Craft of the Day ~ Photo tiles

JoAnn_FlaNovember 29, 2012

This is a great gift for the grandparents.
wooden Photo Tiles

*Square wood scraps (mine were 2â³x2â³ and they were left over from one of my husband's projects)

*Photos printed to match the size of your squares (I printed my photos & descriptions onto cardstock)

*Photo descriptions printed to match the size of your squares
*Mod Podge & a brush
*Black ink or paint (not shown)

1.Cut out your photos and mod podge (is that a verb??? Well, it is now) them to one side of your wood chip and let dry.

2. Mod Podge your photo description to the other side of your chip and let dry.
At this point I applied another layer of Mod Podge to both sides no particular reason I just like the way it looks

3. When your chips are completely dry, ink the sides of your wood (I used just a plain black stamp pad), and the corners of your photos (if you wish I like the distressed, inky look). Let the ink dry and apply another layer of Mod Podge over the photos and sides of the chips. Do this last mod-podging carefully I've noticed that ink doesn't really dry completely over the Mod Podge & it smears pretty easily the last layer will seal it, but it can get pretty messy. You can also use paint (which works better) or you can ink your wood edges & photographs before you even glue them to the wood then the layers of Mod Podge will seal them.

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did you do any?

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I have made these a few times, and after the first time of not sealing them, I learned: use MARINE varnish to seal them - otherwise, they will get milky and nasty from drinks sitting on them, and especially hot drinks.

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