"The Bathroom Door is Closed"

jasdipNovember 23, 2012

Rules of the household:

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Yeah see, I don't know when all this "a mother can't even go take a **** in peace" all started! I think it's absolutely ridiculous how out of control children have become. When I was a kid, I knew better...just sayin'!

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Perfect. When my kids were little, I'd take a shower just to get away from them. No tragedies occurred.

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When my DH and DD are out of the house, the first thing I do is let the dogs outside and trap the cat in the bedroom. Then I GO TO THE BATHROOM ALL BY MYSELF.


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LOL, Jas, I LOVE it. I am sending it to my daughter and son in law.


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Dances, I know just what you mean. Pets are just like children; they want to follow you everywhere.

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Jasdip - Sadly, the most likely culprits, children under six, cannot read...

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jannie -- I'd vacuum. I could monitor him, but DS knew Mom was *busy* (and couldn't hear any whining).

BTW, do you keep your bathroom doors open or closed when not in use? This came up in one of those 'advice' columns recently. (Ours stay closed except the master bath, where the toilet room door is closed.)

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Which reminds me of when I was caregiver to my under 2 year old DGS. He was having a huge tantrum (not accepting "no", most likely), throwing himself at my feet etc. etc.; so I went into the bathroom near the kitchen and closed the door and picked up a book trying to ignore it. Then came the fingers under the door, the talking nicely, the I love you's, minus the wails....so I opened the door....... and he threw himself at my feet. It was too funny, so I laughed and sat in chair where he could crawl into my lap and finish his feeling sorry for himself....having forgotten what the tantrum was about.

He is now 37 and has his first (now) 10 month old girl. I hear she is a pistol, and has already learned to push his buttons. Thanks for the memory.

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And it is for similar reasons that I don't have a cell phone.

Ring, ring... Where are you?
Ring, ring... When are you coming home, I need the car.
ring, ring... Can you pick up ???? for me while you're out.
ring, ring... Can so and so stay for dinner?
ring, ring... When's dinner, I have to be at Ulimate/soccer/work at ...
ring, ring... Can you pick up girlfriend at the bus stop?
ring, ring... When did you say you were coming home?

I'm a SAHM and they can leave me alone when I'm in the bathroom and when I am out.

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