Name Three Things You Are Doing on Wed.

marilyn_sueNovember 7, 2012

It is a very pretty fall day out, finally some sun again is shining. 49 degrees at the moment.

Here are my 3 things I plan on doing today.

1. I am canning 3 pints of chicken broth

2. I am going out to eat with the girls at Richard's

3. I plan on mending a big rip in my husband's jacket.

Of course there are a lot more things I plan to do, but those are the first to get done.

How about you, what are your doing?

Sue in Central Indiana

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Winter's arrived here--it's snowing and looking very Christmasy. Even starting to lay on grass and streets. I'd take a picture for my Christmas cards, but I've still got pumpkins and fall-colored mums out front--LOL

On the agenda today:

1. Switch the winter/summer clothes (done)

2. Neaten and organize the sewing room (got new cabinets, things still aren't in their proper places, but working on it)

3. Bake an apple pie while I'm baking our potatoes for dinner.

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1. Main thing is lying down to rest a lot to try to get better.
2. Have chicken breasts in pressure cooker for a couple of recipes.
3. Enjoy the sunshine as I've seen so little of it lately.


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Hummm, well... since I only got two things accomplished yesterday on my to do list I had to do one of them today

1. Mail package, put a check by that one. (who would have thought the post office would have closed at 3:30)

2. Take cuttings from my brugs to overwinter, need to research this a bit.

3. Recuperate from yesterday's trauma of cleaning closets, (butt muscles and upper thighs are killin me).

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1. Clean fish bowl

2. Empty fish water on plants.

3. Rake some leaves before they are across the street in
neighbors yard.

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water aerobics: done
buy card and mail
wash clothes

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I polished a couple more pieces of silver -- hands will only permit a little at a time.

I played with the dog, who came home from the groomer somewhat cowed -- not his usual happy "Admire Me" attitude.

I may try to nap a little -- always difficult for me unless I'm really, really sick.

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Grocery shopping before the big storm expected
Senior lunch and meeting
Iron and clean house a bit

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1. Spent the morning at church, with the quilting group.

2. Rake up my two leaf piles and bag them.

3. Perhaps do a little sewing for quilting.

(I feel more like napping!)

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This morning I paid bills

Met a friend for lunch

Tonight have support group meeting

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1. Buying toilet paper

2. Buying dog food for the local Humane Society-they just posted they were in desperate need right now.

3. Made an appointment to take the dog and cat in to the vet to get meds for fleas

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1. Put on a pot of sauce and made meat balls, along with a meat loaf which I put in the freezer, done...

2. Finished cutting and hemming sheers (that drove me crazy)for a friend, done.....

3..Watch Survivor.............

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The day's almost over but here's what I did.

1. Got my haircut
2. Tried to find the place to pick up my cookbooks--got lost--haha!
3. Going out to eat later--no clue where
4. Said a prayer of gratitude the elections are over!!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Now that I have water again
Clean kitchen
Water the atrium plants
And of course a long shower

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1. Drive daughter to her train to school.

2. Quick-clean the house.Just a little pick-up and dusting. No laundry or vacuuming today.

3. Pick up daughter from train.

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I cleaned the whole kitchen and everything in it...from can opener to microwave to Nesco roaster.

I spent some quality time talking to and petting the donkeys.

I am getting ready to go out and feed the possums.

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