Tips for new Treasurer of a club?

bee0hioNovember 6, 2012

I am the newly elected treasurer of our quilt guild & will assume the office in Jan, serving a 2 year stint. We have about 100 members & currently over $13k in the treasury.

Tho' I've never been a treasurer before, I am good with math, organized, have always handled our family finances/check-book, & recognize some areas that need improvement in the current treasurer's reports.

So, I'm seeking advice from others who might have been treasurer of a club or group ,,,, the pitfalls to avoid, cautionary tales, things to be mindful of, helpful hints, etc.

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Do not buy a new car or luxury items while in office really

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Be available! Keep in contact with the other members that might need a check etc. Also keep the club members aware of the financial state of the club.
I am the Pres of a local iris society..our old one was amazing!
At every meeting our old treasurer had a printout of all activity on the account, even if there was no new activity.
Our new one leaves alot to be desired. I currently need a check and I have sent her messages to send in the amount and I am still waiting to see if the bill got paid.


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First - document everything, photocopy papers and give a report at each meeting and distribute the monthly account activity. Be transparent.

A few years back I became treasure of a large group after the previous treasurer quit because someone had asked her for a financial statement. We had to met at the bank to sign signature cards and when she handed over the statements I immediately noticed that many months were missing. Her comment was that there wasn't any activity those months.

After scanning the checkbook and seeing that she had written checks those months I had the bank pull all the missing statements. She had written several checks to "Cash" and failed to document who received the money. At the next meeting I gave a complete account of the bank activity for the three years this woman had been treasurer. You can imagine the uproar it caused and the previous treasurer went around town saying I was maligning her character. I never mentioned her by name I simply printed out all the checks - the amount and who the check was made out to.

At the next meeting I suggested that they add a second person to the account and that both signatures would be needed on a check. They voted against that and I never had any problems - but I made sure there was adequate documentation for every check.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Bee, I suggest that you spend some time with the outgoing officer and go over those very things you asked. You might also meet with the other new officers to talk about goals, needs, ideas, etc.

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I agree with Maire completly, I also would have the books audited before you take over with that kind of money. I was treasurer of PTA and other clubs. We had a budget, and I never paid anything without it either being in the budget or board approval. Had the books and bank statements at every meeting and a complete printed report at every meeting and usually gave the board members a copy,if they wanted one, but at least the Pres and Sec. I also never paid anything without receipts from the person. I took no money for myself except for supplies, such as stamps and enevelopes depending how many I used. I am currently treas involving one of the church programs and we have to prepare a yearly report. If you do not do this, maybe start it so helps keep things in a year to year basis.
Oh, yes, because I have Quicken for my own use, I have the church one set up in Quicken. That way it is easier to find and keep track of money.
Good luck

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Thanks for the responses & tips.

It's in our bylaws/constitution that there be an audit prior to new officers being installed. The current president had told me she had ordered that it be done before the election. I will be interested in finding the outcome of it.

We have a Treasurer's report in our monthly newsletter, but I am not aware of the books/bank statements being available @ the monthly meetings (good idea).

Transparency is something I think has not been very obvious & it is something I value.

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Be sure that you understand and comply with all procedures and regulations outlined in the bylaws and standing rules. Review the minutes from the last year or two for an idea of the club calendar and when you need to bring up a discussion for any regular events that require funding. If you do a Christmas dinner, for example, then get the approvals ahead of time for all the expenses, which means you will have to contact all chairmen and ask for receipts, plans, and they should make brief presentations at the meetings for approval of the club.

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