is Tide really better?

melaniescNovember 7, 2011

Just curious. I have always used and loved purex, but I see alot of people buying Tide, its so extremly expensive here, I can get a bottle of purex for almost 6.00 compared to tide almost 20.00.. Am I missing something? is Tide really better then other laundry soap? Just want opinions cause I don't want to spend that much money on something thats gonna wash my clothes just as well as the cheaper brands..what do you use?

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IMO, Tide cleans better. My family is allergic to it so we use other brands. We tried Great Value brand a few years ago and had the same allergic reaction as tide. I suspect Great Value was Tide at least for a while.

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Melanie, unless you're unhappy with the Purex, why switch?

Years ago, my washer's agitation function ceased working, but I didn't know it. All I knew was that my clothes weren't getting clean. I noticed at the time (this was the 1970s) that Tide got them cleaner than other detergents. It took me a while to realize my washing machine was broken. (Duh......)

That said, these days I use only Ultra Purex Natural Elements and am quite satisfied with it. My clothes look fine and smell fresh.

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"Melanie, unless you're unhappy with the Purex, why switch? "


I personally use Kirkland brand - which is a generic Tide.

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DH used to use Tide. I switched to Purex and got the same clean clothes, but without the smell that he always tolerated because he thought Tide cleaned better.
He also used bleach, so I added Oxyclean laundry booster to replace the bleach.

Finally - no complaints for over a year.

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In my opinion no. I quit one day when I looked at the outrageous price of Tide, really looked at it, then I looked at the off brands. I have been buying into the hype for most of my life. I am now buying off brands and have no problem with any of them. I buy Aim toothpaste for 85 cents a tube instead of Crest. It is what my dental hygienist uses. What surprised me most is the cheap dish washing powder, can't tell a bit of difference in my dishes. One exception is I buy good bathroom tissue.

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I've used Tide on/off for years. We usually have a coupon for $1 off, but I have one now for $2 off. Every once in a while I switch if I find a good deal, but always go back to Tide. There are a lot of choices with Tide now, but I still use the orange bottle.

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DH is alleric to it, even the scent free. He breaks out and itches. I try to use Purex or Arm & Hammer (think that is the name, and it usually is cheaper either from Kmart, or Menards.

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We have used Tide for years but recently tried Gain, which was well rated in CR. I remember twenty odd years ago loving the smell of it when I did a load of wash at a friends house. Well, now I cannot stand the stench - not sure if it changed or I did, but I can't wait to get to the end of this bottle. Now I'm thinking that maybe we should try Purex.
We did try a cheaper diswasher gel, with poor results, but that might be in part because we don't tun it every day and it is getting a bit long in the tooth. We use cascade with good results.

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Thanks for your replies.. I am not switching, was just curious whether I was missing something with Tide or not. I can't get over the price her its extremly high.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I use the Sears detergent it is the HE type so I can use it in my front loaders. I saw it highly recommended over and over on the laundry forum so I decided to try it, I am very very happy with it and will be sticking with it. The smell is very very mild but a nice clean smell. (I am pretty sure there is a no scent)
Ultra Plus 11.5 lb. Powder Laundry Detergent w/ Stain Fighting Formula
I got it when it was on sale and that box I got will last me a LONG time since I only have to use such a small amount in the front loader. It is very good detergent.
I did not realize how much money I would save on not having to buy so much detergent when I got my front loaders, so not only do I save on water but save a LOT on detergent and I love them so that is a big plus.

one thing I will NOT be without though is the Purex crystals! I had to drive to a different store this time because my store only had the lavender ones and I only use the blue bottle, fresh spring waters. We are addicted to this stuff. It is wonderful.

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Raven, what do the crystals do?

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I do use Tide. I think a lot might depend on your water. We have very hard water here. I usually use some other brand for dark clothes and Tide with bleach for whites and towels.

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I like Tide - but my laundry is VERY nasty. Farm grease, manure, blood, mystery goo.... Nothing gets it out like Tide. I like the little booster packs from Tide also. I use them on the really extra nasty clothes.

I also like the Purex sheets - I like to use those on towels because I think it comes out better - no soap residue.

I am a big fan of the Purex crystals too. They are a fabric softener. RavenCajun - blue bottle only for me too! Oh heavenly days - when you wash bed sheets and use those crystals, then dry them on the line.... mmmmmmmm!!!!

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I used Tide for years and years just because my mother did.

Then I switched to a cheaper brand and guess clothes still get clean. I can't tell the difference.

