Oil and Vinegar decanters

jasdipNovember 20, 2012

I have 2 glass bottles that I use for my olive and vegetable oils. They are a pain as the black stopper comes loose and doesn't stay tight. The little metal lid came off the one as well, so the hole is now open to dirt. They are also not easy to clean (no dishwasher).

Gee, writing all this out, I wonder why I bother? So that's my question. What do you all use for your oils that you use regularly?

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uh, I just leave them in the bottle they come in.

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I use wine bottles and bartender-style pour spouts.

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Like Kat, I leave them in the bottles they come in--after all, who sees them in the fridge or freezer anyway (and I've tossed too many half-full bottles of rancid oil to leave them at room temp). Olive and vegetable oil stay in the fridge, safflower goes in the freezer since it never really hardens even there.

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I have a set of decanters that I just use for table setting when we have guests and salad is on the "menu".

I don't use any oil is large quantities (don't deep fry), so all my oils stay in original bottles in a dark corner of my counter between the refrigerator and the cook top, where I do prep.

The vinegars are in a wall cabinet above the counter space, and herbs and spices are in racks below the counter.

It works for me.

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Have the oil in a small glass container with a single small hole. Easy to clean and easy to fill. Bottle is kind of square about 6 inches tall. Don't use much vinager. Use Canola oil only.

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I've been using a squeeze mustard bottle with the pointed spout that turns open and closed. Perfect for quick squirts to oil a baking pan or just a little into a frying pan or recipe.

Keep the rest in original bottle in cabinet. I don't use much oil so buy in smaller bottles. Cruets that I used to use are probably deep in a cabinet somewhere.

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Same as Kat.

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As far as pouring out of the original bottle, the opening is far too big for me to do that. I would have far more oil than I want in the skillet. I keep the original bottles in a dark cupboard and refill the glass decanters that sit on the counter.

I like the idea of the mustard or similar container with a twist top.

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I keep my oil and vinegars in their original containers from the store. I have a "Good Seasons" glass shaker-decanter I use for mixing and storing salad dressing in the fridge. I've never had the oils/vinegars go bad. I keep them tightly closed and away from sun and heat.

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Jannie, I've never had any oils go bad either. I tend to buy the 3-litre jugs of canola oil when they come on sale.

Olive oil, I buy in 500-ml bottles. I keep it all in my pantry in the dark.

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When I used a lot more I took a water bottle, put the lid from a dish soap bottle on a water bottle and had a pop-top squeeze bottle. Then I used a water bottle that had one of the pop top drinking things on it. Now I don't use that much so I leave it in the original bottle.

I was going to get a set of oil & vinegar jugs to use, but never found a set I liked cheap enough. My mother used to collect them so it was partly for nostalgia. Never got any of the ones she had. Even the old ones when she cleaned out some of them. Probably didn't want them at the time anyway but for the memories.

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