what the picture is...just show the photo? See if you have better results for that? What reason did they give to remove the Indian Chief? I am sure there are many people that collect things with a Native American theme!

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Alisande, I bought a tens machine around April. I already had one that my dr. prescribed to me, but I thought I would like to have another one, because sometimes I work down in the basement of my house, and because I have forgotten it Upstairs, I have to climb all the stairs which is difficult for me. It IS a medical device. Ebay must have changed their policy, because I could find some from England, but not the U.S. But it seems to me it would not matter where it is from, it is still being sold by ebay.

Here is a link that might be useful: tens machine, a medical device

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Alisande, here is another tens unit. They send off electrical charges. Why would England be able to sell them and not the U.S. after all, ebay is in the U.S. and they are selling them to the U.S. citizens.

Here is a link that might be useful: tens medical device, here's another one...

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I think someone has to report the listing to get it pulled.

The only auction I recall getting pulled was when I listed diabetic syringes (my grandmother had several full boxes left when she died). I didn't think it was a big deal to sell them since I could get them at Walmart without a script at the time.

I know the list of "prohibited" items at eBay keeps getting longer and longer.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Interesting I have to have a current doctors prescription on file to get any of my diabetic supplies even the tiny lancet to draw blood and the test strips. If it goes past the date on the prescription I have to get a new script from the doctors.

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Raven, I have to have a drs. prescription on my lancets, test strips, just like I needed one for my first tens machine, to get the insurance company to pay for it. But, if I wanted to pay for my diabetic supplies my self I would not need a drs. prescription. The tens machines do not need a drs. prescription to buy. After this thread started it got me curious to know if tens machines are sold on the internet, and they are without a drs. prescription. I cannot get insulin to go in my pump without a drs. prescription. I am curious to know why ebay took off the lancets but all other testing supplies are listed. (test strips for different machines)

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both of these are insulin syringes...one in pet supplies and one in health and beauty.

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From the prohibited page: Disposable syringes can be listed, but needles can't be included in the same listing or in a separate listing from the same seller. So if someone reported those 2 listings Thistldew mentioned, both would be removed.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay prohibited item list

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It did happen to me I just worded my listing wrong and they removed it and said you can't say....like a dingbat for instance....It is either a dingbat or not...

I sell doll clothes and usually aim at a particular doll......in my ad I always say...fits My Size Barbie...and that is fine but one day I worded it just a bit different and said fits dolls "like"

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I bought my tens device from my doctor but I see them all over the Internet and no script required. In fact I was considering getting each of my sisters one. Just recently lthey had one listed on one sale a day site for a great price and like an idiot I missed it.
I have never sold on eBay I didn't realize that there were so many rules. I think I finally got my purchase count over 10 lol. But I have never had a bad buys luckily.

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Wow, I'm having a severe case of deja vu! Wasn't this thread posted some time back? LOL

Y'all must be discussing some of the same problems that were posted before.

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Interesting input!

This is what eBay said to me:

The item you listed uses electrical muscle stimulation and is not permitted on our site. While this particular device may be available over the counter, machines that deliver an electrical shock to the muscular system to alleviate pain are often available only by prescription to ensure proper usage. Because of this, and since we cannot easily tell which specific machines are available without prescriptions, eBay as a company has made the determination not to allow any of them to be sold within our marketplace.

Weird that they allow the tens machines. It must be, as Lydia said, that someone reported my listing.

The playing card incident happened some years ago. As best I can remember, eBay said vintage items like mine disrespected Native Americans. They requested that I make a donation to a certain N.A. charity. I don't recall whether donating would have enabled me to proceed with my listing. That doesn't sound quite right, but for some reason I'm thinking it might be a possibility.

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Moonie, I don't remember discussing this before. You must be having a paranormal experience. LOL

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I have had a couple things pulled. One was a duplicate item of one I had already listed and you can't have two auctions exactly alike using same title going at the same time. Another was something that I had looked up the description on the products website and used part of their description in my auction. I just had to reword that one and it was ok.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If there was a similar discussion I never saw that one.
But it happens occasionally like the Hobby lobby threads there's been a few of those. I guess not everyone is on at all times so topics are missed.

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Susan... I saw some listed on EBay just yesterday.... I've had one for over a year and love it, so does my husband.

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Hmm......I guess if it doesn't sell on Craigslist I should consider giving it a try. Where do you use it? My back is what needs attention. The mouse doesn't move around on its own, does it?

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can't remember if it was on ebay or etsy or somewhere else, but I noticed something described as "shabby cottage chic".

guess that isn't copyrighted!

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Smart seller......it would show up on a search of shabby chic, but doesn't violate the copyright.

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