My little skin cream test

alisandeNovember 1, 2013

We've discussed moisturizers here before, more than once, but here's my latest update: a review of some products I tried recently and a couple not so recently. I mention a KT member, but not by name. I think she will recognize herself. ;-)

This sort of thing is all so individual; what I like you might not like, and vice versa. But here's my purely subjective opinion.

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I am almost 51 and have been using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + for years, while I have eye wrinkles I call them my laugh lines (so they don't bother me) I love the Clinique it has no smell to speak of (I just smelled it) it leaves my skin moisturized with no shiny appearance. I use it in the morning and at night when I take my make up off. That's my 2 cents...add $5.00 to it and you can get yourself a cup of coffee at

My Aunt swore by plain ole Vaseline & when she died at age 70 she didn't have a face full of wrinkles. Even though she went through radiation & chemo..

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I should have mentioned Clinique Dramatically Different. I tried it last year. It's expensive, so I put it on my Christmas wish list. I liked it a lot. Didn't notice any improvement, but I think improvement is in most cases an unrealistic expectation.

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Very good reviews. I could not agree with you more about the perfumey moisturizers, especially the night creams. I tried some that were so stinky they kept me awake. I had to get up and wash my face but it was still on the pillowcase.

I've used Olay all my life. The price and results work well for me. My dermatologist likes Aveeno.

I've been looking at a book called "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me". They have some great reviews. I especially like that many of the less expensive products are more highly rated than the pricey ones. The recommended moisturizers (too many to list) range in cost from $12.95 (Kiss My Face) to$64 (DDF - Doctor's Dermatologic Formula). Maybe I'll try the Kiss My Face! The ratings don't mention aroma.

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As a pre-war model, I've just stopped looking in the mirror any longer than I must to add some brown to my eyebrows and do lipliner and lipstick. I don't know *what* I'm doing with my eyelashes beyond de-clumping them after applying the (Guaranteed Clump-Free) mascara.

I wash my face morning and night and apply CeraVe. (Cheapest at Costco pharmacy dept.)

I try to Drink More Water.

Only the mirror avoidance really helps. I'd pack on some pounds if I believed the fat cells would migrate to my face.

Thanks for the lecithin tip. Something that's helped me recall an intention is to return to the place where I thought of it. Going through a doorway can make my brain focus only 'ahead', supplanting the propelling thought. (This is supposedly a primal brain function, useful to focus attention on what's 'out there' when emerging from a cave.)

I can't whip up enthusiasm (or cash) to buy the very realistically named cosmetic "Hope In A Jar".

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Dedtired, I love all the Kiss My Face products I've tried. I guess I didn't mention them because I've been using them so long, and because I stopped putting them on my face to give the "anti-aging" products a chance. It's probably time to start again.

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Susan....I like your review of lecithin.Thanks!

I was hoping to find a miracle cure for I'll wait to make any purchases.... lol

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I love the Origins line, especially the Plantscription. It's a little pricey but lasts a while, but they have sales and specials, especially during the holidays.

Thanks for the reviews!

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Thanks for posting this Susan... Just the other day I saw the Boots No7 line of products at Target.. they caught my eye as I walked by but did not have the time to stop and check them out. I had my granddaughter with me and we were on a mission to the toy department!....I have been doing some research on all their products this morning and did not see one single bad review anywhere....I have decided that today I am going to Target and get some
Boots No7 Lift and Luminate Day and Night Serum. Here is what the information says about the Serum's.

Clinically Proven to Help Diminish the Appearance of Age Spots
•Helps Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles
•Visibly Lifts
•Evens Skin Tone

During the day, our skin brightening complex is designed to help diminish the appearance of age spots, while our firming complex helps provide smoother & firmer looking skin.

At night, a PHA exfoliates the skin's surface to revitalize & even skin tone.

Starts working on day one to soften & smooth skin. In trials, most consumers said they saw a significant improvement in the 3 key signs of visible ageing in 4 weeks.

Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum Targets the Appearance of 3 Key Signs of Visible Ageing:
•Lack of Firmness
•Uneven Skin Tone

Hypo-allergenic: Kind to even the most sensitive skin.

I am also going to try the Lift and Luminate Night Cream.
I would also try the day cream if I hadn't just bought a new jar of Clinique Moisture Surge. If you haven't tried Moisture Surge you might like it... it is a day moisturizer and it really does soak in or dry quickly and does not leave a sticky residue also it does not leave you skin shiny..

Did you happen to know that if you buy something you do not like at Walgreens and Walmart that you can return it? It does not matter what it is... You experiments could get expensive so you might keep that in mind. You could return the facial products you end up not liking.

