Direct TV/Dish Network comparisons?

nodakgalNovember 17, 2011

We are thinking of dropping our cable tv and internet. DD tells us to check out Direct Tv and Dish Network. We are in town and only have one choice for internet and cable.

Does anyone have either of these and how is the service?

They are our only two choices here.

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We have had both, flip back and forth between the two but will not flip back to Direct Tv after our last experience. They're customer service is horrible. We had them scheduled on a tuesday to come in and install between the hours of 12 and 4 pm. They confirmed the night before. At 3 pm they called us to let us know the parts they needed for our install weren't in, they would need to reschedule. We rescheduled for a Friday between 8 am and 12 noon. This time they didn't call or show up. On the following Monday they called to reschedule. I told them never again. They didn't care that we had blown two days waiting for them. They didn't even offer any credits. We are with Dish Network and have no problems with them. I call them annually and tell them to review the cost and usually find a way to offset a few dollars.

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We've had both, gone back and forth. Both have been great. I like the remote for the DISH better, that's what we have now. Direct TV is currently in contract disputes with some of their networks. DISH now includes the Blockbuster streaming with their upper levels.

It's more important to us in California, but note that we get the East Coast feeds/times for a number of shows, which we like. For example, the new Daily Show show broadcats at 11 PM in New York, with the previous bight's show at 8 PM. We get the new show at 8 PM here.

Over all, both are good. We cannot get cable, but comparing this to friends' cable in town, we like it better.

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We've had DishNetwork for 8+ years, and have never had one complaint. Their service is wonderful. I don't know how I ever lived without a DVR.

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We have DirectTV. First hooked up in 1996 in another state. Transferred our membership to PA 1n 1998. Added a second reciever for a 2nd tv about 5 years ago. All contact with DirectTV for service has been top notch. If you can find a friend to 'refer' you to Direct, there will be worthwhile perks for you and your friend.

I have heard complaints by some about loosing service during bad weather. Yes, it happens, but it has been our experience that those interuptions are few and short lived. Most often lasting less than 5 minutes during an approaching storm.

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No cable option here either. We've had Directv for many years, since way back when they were known as Primestar. Reception goes out when it rains or snows. Luckily, we can reach our dish to brush the snow off in the winter. Don't know what folks do when their dish is on the roof. Also, it's expensive, but I guess they all are.

Can I add my biggest peeve with satellite TV? All the stations which we are paying for that are nothing but non-stop infomercials, plus the fact many stations stop running programs after a certain hour, and show only infomercials, too! It didn't used to be that way. Many stations used to broadcast their regular programs 24 hours a day, which they should.

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I researched different providers in our city and didn't find a lot of difference in prices for the same service we get. I did find contracts for 2 years and as far as I know you are stuck with them if you don't like it. Cable has always been very dependable in our city so I didn't change. You can cancel our cable the day you call in.

I have canceled all cable services except internet because I don't care much for TV and I can get the local networks with a $10 digital antenna. If I want TV service again I would go with cable.

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Ok have done some reading online, comparisons etc. found a good site? At least I thought it was good.
And so if we do this are thinking Direct TV. We had them years and years ago, just for Sunday ticket! LOL Well, I am sure we had a few extra channels with the football. But it was an "extra luxury" for DH and we also still had cable for the other tv's. We were happy enough with the television part of it. The only time we noticed a fade in tv reception was once or twice, during extreme downpours of rain. Dish was on the roof, never had a problem with snow, figured with it facing south the sun must have melted anything up there.

So now next question is, does anyone have satellite internet?? I was trying to compare to what we have now,it looks like satellite is quite a bit slower than cable internet? Dang it, you'd think now days they could offer fast speed anywhere. (almost anywhere anyway)

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DO NOT go to Satellite internet! DO NOT DO IT!

If you have any other choice for internet service, stay with that!!

I have satellite internet through Dish Network, "powered by WildBlue" - It is better than dial-up, which is my only other option. It is SOMEWHAT faster, but not very fast.

The big thing is the usage cap - you can only use so much internet time in a rolling 30 day period (watch that word rolling!)

If you watch any videos, have more than one computer/iPad/etc. - you will quickly go over your usage cap. They will then throttle you down so hard that dialup looks blazingly fast.

