last night's "amazing race" - spoiler alert

nelles_gwNovember 5, 2012

What do you think about the team who found/stole another team's money? I thought it was funny that the thieves "shared" the find with another team so that the guilt would be "shared", too.

I was amazed that the team that lost the money was able to beg enough to cover the loss, in Bangladesh, no less!

I was also amazed that Phil didn't mention the theft to the teams involved!

Sorry to see "Monster Truck" team go - I really liked them.

Now I'll be rooting for the long-haired hippie lawyers.


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I thought the thieves should have been thrown out of the race.

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I think they should have given the money back. That
was a real rotten thing to do. I thought Phil might
have doled out some punishment when they showed up
at the check in place. I think they should have to do
something else along the way. But, hopefully, karma
will show up soon!

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I didn't like it either. Thought for sure there'd be some kind of penalty when they got to the mat. I'm glad the guys kept it quiet, but I'd like to see their reaction when they find out that one of the teams had their money and not some stranger.


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I think it was disgraceful. I don't like the twins or the other couple who shared the money. . I like the Chippendales and the goat farmers.

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It was the first episode I watched, so I don't know who to like or not like yet, but I thought that was pretty low. But it is a competition, and they did lose it. From what it looked like it was just laying there, it could have been anyones. I just know that morally I could not do that.

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I will definitely be rooting for the twins to be the next to go! That was very unsportsmanlike, and they should have been penalized.

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I agree, the twins were very unsportsman like and I think they should have been called out for that.

Me at the entrance of the Bazaar where they had to pour and sell the "sherbet" liquid.

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It has been said during past seasons that if a team breaks a law, they are penalized -- and the penalty has been applied when, for example, a team has a taxi driver make an illegal move to get through traffic; or when a team that's doing the driving makes an illegal move.

I can't imagine that stealing money is legal in any country, especially one with so much poverty, so I am surprised that nothing was done.

I personally can't stand the "twinnies" and have to turn the sound down when they're talking. I hope, hope, hope they are the next to go.

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Technically, they did not steal the money, they found it. Because they eventually knew who it belonged to, they committed a moral wrong, but not a legal wrong. At least that's how I saw it.

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But "finding" money and knowing it belongs to someone else; and knowing to whom the money belongs but keeping it anyway, is equivalent to stealing.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

They knew exactly what they were doing they knew exactly who the money belonged to and they willfully took the money knowing that it was WRONG! I hope karma slaps them real hard. I think they should be called out about it and have a consequence for their actions.
I think they basically forced the other team to take part of the money so they wouldn't be the only guilty ones.

The fact that the guys were able to so quickly recover in that country was amazing and was very good karma at work which makes me think that the negative karma will be fierce for the twins.

I am sure their families are so proud of their behavior.

The fact that the guys realized in the same room with them that their money was missing is an important part of this equation, they could have very easily said oh wait we found it, here you go.

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