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Susan - Your research amazed me. I just don't have the inclination (nor the energy) to do a comparison study. For 30 + years I used my little girl Nozema - I think I just loved the blue glass jars. Then they switched to plastic and it lost it's appeal so one day I started with Olay and stuck with it.

Good for you to taking the time and reporting for us.

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My Grandma used to put Crisco on her face. She had beautiful pale skin, didn't spend much time in the sun.

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Remember Ponds and Pacquin Face Cremes? My mom used them and always had a beautiful complexion but smoking took the toll on her later in life.

Alisande - like you I have been on a mission to find something to help with my dry skin and signs of aging. I was never a sun buff but I have lived in Florida or other southern states since I was 15, so daily exposure has happened. I am told I don't look my age (62) but I do know I am aging at a faster rate than I would like.

The one thing I have tried and love is ROC's Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream. I found my first tube on a discount table at Publix (grocery store) and since it was half price, I bought it. Just got my second tube at Wal-mart and paid over $20. Wouldn't have done it if I hadn't seen what I think is considerable improvement around the eyes. I am very sensitive to alot of ingredients in eye makeup so since this works, I'm sticking to it.

Also love ROC's cleansing pads - someone here had mentioned them and I do think that defoliating is important.

Have tried Olay Complete all day MOsiturizer - its okay - I use it if I am going to be in the sun as it has sunscreen but it is heavier than I like under makeup. I do like their Olay Regenerist serum. A little goes a long ways. I have a new jar of their Sensitive Skin Night Creme and will try that after I finish what I am using now (Youth Code).

Still trying to find a foundation makeup - I was a Merle Norman Gal for many years - but they have discontinued their Aqua Base and their other liquid makeups make me itch. Am now using a Cover Girl but I feel like it never "sets" on my face and is easily "moved around". I know - need to buff and set with loose powder but that makes this feel sticky. Really miss my MN.

Hope you don't mind my 2 cents worth, Alisande - didn't mean to hijack your post. I had been meaning to write about the same thing for a while.

Loreal products are iffy with me. Revitalift came highly recommended but it makes my eyes burn when I use it. Its a day
lotion and has a SPF30 suncreen. Their Age Perfect Golden Balm Eye Creme is a little heavy for me and I will use it up but not get more. I do like thier Youth Code DAy/Night cream for overall face. Nearly finished with this jar (I use it at night).

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repairi Moisturizer was highly touted in one of the Magazines - I like it and use it under makeup, SPF 30 in it.

I really like two Aveeno products - positively Radiant Skin Brigtening daily scrub . I don't use it daily but I alternate it with the POC pads. The other products is their Eczema Therapy Mosituring Cream. I use it on my arms and legs. i have really dry skin and this seems to last me all day. I ahd been using CeraVe and I do like it as well.

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Smoking puts more wrinkles on your face than anything else I know about. Creams and moisturizers can help but can not reverse smoker's damage. The best aid is to quit smoking or don't start in the first place.

Sun burn does it share too as well as long term tanning. Tanning is the skin's response to exposure damage.

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Thank you Susan and everyone for your experiences. I use Estee Lauder products. I like how they make my face feel, but have been thinking of quitting their use, because of the expense.

I shall try your endorsements as I run out of my products. Meanwhile I copied and pasted your thoughts for later review.

Thank you.


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Honestly, I like plain old Jojoba oil. It is oily but then it sinks right in and then it's not oily anymore. You can use it under you makeup and at night too. There is zero scent and it's not all that expensive at about $10 a bottle at Vitamin Shoppe which you only use a couple drops so it lasts forever.

IMHO, wrinkles are not(they are just part of it) what makes us look old, it's sagging. That droopy crap on the side of our mouths most notably. I hate that! Anyone know a cure for that...HAHA! I guess a facelift. Well wrinkles don't help but I've seen young women with lots of wrinkles around their eyes that don't look old because their face doesn't sag yet.

You said that you are into your 60s so if your photo is recent, I have to say you don't look that old. Had I guessed your age, I would have guessed you to be about my age which is 50.

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Thanks, all, for reading and commenting. Mboston, I'm happy to hear about your experiences, and everyone else's. I will always be open to suggestions!

A few of these brands are new to me. I have made note!

I'll give the Reviva eye cream a fair trial, and if I'm not pleased I'll try the ROC (hoping I can find it on sale, of course).

It will take some self-discipline to keep from looking online for some of the products you've all mentioned before my present stock is depleted!

Jem, as I said in my blog post, ".....the sexy darkening of the skin was actually evidence of skin damage." And yet tanning salons still thrive. BTW, I haven't smoked in 42 years.

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Thanks, ArkansasGirl--I missed seeing your post. I'm actually 70. I'm not sure which picture you saw, but it was probably taken earlier this year. I swear I've gotten older looking--or at least more tired looking--over the summer. I got sick several times from tick bites, and was on doxycycline for two months. That couldn't have helped.

