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jasdipNovember 22, 2012

Yesterday's question was:

Doing this can improve short and long term memory.

A: chewing gum

Today's quiz is

Finland banned the release of Donald Duck comics.....why?

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Because he doesn't wear pants?

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I agree, no pants,lol

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Well, I guess that explains why DH regularly astounds me with the insignificant (and important) things he knows....chews gum daily. He is a whiz at Jeopardy.

I'll go along with the no pants answer.

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Totally not pants......ducks should always wear pants! At least the well dressed ones!

Chewing gum? Really? Does that mean those that chomp on gum like a cow chewing cud will have better memories? If so, Alzheimer's doesn't have a chance.....

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