KathsgrdnNovember 6, 2012

I've received two AARP cards in the mail. They are wanting me to join. I don't know a lot about the organization. Are you a member, why or why not?

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Not....because of their support of Obamacare. There are other choices that are better, I believe.

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I dropped my membership when AARP supported that pharmacy deal that Bush ? implemented. I still think it was/is a bad deal and that the Pharma companies are just swimming in the gravy it provided. I think AARP has changed its thinking somewhat right now....but I question their motives. I do believe that THEIR drug prescription program works well for some and THAT raises some questions too.

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I have it because it offers 15% off motels etc and discounts, I read the magazine and newsletters to find out a different view point, but do disagree on many things. I would try it for a year, but you will get alot of ads about insurance, and other things so you can make up your own mind. I do write letters when I see something I really don't approve of--like having their conventions in places that most of the average seniors cannot afford or ???

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DH joined AARP (for a huge car discount!), but I did not as I see no reason to.
I get rates discounted just as good with my AAA membership, which is more useful.

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Joined one year then quit - I don't share their political views and don't care to support them. I thought I might get some good discounts on something but never took advantage of anything. I since joined AAA and have used their discounts.

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They are the largest lobby for seniors that exists today. I've been a member for many years, and consider it to be a bargain. I don't take advantage of the discounts, but I pick up lots of useful information in their publications--free to members.

I also have the AARP United Health Care insurance to supplement Medicare.

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Yes, I second Alisande's posting above....lots of info in their publications.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

once was not any longer they got too political and not in a good way in my opinion.

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I would never join that organization. I don't agree with their politics either.

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I get my medicare supplemental and prescription through them. However, I didn't join AARP this year. I figure for what I am paying for health insurance, they should be sending me their darn magazine (but they don't). By the way, my supplemental insurance payment will be going up $17 a month soon, another reason they should be sending free magazines. I'm probably only hurting myself since I do get good info from them.

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No one around here gives discounts for AARP. I couldn't see anything else worth having it for! LOL

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We were members for years, but dropped our membership when AARP supported Obamacare, and started getting political.

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Never have and never will. They're the postal equivalent of telemarketers IMO. The "deals" they offer aren't good deals from what I've seen. Just because something says "discounted" doesn't mean it has. I can always get the same hotel rate as AARP simply by asking for a discount. Often I do better asking for a corporate rate.

Like many unions, they've become what they used to fight. No thanks.

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AARP doesn't sell insurance. They license their name to insurance companies. (Like United Health Care -- for 'Medigap' and for Part D.) That alone is enough to keep me off their membership rolls.

Why is it that even the best, most idealistic groups get corrupted?

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We belong for the very same reasons as Alisande. Used to have all our insurance through them, but they stopped providing home owner's insurance in FL so we also moved our car insurance.

I do have my Medicare supplemental through United, which is promoted by AARP. You think people would be happy that somebody out there is lobbying for seniors. Go figure!

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We belong and use it for different discounts. I share their political views.

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No, no, no!
I don't agree with their political views, ties, support, promotions.

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They have a magazine, don't they?

You can proably review it in a local library.

The one up here was called ... wait for it, "CARP"!

It was largely taken over recently by a rather innovative former TV executive, changing their name (and aim?) to "Zoomers", I think - the most recent designation for Boomers (as they approach decrepitude).

ole joyful

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I keep getting letters in the mail for a quote on car insurance from them, but their rate can never beat the GMAC insurance I have now. I used to belong several years ago.

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