No More flu shots for me!

secsteveNovember 28, 2012

I'm sitting here absolutely exhausted after a very rough night. I got my flu shot yesterday morning and by early evening I started having chills and sweating. No matter what I wore, I just couldn't get warm enough.

I spent most of the night either sweating profusely or feeling like I was in a deep freeze.

While on active duty, I had no choice as the shot is required. After retiring, I didn't both because of this happening whenever I got the shots. Since I've diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor recommended I get the shot. If this is what I can expect, I'd rather have the #%#$ flu.

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I had a bad reaction to a flu shot about 10 years ago, and stopped getting them after that. My whole body was in pain, and all I could do was lie still--although that didn't relieve it. I was okay the next day, but said never again! I didn't get another flu shot until last year, and only got it because I was in contact with my infant grandson. No problem with that one, so I'll probably try again this year.

Are you all better now, Secsteve?

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I usually get my flu shot each year. Only one time did I become sick and I know that is because when I got it, I did not feel completely well. I will not get a flu shot if I am feeling even a bit under the weather as that will make it worse. I have already gotten mine for this year.


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2 months ago, i had 7 immunization shots in one day, and
last week I had 5 more. got the flu shot and the hib and
haven't had any problems except for two sore arms. Sorry
you reacted so badly.

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I just got my first flu shot ever, & the doctor recommended 2 tylenol as soon as I got home to prevent that sore arm;
took those & no problem.

I do know that the medics will tell you that nothing ever causes any side effects & that there's no such thing as a negative reaction...
& I know that isn't so!

I once had a horrible reaction to a tetanus shot & was told it *had* to have been something else because "it's impossible to have a reaction to a tetanus shot".

Since then, I've talked to at least half a dozen people who've had reactions ranging from mild to coma.

Know that they're giving you, & be careful!

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You can certainly get a reaction to any immunization. They stimulate your immune system into forming antibodies and so can mimic mild symptoms of the illness they are designed to prevent. Unless you have an allergy to the immunization the symptoms they cause are usually way much better than getting the illness. Most people get mild soreness at the site and aches and pains..fever is also possible. The tetnus shot often causes side effects but consider dying of tetnus...that is an godawful disease with a very high fatality rate even with modern treatment. Plus the more people who are immunized the less germs are hanging around in the general population so there is less chance of catching it at all..that is called "herd immunity". Everyone should get immunized against the major diseases but unless you are a child it is a personal choice.

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Last year, DH had a flu shot in the doctor's office. About 3 hours later, he collapsed. He couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and I had to call an ambulance. They thought he was having a stroke, and took him to the hospital, where a complete battery of tests were run. They determined that he had bronchitis, even though he had no symptoms whatsoever prior to the shot. His doctor agrees with us that he had a severe reaction to the shot...and he will not be getting any more flu shots.

secsteve, I hope you are feeling better!

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I have never had a flu shot and never had the flu. Don't plan to start now.

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Steve I hope you are better! As they still culture the flu shot in egg I won't be getting one. The last time was in high school. My arm swelled so bad I couldn't wear my coat. I have since found out I am allergic to egg yolks.

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I've only gotten a flu shot the last couple of years. No problem so far! Now whooping cough is making a comeback. Rates are supposed to be the highest in the past 50 years. I am pretty certain DD(19) and I had it in September. In other parts of the world they refer to it as the 100 day cough. Its part of the tetanus shot (the P in DPT) and many adults don't keep tetanus shots updated unless they cut themselves.

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Yeah, no matter how many times I've been told that by doctors and nurses that the flu shots can't make you sick, I've talked to so many people that have become super sick after getting it. A friend of mine's father ended up in the hospital he got so sick.

I've never had a flu shot and I never plan on getting one either. I feel like I'd be taking a chance either way so I'll just take my chance on the flu.

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Yep - flu shots are a bad deal, imho - never have had one and never will.

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My DH and I have had flu shots for many years without having any negative reactions. We've both had the pneumonia vaccine, and most recently, the (whatever they call the DPT now). We've both had the vaccine against shingles too; no troubles.

I have COPD. Can't risk any lung complications. I don't want to 'get' sick, and I don't want to 'pass it along' either.

Sorry to hear of anyone's bad reactions to an immunization!

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I had a reaction one year, quit getting them, but I resumed a few years ago. My current doctor gave me the okay to get a flu shot, which is free at several pharmacies nearby.

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I get the flu shot every year and never had a reaction to them...ever. In Sept I had the flu shot plus a tetanus the same day. Zero reaction from either, not even a sore arm. The two times I had the flu , I wished I was dead, so I always get one.

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I'm with Lily316 on this one...I had the flue once and don't ever want it again so I take my chances.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

My husband and I both have had very severe bad reactions to the flu shot and will no longer take them, some people are very lucky I think and don't react badly but there are a LOT of people who do have very serious reactions. My new doctor started with me since I have diabetes and several auto immune disorders which weakens my immune system because I have to take so many immune suppressing meds. No way will I take another flu shot ever and I explained it to him and he agree I was not a good candidate if you have ever had a bad reaction he said it is best to not take them.

A man that works in my husbands building got the flu shot and got extremely sick, came to work and everyone in the place got sick, in fact we think that is where we got this never ending illness we are trying to get rid of.

For those that don't react be happy but know that some of us do have a legit negative reaction. I have been laughed at by several people when I say I have had a negative reaction then they proceed to tell me how impossible that is. Pretty rude behavior for an adult and to top it off they are wrong!

