Anyone else buy the cartons of just egg whites?

dbfirewifeNovember 20, 2012

Every morning for breakfast I have two egg whites on a toasted Thomas 100 calorie, high fiber english muffin. I have always just bought regular eggs and separated them, throwing the yolk away. Last night while in Walmart I decided to try some of their brand of just the egg whites in the little carton. I've gotta say they are good. Next time instead of just pouring them in the skillet I'm going to put them in a small bowl and use my whisk like I do the regular egg whites, so they fluff up a little. It's sure a lot less hassle then cracking and separating regular eggs. 1/3 cup equals two eggs whites.

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I did try them and then I realized how much cheaper it was to use real eggs and I quit buying egg whites. I save the yolks for pies or baking etc etc...

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I have tried them and they are good. Sometimes I add frozen onion bits to add more flavor.

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I like egg whites better than yolks, but I have chickens, so I always use my own eggs. If I don't use the yolk, I feed it to one of the possums.

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The last time I priced it out, the cartons contained about 16 egg whites and worked out to be cheaper than buying a dozen eggs and tossing the yolks. It wasn't always that way though - egg prices here have really gone up. I assume it is due to the high price of grain in Canada.

I don't buy eggs anymore (I share own chickens), but occasionally I will still buy the carton of liquid whites if I need a large quantity and don't want to waste my precious, orange yolks! Or if I want a pasturized egg product for whatever reason.


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I haven't seen them. If I'm cooking eggs in a skillet I usually just eat around the yolks. The lazy way. :-)

Sometimes I add cooked yolks to the containers of table food for dogs that I freeze and bring to the animal shelter.

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My DH buys them all the time. He doesn't have time to seperate the yolks when he's getting ready for work. We both like them.

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I buy egg whites to use in baking Christmas cookies, my Mom had a nice recipe for meringue cookies. She used to separate the eggs, I just buy the cartons of whites.

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