For some reason I never expected to have bags under my eyes, but life is just full of little surprises. LOL

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Has anyone has success with dark spot removers? I've had freckles all my life. They used ti be cute but now they are morphing into age spots. I'd love to find a good reliable non-prescription skin lightener.

The book I mentioned calls retinol an "anti-aging superstrar" and one we older ladies should all be using.

In the meantime, I got a bug bite right at my eye and it is all red and baggy. I look like I've got half of a basset hound face. Lovely.

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Here is the web site that goes with the book I've been reading. I like her recommendations very much although she always recommends her own products, too. Who knows, maybe they are good.

Here is a link that might be useful: paula's choice

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Susan, I really enjoyed you blog~~informative and funny;)

I have used Olay moisutizer with SPF 15 forever~365 days a year~~lite and I love it! If I am going to have a big sun day I use a Neutrogena Ultra sheer 100+ it has a dry touch.

I use Clinique DD+ moisturizer, I went a way from it for awhile, decided to try it again when they added the + I love it even more now. I would die with out my Clinique, repair wear eye cream~~have used C's eye creame for 20+ years. Also love their moisture surge intense.

We can never make the wrinkles go away with out surgery;( The key they say is moisturize~moisturize, and I do that~~it just keeps the wrinkles softer looking and if your face looks healthy and taken care of~~I am good to go. My SIL uses nothing on her face she is 3 years younger than me and looks 10 years older~~very sad. I think you do not have to pay alot of $$ for products, find some you like and use them daily.

I am 65~~I am sure I look my age~~but I look kept up;)

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Glad you liked my blog, YogaLady!

I use the same sunscreen, except I think mine is 55. I haven't seen the 100.

"Kept up".....sounds better than "kept." Or maybe not. LOL

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I rarely use a moisturizer but if my skin feels dry I use Olay with SPF30 or SPF15. I am 71 and am pretty much wrinkle free.

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I was pretty young looking until about two years ago. I have always used moisturizer on my face since I was a teen. I have very dry skin. I never smoked in my life but was a sun babe and how. Me and my bikini went out in the spring and I was in the sun every sunny day till fall. It's good I live in PA because my skin would be even worse if I was from Florida. I used to use Ultima 2, I think and it was discontinued. It was very expensive and had the consistency of Vaseline. So I started using that and did until I won a gift bag of Mary Kay products at a hotel and found their night cream. I use it 24/7 not just at night. It has the consistency of Vaseline. Tonight at Target I bought No7 eye roll-on. My eyes are pretty good ,and I attribute that to the fact I have never worn mascara but have used Vaseline on my lashes since high school. But I'll try this just to see.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

These skin products may be excellent, but I think that one of the most important factors is genetics. I come from a long line of relatives with great skin and count my blessings, believe me. My mother, for example, was a sun worshiper and chain smoker most of her life but never had a single wrinkle, even though she lived to her nineties. Crazy.

No fighting wrinkles required.....but we all have (what we call) a turkey wattle under the chin, lol. I'm saving up for THAT procedure, my one and only, in a few years.

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I believe in the genetics thing too. My whole family looks way younger than they are, we get it from my Mom and her Mom. They never used moisturizer but we all have very oily skin.

I'm 50 and have no wrinkles even though I was always in the sun and still am. I may as well just curl up and die if I can't be outside. I hate being inside very much.

My one sister is 60 and she looks SO YOUNG...she has used the Proactive exfoliating face wash for many many years and I believe that is why her skin is like a peach.

Also important in how old we look is just keeping ourselves fixed up and not gaining a bunch of weight. Wear nice clothing, doesn't have to be anything fancy just not frumpy and keep your hair styled nicely makes a huge difference. A bit of makeup also helps :)

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I'm with mboston....roc retinol products!! I've only been using the eye cream for about 6 weeks and definitely see a difference. Although truthfully, I think adding any kind of moisturizer around your eyes can't hurt. The Roc night cream has also diminished the couple age spots on my face too. I'm going to try a few lazer treatments on those....HATE them!

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My mom died in her 30s, so I don't know how she would have aged. But my dad always looked way younger than his years, all through his 80s and until he died at 90. I always assumed my legs would look like his in my old age--lean, strong, and unmarked. Ha! One should never assume....

I guess one difference is he didn't give birth to three children. :-)

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Oh, I think one of the (very few) advantages of being a "kept woman" is that you have plenty of time and money to keep yourself in good shape! (You don't have much else though.) Actually, it's sort of in the job description that you look good.

We've just completed the last season of "Intelligence" (Canadian TV series). A madam and one of her 'girls' both have the most *fabulous* skin!

