Ebates please tell me more

OrchidllauragaNovember 1, 2013

I coupon grocery & stuff like laundry detergent etc. I have seen the TV ads for Ebates, but I would like to know more please. Do they really work?? Do you get cash back?? Please explain it to me like I am 4y/o hahahahaha

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Yes, it works. And yes, you get cash back. I think they send a check quarterly. It's not a lot, but heck, if I'm buying something online and there's an opportunity to get any money back, I'll take it.

I have a friend who "couldn't be bothered" for a few percentage points. Well, I don't know what the bother is. I simply log on to ebates first (when I'm going to buy something online), then check to see if the merchant I'm going to buy from is listed on ebates. If they are, I click the button to "start shopping" - that takes me to the merchant's site (you don't want to go there directly, you want to go thru ebates). Easy-peasy.

It costs nothing to join/be on ebates. I'd recommend it!

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I recommend it also. They have a daily double selection everyday also. I saved a ton of money last Thanksgiving.

I went through ebates to go to Kohls. Kohls had awesome sales for black friday plus ebates was 10% cash back.

You get a check quarterly. It doesn't change the price of what you are buying at the time, but you get a percentage of your cost back from ebates.

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Is this similar to Mr. Rebates? I don't know anything about either but have heard of "Mr."

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Hmmm, not sure Socks. I've never heard of Mr. Rebates. I'll bet they're similar.

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Ebates and Mr. Rebates are very similar. I am a member of both, but I use Ebates all the time! Their rebate amounts are usually the same, so I just keep it simple by sticking with Ebates. I wholeheartedly endorse Ebates!!!

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I'm an Ebates user as I order everything on line. By using Ebates when doing over our bathroom, I got a payback check of over 200.00 and I get an average of six to seven hundred yearly. You register, type in the name of the site you are going to use, and then it takes you to your site and applies the discount. You don't see it in the final cost as they send a percentage of the sale price to you in the form of a check.

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HHHhhhhmmmmmm we shop a lot through Amazon is that included in Ebates?

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SOME items sold through Amazon are eligible for an rebate, but not all.

Here's the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon on Ebates

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You can get an amazon GC instead of the check if you would prefer. They even give you $1 extra if you do that. I keep ebates right on my bookmark bar for easy access. You can also use it for an item you buy online but pick up at the store or have delivered. We did that with our refrigerator and TV. There are hundreds of stores connected to ebates-even things you wouldn't think of like groupon. If someone 'refers' you, and you sign up they get a bonus. This don't not interfere with any online coupon codes you plan to use. It also does not matter if you use a regular email for some purchases and a junk email for others, as long as you are logged into ebates. There is no down-side that I can think of. I guess I could say because only a few amazon categories are listed.

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I have been using ebates for close to 3 yrs now and it is great. I buy a lot of our items online, so it adds up--even the 1% at Walmart. Quite often when it is time for them to mail out a cheque--they wil email you and give you $1 more if you will put the rebate towards an Amazon gift cert--which I always do----and then pretty much instantaneous, they email you the Amazon E-gift certificate. I really don't change my shopping habits, so it is truly free $$$

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When you already have an account with a store ( MacyâÂÂs for example) or your info. is stored in a storeâÂÂs online account, (Appleseeds, Drugstore.com) you often can obtain an additional bonus. Sign on to Ebates and then sign on to your store account before you actually begin shopping. If you have been sent a promotional code- or have a coupon with a code- MacyâÂÂs- you just enter it at check out.

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I am definitely try to get Tony to look into Ebates tonight!!! We have a "wish list" at Amazon to get for Christmas...

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I signed up for ebates a while ago, but i never really optimize it. I have been utilizing both mrrebates and pandacashback, they are simliar to ebates and offer a good rebate rates. I tend to compare the rebate rates between the two sites before I place my order.

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Can you use your own credit card when purchasing items?
I just looked at the site and it mentioned an Ebate credit card.

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Yes, you can use your own credit card. I signed up 3 or 4 years ago. We live in a rural area and I order a lot of things. when my daughter got married 3 years ago I ordered a lot for the wedding and always at Christmas. It doesn't amount to a lot, but a hundred here and there isn't bad.

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Also check out befrugal.com. They pay better rates than Ebates. You get back the money either as a check or deposited in Paypal. You have to wait until you have $25 in the account before you can get payment.

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Looks like I need to check out mr rebates, pandacashback and befrugal.

Thanks for the other suggestions.

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There is a long list of stores where you can shop. Some of them only offer 1% (Walmart) but they are more at places like Kohl's, JCPenney all those stores that you are going to shop any way are having sales and if you order through Ebates, you can get the sales and if the sale is enough they will ship free...I use ebates even for all our vitamins and supplements. I have saved so much money ...in the end you can save money through the places where you shop too because they have sales too...We buy our supplements through Walgreen's or CVS or GNC and when they have sales I get notices ....and so you get notices so you can get the ebates 5 off and then the sales price and then for instance Walgreen's also as a store dollar thing where you accumulate money for your future orders...If you sign up for ebates, please contact someone who recommended it to you because you both can get a bonus ...It is usually $25 ...you need their email address...or you need a personal like like mine below

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebates

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FYI-the ebates payback rates for the stores change often. They go up and down.

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