Thanksgiving 2002

minnie_txNovember 17, 2012

I want to share with you what happened to me in 2002.

Well, I went to Cracker Barrel and had a nice dinner. Turkey, ham, dressing potatoes etc. Three older people came in after me and sat at a nearby table. We struck up a conversation and chatted a bit.They left before me and I waited and waited for my check. Finally my waitress came by and told me that that table had picked up my check. I couldn't believe it! What a surprise and the waitresses were all surprised too.

I saw them just leaving in the parking lot and went over and thanked them and we exchanged hugs etc. They were on their way back home south of San Antonio.

We joked about you can always tell a Texan etc.

Wasn't that a nice thing for someone to do?

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Very nice.

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Minnie, now that story puts me in the holiday spirit. Random acts of kindness are the best kind ever. Bet you smiled the rest of the day.

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You musta made a great impression on them older folks!

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What a nice thing to do!

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That's a heartwarming story! DH & I live pretty close to a large Marine base. We sometimes see a young Marine out with his date & will pick up the check or pay for their drinks. We've also bought drinks for 2-3 Marines out together. We always tell the server to tell them that we appreciate their service.

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Nice story. The only Cracker Barrel left in the state is probably about 50 miles from me. Never been to one before.

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