A family member who is a psychiatrist in SLC has commented on the large number of beauty salons and spas there. (I can only guess.)

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OklaMoni - I suspect that you won't like cheaper products after using EL (depending on the EL that you use) and of course your skin type. I can't use EL except, surprisingly, for the Verite cleanser that I can just use to wash my face. I wish I could use any of the products mentioned - I can't. I have very thin, fair, naturally extremely dry skin, and am allergic to just about everything - especially botanicals (and antihistamine) and of course can't use any form of acid/retinol/C - or fillers. Skin is right colour for laser, but skin is too thin. So I have always used the most hydrating toner I could find along with a hydrating serum/cream, followed by a night cream during the day (this was post the period when SPF started being added to day creams - can't use a combo product). Finding a sunscreen that doesn't cause a rash is the devil - and I need one that is moisturizing and doesn't eat my makeup. I am 63 and agree with those who posted that they can see aging basically all of a sudden. It happens - and often in 5 year bumps. My face is thin - always has been, even when I weighed 200 lbs. during my teen years. At 63 it is still thin which does not help. I am not overweight now but my weight is all on the bottom. I have a long waist and short legs - so always wear long skirts (and at 5'7" hard to find) - of course I use to be taller. Cost is definitely becoming a problem - not developing a burning rash from a product is of course a primary concern - but absorption of a product is key. Products that I have tried that cost less and resulted in a rash also did not absorb. My foundation contains oil - has to - and since I am yellow based with a ph of 3.5 everything changes on me - so not easy either. I guess it is a good thing that I have only one lipstick, blush etc. since I have only been able to find one shade in everything that I use - and they have now been d/c. I hate reformulation - everything these days is about actives and botanicals - deadly for my skin. So I need high end products - but fortunately I am at the low end of the high end due to my botanicals/actives issues. I will try just about anything provided there is a chance it will work - I will not rule out say one botanical or 2 if they are at the bottom of the list - but when the listing starts off with Linden Blossom, Lily, Lavender, Rose etc. - forget it. Forget anything "natural". I can't even make a cheap masque using honey and egg due to the honey. I can't use yogourt on my face because of the lactic acid - this will guarantee a rosacea attack. Soy is also a major problem. And forget perfume/fragrance. I can't even use Clinique - there is something in the products - I know it was Aloe Vera at one time - maybe still is. I have been trying to find cheaper products that work especially with the high cost of living and my husband's retirement looming. I worked for a company that did not provide a pension. Then there is hair. My natural hair colour is auburn. I greyed in my 20s - and it is ugly iron grey that does not look nice with a yellow-toned skin. How I wish I had that gorgeous silver or white hair with a pink-toned complexion. But I don't. I tried on wigs in other colours - horrible. Natural auburn (nothing with a purple tone) is perfect for me but now that I can't get the colour shade at the drugstore - not to mention the full grey that I would now have - it would be tough doing it myself as I did until 15 years ago because I would have that awful line of demarcation - and I do need to pull the colour through. Red fades, no doubt about it. I always wear a hat. I have extremely thick, very dry, naturally wavy hair that grows like a weed. Last time I went for my colour the growth was twice that of the normal person. And living in Toronto going to the hairdresser is not cheap. I need to have my hair cut by someone who knows how to cut curly hair and I need to have layers so that it will curl properly. I do not suit it really short - and I would look (I know because I wore it short until I was 30) like a brillo pad. There are people that I know (my husband is one) who can use anything. And yet, I could look worse - well I am about to. I have been on HRT for 6 years - so am about to be taken off it. There were no health reasons for me not to take it so I did - my reason being my very dry skin.

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Eccentric, I don't envy you that degree of sensitivity! Re lipsticks and other discontinued products, have you checked Amazon? They often offer lipsticks that I can no longer buy in stores, and possibly other products as well. They're not old; they seem quite fresh. Maybe these items are still available in other countries, and Amazon has access to them that way.

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I was on HRT for quite a few years before any problems went public, and I can say it really helped with my aging process. My hair was shiny and lustrous and I felt no different. That all changed when I went off HRT.

Susan Re : legs. My legs pretty much look like they always did..long , lean, and rather muscular since I go to the gym daily and walk the dogs three miles. HOWEVER and this is a big one...the skin on the front of my lower legs is awful. From over doing the sunning for many decades, the skin is so thin, the slightest bump makes a bruise or cut. And the marks never go away. From the back in shorts, my legs look 30 years younger, from the front below the knee downright ugly and marked up.

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I just wish they'd invent a cream for

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The cosmetic manufacturers would like us to believe they already have. All those airbrushed models (who are in their twenties anyway) "proving" that you-name-it cream lifts and erases all signs of aging. Yup.

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