sandieflNovember 10, 2012

I think that one of us has a Birthday today. I thought that there use to be a place to check for Birthdays.My memory is not the best lately,but I think that Granlan,Lana has a birthday.I have sent her cards and she is on my Birthday calender.If I am wrong consider it an early birthday wish or belated. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LANA!

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Today's birthday link is on the bottom of the main KT page. No one has a listed birthday for today... but Granlan could have been one that didn't list hers or just a glitch (lots of KTers birthdays don't show up).

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Sandie, if you or anyone know that it's someone's birthday, by all means you are welcome to start the birthday thread.

Lana's birthday doesn't show up, as Lydia mentioned. Or if I'm away and miss a birthday, someone else can certainly do the birthday wishes.

The thread is there now.

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jasdip....I think you do a great job!

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Awww, you are so sweet Sandie. I don't think I have my birthday listed any longer, but I am 69 years young today November 10th. wonder I'm tired. lol

And thank you Jasdip for all you do. :)

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