eBay item damaged in shipping - what to do?

iowagirl2006November 29, 2012

Calling on the experts at the KT! :)

I recently ordered something from eBay and it arrived broken. It was insured. (But very poorly packaged)

Do I contact the eBay seller - or do I go straight to the Post Office and start the claim myself?


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I would go back to the seller. you shouldn't have to go through the inconvenience of dealing with the post office.

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I would first notify the seller. You can't, I believe, file a claim as you are not the one who purchased the insurance - even though you probably paid for it with your eBay purchase.

I'm thinking that you'll tell the seller, who will, hopefully, give you a refund. Then the seller files the claim with the PO.


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The seller/ sender has to make a claim with the Post Office. I once bought a glass pitcher on Ebay and it arrived broken. The seller filed a claim which was denied. The PO said it promises delivery only, not that an item will arrive in one piece. Since then I have considered Ebay a gamble.

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Good advice above. I once bought two wineglasses on eBay, and one arrived broken. I sent the seller a photo, and she mailed me a replacement. I was glad she was so cooperative and nice. She had only four of them total.

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The best thing to do is contact the seller by doing the following:
In eBay

Go to your Purchased Items List

Find the item in your list

On the right-hand side of the page, you will see "Leave feedback" and below that "More Actions"

Choose "More Actions" and you will see "Contact Seller"

Choose "Contact Seller", then choose "Item I Received is Not As Described" and click on "No, I want to contact the seller", then "Continue"

Now, you have a box where you can explain to the seller that the item arrived broken. You will also see Attach Photos right above your user name below the text box. For fastest service, attach a digital picture showing the broken item. Ask the seller if they would like to replace the broken item or issue a refund.

Most sellers will issue a refund and tell you to discard the broken item. Some sellers will send you a replacement. In really rare instances, the seller will want you to return the broken item. If they ask you to do so, request that they send you a pre-paid mailing label so that you do not have to pay the return shipping.

Do not throw away the item or any of the packaging materials until you have a refund.

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Thanks a million!

I will get going on this and contact the seller.

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