Forget the idea of streaming TV shows, skype, etc. No way!! Just basic Windows updates, etc. can put a major strain on the usage cap if you have the cheapest package. We have the middle package and have to really watch our usage.

I usually go to the library to download any songs, etc. from iTunes.

If you do more than just a small amount of internet surfing and email - you will have to get a larger internet package $$$ and you will still have usage cap issues.

We are able to deal with it, as it is our only option - but if I had any other choice, I would go for it.

I have had Dish Network TV satellite for 15 years - never had any trouble. Some weather related issues, but that is to be expected.

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We've had Direct for 14 years. Switched to Dish for one day and called Direct back and begged them to take us back. LOL It had something to do with not having to watch the same t.v. show as DH or the DVR I can't remember. Dish just didn't work for us. We made sure that the dish was put low enough (garage roof) so DH can reach it with a pole mop to wipe off snow on those rare occasions it snows here. Occasionally there will be program interruption during a heavy down pour but not frequently or for very long.

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We've had DirecTV for years. Now have the HD-DVR package on our two sets. It's 'bundled' on a single bill with our land line and internet -- all from AT&T.

I've read that Steve Jobs' next project was a simplified TV. I hope the company will pursue that! Nobody needs or wants to pay for all these 'options', and it shouldn't require pushing ten buttons to bring up what you want to watch.

How about voice recognition? "Play 'X' program." "Record all new broadcasts of 'Z' series." "Download 'Y' movie."

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Connie - we have had direct tv forever and have had great customer service, etc. have had a few interruptions bur probably would have with dish also. we had satellite for the computer and hated it! it was the only option at the time. as someone else mentioned, you and the person who recommends it to you can each get a $100 credit if you sign up. also, my son got free sunday ticket as well. if you need someone to list let me know!

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We have a real good cable company=Mid Continent with High definition. But also have Dish--don't watch it much, as we are not TV watchers. Had direct tv but they cannot hook it up here--steel roof, (won't install on a steel roof)and trees in the way. We did have it on our RV for years and had fair service. Do not have much problems with Dish except during heavy snow storms. On Direct, make sure the tech guy comes out first to see IF you can get good reception. I think both have good and bad points and it may depend on your local person.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I too am one that has been with Direct tv since they took over primestar so basically forever, would not change to anything else. I do NOT have internet with them and would not recommend any satellite internet heard to many bad stories. I use cable internet.
We love direct tv and have always had exceptional service with them, I have been with them so long they often send me specials in the mail and feebies like lots of free movies to watch.
We moved and just took our receivers they sent out a great crew to get us set up here, super nice guys they even ran an extra phone line for me for my fax machine!

Yes if you know anyone that has direct tv be sure you talk to them and use them as a referral that way you and them both get $100 off. I keep hoping one of my friends makes that offer to me LOL That is a good deal for everyone.

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It sounds like we will have to either stay with our cable internet (Midco which I hate with a passion) or try the local phone company. Just thought if we did switch both tv and computer we could get one of those famously "bundled" prices! I think those are baloney by the way.
Like I said earlier, I am thinking Direct TV is the way we will go. Now to figure out what channels we actually watch on cable and which ones we'd need, or which package on satellite. I feel a headache coming on!
Thanks for your time everyone!

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We have Directtv and love it. The biggest thing for us is the tons of kids channels, so there is something for the kids to watch all the time.

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Our daughter and husband have Direct TV and they have had it with no problems for years. I have antenna tv, no cable, no satellite, no dsl, only dialup. No choices other than what I have.


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I have DISH as of about a year ago. I had gotten Comcast on one of their promotions, and when the time was up the price went way up. I called and told them they could either continue the present price or I would cancel.

No problem, they just said they would cancel it!! So I went with DISH, on a promotion deal. I like it, although I don't get a couple channels that I miss, and yes, the DVR is great. My Dish is on the ground, not far from my back door. No problems in the snow so far. It is extremely windy here and sometimes they have to adjust the whatever-it-is, but that doesn't take long.

Two.25acres, Can you give me an idea of how to get some breaks like you do? My first year will be coming up soon.


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