Microwave oven problem

gmom74November 19, 2012

Our Panasonic microwave has an electrical problem and needs to be replaced. It is between 15 and 20 years old and was well used. When we had the kitchen remodled the man built an over the counter cabinet for it. There is not room for a counter top one. I would like to replace it with one that has a large capacity, good controls and a turntable. I hardly know what to buy now and was wondering if some of you could tell me what you use and are satisfied with. Thanks.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I too have a limited under the counter space for the microwave. When my very old Kenmore went bad, I went to Sears and they had just the right size to fit in the space.

Since you have been pleased with the Panasonic, I'd check and see if they have one in the same, or approximate same size.

My old Kenmore was well over 20 years old when it finally bit the dust.


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I'm sure the folks on the Appliances forum could help you a lot more.

I've had Panasonic MWs for over 30 years. You can get a nice larger models that will fit the bill but they will cost you a bit more. Stick with Panasonic, Sharp and stay away from most of the brands you've never heard of. The high dollar brands are made FOR them and are generally made by one of those two companies. There's a third company (I think) but I can't remember.

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Yes, do ask in the Appliances Forum.

Don't go by the name on the appliance. Panasonic is probably no longer made by the same people today. Our excellent Panasonic through-the-wall A/C lasted a long time. It was made in Japan. The replacement Panasonic unit failed in two years. It was made in China or Korea -- can't remember which. Check consumer reports for recent tests.

Might you like a combination M/W with hood and recirculating exhaust?

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I have had very good luck with Sharp microwaves.

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Might take a little revamping of the space, but what about an Advantium? They're much more practical and versatile than a straight microwave. Because they cook with both halogen lights and microwaves you can bake, broil, brown foods in them--and they really do cook fast. I can bake a real baked potato with a nice crispy skin in 8 minutes. Casseroles are bubbling and browned in 12. Cookies take 4 minutes. And you can use just microwaves for heating things up, softening butter, etc.

They're made by GE and a great appliance. Mine is 12 years old, gets used many times a day, and is still going strong.

Whatever you decide, though, take your old model number to a real appliance store (not a big box or discount store) and they'll probably know what kind of unit will fit in the space you have. That's all I had to do when replacing my wall oven.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I want an Advantium so bad they are amazing, but because of what all it can do it cost quite a bit more than just a plain microwave, but I think it is worth it. If I ever get my kitchen remodel done I will have one.

I have been using GE profile microwaves for years with no problems.
The current one that was in this house is a Kenmore and I hate it. The front stainless steel part of the door keeps falling off, the fan sometimes makes squealing sounds and it doesn't heat the way it should. It was basically brand new when we moved in. I would never buy another Kenmore.

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OMG, I just Googled Advantium and they are over $2,000!

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Wow- Advantium is well out of our price range! Our granddaughter just moved out of our basement apartment and left a microwave- I'll check with her to see if she plans to get it- if she doesn't maybe we can use it even though it's a counter top. It may even fit in the space available. I will check on the appliance forum too- didn't thnk about that. Thanks to you all.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

There's various prices on the Advantium not all are as high.
But again you can't consider it a microwave alone, it's another real oven as well. It is not for everyone but it is an amazing top of the line oven.

Black Friday should have some good prices on microwaves.
There was recently a really nice Panasonic one on slickdeals for a great price with an additional coupon code.

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We have limited counter space. Several years ago, we replaced a failing Microwave oven with a simple GE model with turn table. Its a 1200 watt unit and has worked fine. As I recall, it cost about $120 and so far has been a good buy. It can be programmed for up to 2 stages.

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I had a Kenmore for about 25 years....then a Panasonic for about 1 year(the length of the warranty),then an LG for 1 year(the length of the warranty), I currently have a Cuisinart(3 yr warranty and it's going on 4 yrs).

The cuisinart has fewer features than some I mentioned, is a little louder, is stainless steel lined to contain odors....and I love it!!! I got an internet deal on it, $50 delivered to my front door.

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All I can say is, measure carefully before you buy. We've had 2 microwaves in our house, I was very lucky the second one was the exact same dimensions, even the drill holes matched up!

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My counter top samsung is 26 years old. It needs replacing badly because it doesn't "look clean" on the outside. The sides are a wood grain look and the front door and panel are black and scratched. I think it cooks fine but heats slower than my mom's newer microwave.

The width is only 15 1/2 inches but I can put a 9X13 inch glass pan in it. I've been looking for a new one with these small dimensions but have not been able to find one. It cost me around $40 back then. LOL

For now I'll keep my small samsung microwave that handles large pans. :)

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We redid our kitchen 5 years ago and we put in a Maytag microwave and I love it. The tray goes from side to side instead of around. So much better. So easy to clean, too.

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When I first moved in, I was using a convection oven/microwave that belonged to my parents. I was used to that one, but when my nephew needed one they asked for it back. I purchased a nice new top of the line microwave and I was DEVASTATED! Not only did my 9x13 pyrex dish not fit widthwise, but my 8 cup glass measure I use to make peanut brittle was too tall!

We returned that one and went shopping again - and I took my pan and my 8 cup measure with us so I could make sure they fit! Some models fit the pan side to side, but the turntable could not spin it around without hitting the door and back.

There is ONE model of panasonic locally that fits what I have. The first one lasted 2 years, the second one lasted two years, this last one the options and functions changed and I don't like it as much but I hope it lasts more than 2 years.


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Dances - that is yet another problem with the new microwaves I've looked at. I do not want one with a turntable.

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The problem I ran into was finding one withOUT a turntable. That was the point, I could put a good sized dish in there but in reality when I replaced the last one I wanted to go *basic*. I did not want digital readout and pushbuttons. I wanted one big enough to fit a dinner plate and that was enough. I found a Samsung for $30 with a $10 rebate. $20 was the price range I liked too. This is the 3rd microwave I've owned since the 70s. My first one was stolen. The second one was a big clumsy ox and now I have this one. I did buy a turntable to put in the other unit that worked fine. You would wind it up and flip the switch and it turned. Had a turntable when I wanted it, didn't have to have it when I put a big dish in there.

I am very interested in an Advantium but the $1500-$2500 price is nuts and they're not coming down. Popularity won't go up until the price comes down either.

A couple reminders. Kenmore does NOT manufacture appliances. They're made for Sears by other manufacturers including, but not limited to Panasonic, Whirlpool, LG, GE, etc.

Also, do not shop with the idea that my 30 year old Binford gave me reliable service so I'm sticking with Binford. They're not built the same as they were 30 years ago! In some cases and aspects that's good, but in many cases, that's bad.

In appliances, you don't always know who makes what. Even a brand name. For instance, not all GE appliances are made by GE. Maytag was bought out by Whirlpool after becoming a total piece of junk. And as I said, Kenmore makes NOTHING for sale in Sears.

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