Susan... Reply from Ancestry about the Bishop Children

dbfirewifeNovember 13, 2012

Susan.. Back when you posted the photos of the Bishop Children's tombstones I contaced someone on Ancestry that had this family in their tree. I got a reply from her today, don't know if you are still working on them or have moved on but thought I would pass along her reply.

Here is my contact letter to them:

Hello.. Could you please tell me if the Harriet Bishop in you tree was married to Henry Bishop and they lived in Wayne County PA? I know someone who is working on findagrave and found 3 stones of small children for the above Bishop's. It looks like a Helen? born and died in 1852. Miles T. born and died in 1857 and May A Bishop born and died in 1856. In the photo you can plainly see Henry but the mother's name appears like it might be Hattie, short for Harriet? She is trying to get the names right to create memorials for them on FindAGave. Are these names in your tree and can you confirm the spellings for us? Thank you very much...

Here is her reply I received today


Nov 11 8:31 PM

Hi Deborah - These are the children that I have listed for the Bishop family.

Anna Bishop abt 1853 Pennsylvania; Eva B Bishop Sep 1858 Pennsylvania; Lydia "Liddie" Bishop abt 1861 Pennsylvania; Mary Bishop abt 1863 Pennsylvania; William Bishop abt 1867 Pennsylvania; Hattie Bishop abt 1870 Pennsylvania; Henry Bishop abt 1870 Pennsylvania; Asher A Bishop Apr 1874 Pennsylvania. Hope this helps, Karen

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So nice of you, dbfirewife--thanks!

Does this mean Helen, Miles, and May aren't included in her tree because they died so young, without continuing the line with children of their own? If that's the case, I'm glad Hattie and Henry had some surviving children.

She lists a Hattie and a Henry born around 1870 . . . two children named after their parents, I assume. I guess we were right about the name Hattie.

Thanks for doing this!

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I am assuming she did not have the other children listed because they died young, she probably didn't even know about them. Her tree is private so I can't look at it. I did thank her for the reply. Always glad to help out when I're welcome.. Debbie

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