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I recently bought a bottle of Tide because I was also curious. Wanted to see if it cleaned any better than my cheaper brand.

I couldn't tell any difference. BUT, I did soak overnight in Tide, a very dusty outfit from a Porcelaine (sp?) doll.
It came out bright and clean without even scrubbing.

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My DH works construction....maybe NOT as bad as iowagirl's laundry. I use Awesome, purchased at Walgreens when it's on sale. 50 loads, it's a liquid, paid $1.75! The dollar store may still carry it in a smaller container.

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I'm a Tide user (Tide Free). With the allergies we have, it's just not worth experimenting with other brands. With the top loader in the suburbs, I use the powdered Tide Free, in the country I have a front loader, so I use the liquid HE Tide Free.

One suggestion--if you want your clothes cleaner, whatever detergent you use? Try using about 1/4-1/3 of what the manufacturer recommends and use the shortest wash cycle. Not only will your clothes be cleaner without all the detergent build-up you get using the recommended amount, but you'll save money on detergent and power.

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I never use liquid for the dish washer, left lip prints when I tried it. I use powder and I do not rinse my dishes first. I read in our local newspaper..."do not rinse because the soap needs something to cling to".

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I bought a 2.5kg bag of Norwex laundry soap in January of 2009. I'm still using it, as you only need 1/2 teaspoon for a load or a full teaspoon for a large load. The soap has no fillers in it and the clothes come out clean. Also, with the no additives, I don't need to use fabric softner or dryer sheets.

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I sold Amway and they always said Tide was really hard,harsh on clothing/.

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I use the homemade recipe that Jasdip posted many months ago. I like it fine.

I have not used Tide in years.


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I only buy it when I have coupons, it's so expensive. I was using Cheer Free for years but my dd likes smelly clothes. I don't. I have asthma and when I have any type of respiratory thing going on it triggers an attack. But right now I'm using the scented stuff. The last brand I bought was ALL.

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I'd like to try a powder. (Have been using Purex liquid in my front loader.)

I really, really don't understand the whole 'softener' concept. I don't want to wash stuff OUT of my laundry then add something back IN. I put a quarter-cup of vinegar into the 'softener' container in my washer. (I don't get 'air fresheners' or scented candles either -- just an odd duck, I guess, and an asthmatic one too!)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the Purex crystals are a type of fabric softener with the most heavely scent, the blue bottle!! My sheets and towels and clothes are such a pleasure now when using the crystals. My cleaning lady fell in love with them doing my laundry and now will not do laundry with out them she has turned on all her clients to them too. I have given away little zip lock bags of them to friends to try out and I get a lot of thank yous after they try it. My husband comments almost daily on how good his clothes smell and the towels too.

You put just a small cap full right into the wash with the detergent right at the beginning. In my front loader I just put a scoop of my detergent in and dump the crystals right on top of the powder and shut the drawer.

Purex Crystals

Purex Complete Crystals Softener - Laundry Product Review
from that review I found this quote significant:
"I am usually not a fan of fabric softeners because they interfere with the fire retardancy of children's pajamas and bedding and make towels less absorbent. The Purex Crystals formula does neither. It can be safely used with children's clothes and towels come out soft but without an absorbent blocking film."

92 percent natural ingredients.

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another past tide user, but allergies and this was waaaay back in the 70's...and now with the front loader, i've had pretty good luck with any of the brands for them...

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Does anyone know why detergent manufacturers did away with powdered detergent in boxes? Every time I walk past the endless displays of big plastic bottles of the liquid, I can't help thinking about how many of them must end up in landfills. Where recycling isn't mandatory, lots of people don't do it.

Also, regarding dishwasher detergent, I bought store brands for years and years, with mixed results. But I never knew how much dishes and glassware could sparkle until I tried a tub of Cascade "Action Pacs" -- little pillows of white powder with a layer of blue liquid (Dawn) on top. I was even able to give up using a rinse aid.

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Had a nice long post going and the computer locked up! LOL Oh well, I'll try to remember the highlights.

First a mythbuster: Tide (together with Gain, ERA, Cheer, Dreft, etc) are made by Procter & Gamble and P&G make *no* store brands or generics of anything for anybody. Huish makes a lot of the store & generic type brands, including Kirkland, Great Value, Sun and they now own the Wisk name too, IIRC.

Is it better? That's subjective and depends on what you're doing. In most all objective cleaning tests, any detergent with enzymes will clean better on dirty and stained clothes. If your clothes don't get very dirty, you may not see the benefit.