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I feel very lucky that I've never had any reaction to the flu shot. I have asthma and extreme allergies, I don't want to get the flu. I have heard that it is horrendously awful. Maybe I'm used to shot or something since I get allergy shots every month.

My arm was a little sore from the flu shot, but not more so than when I get the allergy shots. Some people are really good at giving shots, others....not so much. I've had both, haha.

Anyone know what the recommendations are for whooping cough immunization? Did we get this immunization as a kid, and it's still good?

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My medical records say in big red letters, that I must never get a flu shot. The one I had, came very close to ending my life several years ago. I am also allergic to almost every antibiotic and that is in big green letters. Luckily, I dont have any major health problems for my age.

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My point wasn't that I could choose between becoming deathly ill from a tetanus shot or dying from tetanus;
my point was that the doctor told me something that was devastatingly untrue.

You *can* get very very sick from a tetanus vaccine.

One of my loan officer friends is the one who went into a coma;
she told me that she stopped by the doctor's office for a regular visit, her doctor asked when she had had a tetanus shot, & she couldn't remember, so he gave her one...
& she woke up in the hospital 2 days later where her mother had been keeping vigil.

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I got my flu shot yesterday and had little to no reaction. A few hours after the injection, I felt a tinge of coming down with the flu and that soon passed.

Flu shots usually work for me except for the times they miss guessing the strain that will become active. When I do get a flu, it will be like in March or April when a new strain may circulate. I'll take the shot. There has been too many times that I've had a very bad bouts with flu.

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Sylvia, one of my horse vets told me years ago that he would never get a tetanus shot. His friend, a farrier did, and died. That is just about the only immunization I have gotten in recent years, and probably wouldn't have done that except I stayed at my friend's house for four months this past winter and several of her raccoons died from lockjaw! I am extremely accident prone, plus always getting bit by animals. (I think it was right after I had that bad donkey bite that I got the tetanus shot.) So if it had the pertussis vaccine in it, I got vaccinated for that. Other than that, I have never had any vaccinations. I am never sick and I haven't had as much as a cold in at least 15 years. Never any sinus infections, no allergies. I don't worry about getting sick. My dad always said a horse would kill me some day, and that is what I worry about.

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Thanks all. I'm feeling better now.

I should have followed by instincts and not gotten the blasted thing no matter what the doctor recommended. Believe me, I won't be getting it next year! Last night really had George worried as he's never seen me that bad.

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'My dad always said a horse would kill me some day, and that is what I worry about.'

Well, stop that!

Our minds are more complicated than our brains can understand, & in a crisis or emergency, that 'worry' might cost you a split second that you need.

A friend of mine says that when he finds himself thinking negative or self-limiting or self-defeating thoughts, he says "Cancel cancel cancel".

I think that sounds like a newspaper subscription, so I say "erase erase erase".

much more reasonable...

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Sylvia -- How about "delete, delete, delete"? lol

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Sorry to hear you had such a bad reaction. I've been getting them since I was in college & have never had any problems. Same for DH. DH had the flu once when we forgot to get our shots. He was terribly sick & doesn't usually get sick.

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had the best shot ever, and at sam's club! usually have had a sore arm for a week or so but not this time!

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Glad you're better, secsteve! I have never gotten a flu shot. I had the flu when I was 37 (I'm 62.) When I was 22 I had a BAD reaction to a tetanus shot. Twelve years later, when I was in ER for a wound that involved rust and lake water, they wanted to give me a tetanus booster, but declined because of my history and told me to go to my Doc for gamma globulin injection series, blah, blah, blah, which I didn't do. I didn't have a tetanus shot for 40 yrs. 6 months ago, anticipating the birth of our grandson and with whooping cough cropping up in our area, I had to get the pertussis vaccine. But it only comes as DPT, which includes tetanus. I got super scrutinized/followed through after that, but had no problem. WHEW! I could have gone into anaphylactic shock. WHEW! I'm still passing on the flu shot, and the shingles shot. I'll take my chances. . . .

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I can't help but break out laughing when people think something like I get flu shots and didn't get the flu, therefore the flu shot kept me from getting the flu. How ridiculous! No wonder the "Nigerian Generals" and telemarketers can scam people so easily!

I have never had a flu shot in my life until last year and last year I got the flu for probably the second time in my life! Now what does THAT tell you! LOL

Last year with the medical issues I thought it might be good to get the shot. I SO regret getting it. I too had a reaction for well over a week and still wound up getting the flu.

People buy into this myth that getting a flu shot means you cannot get the flu. That myth has been busted so many times but people still want to believe it much like the $250 cookie recipe.

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I get the flu shot every year, this year the pneumonia shot too (turned 65). Unfortunately sometimes I get sick, usually
around February, with something that was not covered by the flu shot!

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The vast majority of people have no reaction from a flu shot. Several years ago I had the flu and a fever for eleven stinkin' days. I'm religious about it now. Sure, they can miss a strain, but what's wrong with protecting yourself against those they include? If you live a more sheltered life you may not see the need, but if you are out and about, and especially if you work with vulnerable populations, I think it behooves you to get one, unless you have an allergy to the ingredients in the flu shot.

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Have got them for years, have missed a few.

Got mine at the doc's the other day.

Have never had any negative reaction at all.

My body is my best friend, I guess: sure spoils me.

o j

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