Oh the weather is just delightful!

glenda_alNovember 3, 2012

With the sun shining, birds chirping, windows open and high in the low 80's.

Time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day while it lasts.

Friend and I are going to SAWS for soul food, today. Know we'll have to stand in line outside cause it's a little hole in the wall.

Enjoy your day!

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It's good laundry weather here in OKC. Got one load on the line, and the second just about ready to go out.


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Meh... it has not been out of the 30s all week... and with rain and snow too!

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Staying home, 3-4 inches of snow and icy roads. Home is good!! Alberta clipper expected tomarrow, so we will see. Guess winter is here, for awhile.

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Seems to early for winter, doesn't it? It's going up to 81 today and the next 5 look just as nice. Doors and windows opened and enjoying the beautiful day by doing laundry. LOL!

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Not too nice out today, spitting some icy stuff and over cast awhile ago.

Sue in Central Indiana

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En route home from the library last night, car said, "Ice possible" and 1 degree Celsius (about 33.5 F.) - and it was snowing.

Tomatoes were covered.

Over half of them have been touched by frost ... or the teeth of some of the critters. Some have small holes that leads to a substantial cavity, and I've been wondering what is responsible. T'other day I saw one with a little hole in it ... with a small bit of some light coloured, rather flat thing, sticking out. Tried to give it a pull - it was resistant, so got a fingernail pushing against another finger to give a more hefty pull ... and out slid a snail! I've seen a few on or near some tomatoes.

Picking some more green tomatoes later this aft.

ol joyfuelled (with a bit o' help from a tomato or two - or half a dozen)

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