I see a big difference in using enzymes. I used to add them when I used Arm & Hammer, had to use them when I used Sun or other Huish products and when I figured out what it cost to add all the additives like Borax, oxy, dishwasher detergent (for enzymes), Calgon, etc, it cost more than Tide at full retail in the most expensive store. I got some coupons and coupled it with sales and wound up getting several bottles for the price of sales tax so this gave me a chance to compare. No comparison. I don't need all the additives anymore. I use the Free & Sensitive Skin (now replaced by Free & Gentle - name only I presume?) since I don't like clothes to stink. When they stink it's time to wash them. Gain worked well but I couldn't handle the smell and they don't have a dye/stench-free version. I used to use ERA a lot and liked it but the price went way up so I quit using it. I just tried a bottle that was on sale cheap and it works very well.

If you don't get your clothes dirty, then any cheap detergent should serve your needs. However for me, since the surgery I have blood that gets on the clothes and there's times I haven't even treated them and with the Tide they come clean. I've also tried the Stain Release pouches. Was very skepical of them, but I have to say I think they make a difference.

Some of the Sears detergents (made by Desoto BTW, not P&G) get good reviews, especially the one that has enzymes (getting the message? LOL) All objective testing rates Tide & Gain very highly. Yes they cost more, but often you don't have to use as much. With the cheaper ones, I did have to use more, plus the additives. I'm frugal, but I'm pragmatic. Spending on the additives has to be included in the cost of the detergent. And now, I don't do so much laundry that I'm overly concerned on the cost, even if it is a bit more, and I can say for me, it hasn't been cheaper. Same thing goes for dish detergent. I'll only buy Dawn & Joy. Tried the cheaper ones and they don't work, need more and are more effort. My time and energy are worth something and there too, I buy it cheaper most of the time so double benefit.

Two brands I won't use - they just don't work well. Could use just water and be better off and that's Purex and Sun. I threw them out. Couldn't even give them away. Everyone I know tried them and didn't like them. Again, if your clothes don't get dirty, it may be ok for you.

Even if I economized and didn't have the cleaning needs I have, I'd then go with ERA free. About $6-$8 for a 150 oz bottle. The inferior store brands aren't that cheap and ERA has enzymes.

FWIW I sold Amway for a while and remember the schpiel! LOL They criticized all the top sellers. Not surprising they go after the #1 detergent! LOL

I will say, I tried Tide 30 years ago and itched like crazy. Others I know had same issues. But no more. Even friends/relatives with skin conditions have no trouble with the "Free" version and some are even fine with the stench types.

What I don't understand is not so much the powder issue but why do people need dyes and stench in everything? Can't you add some Kool Aid and skunk oil if you want it colored and stinky? Would be a lot less room required in the stores if they just had basic, unpolluted detergents and then a rack with dye & stench to add if you must have it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

alisande that Sears powder detergent I use and linked to does come in a box, you might take a look at it if you are wanting something good in a box.

I do not use any type of liquids in my front loaders only powders.

I too use the cascade packs they clean better in my dishwasher than anything I have tried. I use the cascade all in one cascade complete, the one they tout
Powers away 24-hour stuck-on food. I was happy to find a big container of them at Costco.
Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs

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I use Sears Powder also. the unscented one in the blue box. I second everything Raven said. Cleans great, only have to use a tiny bit in my front loader. A very tiny bit since we have softened water.

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I usually use Tide, using coupons, but also buy Purex.
I like Gain for a softener. I bought the powdered Sears
brand when we first got our HE front loader but read
somewhere that liquid was better than powder...don't know
if that's true.
I also use the washer cleaners they have out..Tide makes
one, Affresh is the other. I tried using vinegar but the
washer still smelled until I used the cleaners.

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Thanks, Raven, but I don't have a front loader and I do recycle, so I'm not concerned about using powder for myself. I simply want all the detergent manufacturers to stop using plastic bottles and switch to cardboard we can compost. :-)

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I use Tide unscented wash soaps, including Tide unscented for cold water which is just fabulous. Another good one for cold water is Sunlight Green Clean unscented.

I bought a bottle of Purex to just try awhile ago, but I found it left a weird film/residue on the clothes so I threw the bottle out after one use. I'll stick with Tide. I usually try to stock up when it's on sale.

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Also -- What IS OxyClean? (Ingredients) Are there different products: Stain remover, detergent additive, stand-alone detergent? Years ago detergent manufacturers had to stop adding some 'brighteners' for ecological reasons; does this product add them back in?

I don't 'get' the bottles either. Why lug home water?

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