Who else has antenna TV (besides Moni and me)?

alisandeNovember 13, 2012

I've never had cable. For years it wasn't available here, and by the time it was offered I had pretty much lost interest in TV. Then a couple of years ago my son installed a TV antenna far above the house, on one of his ham radio towers. Suddenly I had 14 stations.

I'm still out of the habit of watching a lot of TV, but it's nice to have. I get the channels on my little (19" - not so little to me) kitchen set, and stream Netflix (but no channels) on my larger living room TV. I usually watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from 7:00 to 8:00 while cleaning up the kitchen, etc., and once a week or so I get the urge to snuggle on the loveseat with one of the cats later in the evening and watch something from Netflix. This feels like a luxury to me, and I have no cable bill. (No Netflix bill either, as it's a gift from my son-in-law.)

Other antenna owners?

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I wish it was available where I live. I love watching old TV shows from the 50's and 60's.

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I think I should have worded my question differently; I forgot that "Antenna TV" is the name of a TV channel. I should have remembered, because I'm a sucker for "I Love Lucy."

I meant that I'm getting TV reception through an antenna. I get ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Wolf, three PBS stations, Antenna TV, and more.

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I use a small digital antenna outside. Before they went to Digital, I had a tower antenna(which a storm took down) and got 10 channels (3 of which were PBS) & now I only get 3 channels. The antenna is mounted on a rod in the ground so only app. 6 ft. off the ground. Cable is not available to me. :(

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I have antenna tv also and use rabbit ears. Living in the border city that I do I receive more than 25 stations from the US and Canada. I love all the retro stations and PBS stations.

I also use my computer to go to the website of the stations I cannot pick up to watch shows that I have missed or shows that are only available on cable.


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"Terrestrial TV" is the term for what you are talking about - since "Antenna TV" is a channel now - LOL!

We get Antenna TV, ME-TV, and the Live Well Network on our sub-channels. ALso get Cool-TV and The Country Network as the subs on the Fox affiliate. I like those - music videos all day.

There is another channel that is mostly old movies.

I like the PBS sub channels also.

We also have Dish satellite.

The best of both worlds! LOL!

900 channels and not a damn thing on to watch - :)

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Me! I refuse to pay for tv. I have digital rabbit ears, which don't really work. I have to move it all over the place to try and pick up any stations. I can usually only pick up one or two at a time depending on where I put it. I don't watch much tv and I'd like to keep it that way. The more channels I have, the more I'll watch. We will watch movies off the Roku once in awhile, but I'd prefer to read, or craft, or play a game.

I've been through phases of my life where I watched tons of tv, and I always felt like I was wasting my life away, so I don't want to go there again.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We have direct tv but I also have one of the flat digital HD antennas that allows me to catch some of the local area stations over air for free. I can take that little antenna in the RV with us. I was really surprised at the quality of the reception with it. I think I paid around $20 for it.

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Our antenna is on a tower. Rabbit ears won't pick up a single channel for us.

I love the combo of having Dish and antenna. On our main TV, the antenna channels even show up on the Dish guide.

On the "TV 2" tv's (the rest of the TV's in the house - the Dish channel is 30, and the rest of the antenna channels are tuned regularly.

Works great though!! The big gobeldeygook of wires behind our main unit are something to behold though! DVR, Surround Sound, DVD, PS2, and antenna - it's quite a maze!

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We had an antenna on our house when I was a kid, one with a rotator. We lived in Buffalo NY but with the rotator we got TV broadcasts from Rochester and Canada. When I was first married, we had an antenna on the house and mainly watched the Big 3 networks- ABC, CBS, NBC, later we got cable, then satellite. I know the antenna is gone. I asked hubby if he remembered what happened, he said it fell off the roof.

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I just have roof top antenna, we don't get many channels, no PBS at all anymore. We used to but then television changed for the worse.

Sue in Central Indiana

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No antenna - I just pay Comcast $10/month to get basic network TV and a few other channels. Icut the cord on cable a while back - hundreds of channels and nothing worth watching. I stream whatever movies or TV shows I want via internet/Roku channels. Most of what I watch is "free" partly because I'm an Amazon Prime member. Big savings after dumping Comcast cable even with Prime membership and the occasional movie charge.

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I have plain old tv with a converter box. No cable, dish or whatever. I watch very little tv. Maybe 3 hours or less a week.

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I dropped satellite about 12-13 years ago and dumped cable about 10 years ago and I've been very happy with broadcast TV and now that I have broadband I've been watching more and more over the internet the last years. As I've said several times, I go to a hotel or someone's place with cable/satellite and that settles any question I have about getting satellite again. More and more is on broadcast now since the digital changeover and it's mostly stations I like and will watch. I don't need 900 channels of infomercials, talk shows and "reality" shows and won't watch them anyway. The other advantage I noticed is that the politicians didn't find the subchannels. There were (next to nothing if not) nothing in the way of political ads. That was a nice relief.

I don't live in front of my TV like so many do. Course, I don't live on a cell phone either! Even if I did, there's not a lot on cable/satellite that I'd be watching anyway.

And I have to say, it took a while to work the kinks out of it but the digital conversion has become a good move for my uses. Nice clear picture now, and more than twice as many channels as before, plus the new channels have more programming that I enjoy than the others had so the variety is far superior to what it was before the changeover.

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As I recall, AntennaTV is having the WKRP episode of the turkey drop on Thanksgiving. Great show.

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I have amplified rabbit ears and get most local channels most of the time. Had to go amplified when stations switched to digital. I get the impression that the newer HD TV sets do not have as much amplification in the front end as older sets had. It seems that the newer sets expect to see a stronger signal than through the air. Regular, digital, rabbit ears work ok if you are within 10 miles of the transmitter. I am 17 miles from most of the local transmitters. We get enough coverage to suit our wants/needs.

When I first moved out from the city and had a house built here, I envisioned installing an attic antenna, but after living here a year and experiencing a number of near lightening strikes, I decided against an attic antenna. I did not need a hole burned through the roof and all kinds of damage (and fire) around the leads that are buried in the walls.

There are 75 ohm twin leads running from the attic to several rooms, but these remain unused with both ends not connected to anything. The attic of my 2 story is about 24 ft above ground level and our location is about 300 ft above the city, so an attic antenna should have worked good. Too bad; I chickened out after seeing what thunderstorms were doing out here.

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We have a large antenna on the roof and pick up at least 15 channels, including several PBS ones. No need for cable or a dish and I hope it stays that way!

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We have an indoor antennae and get just 2 local stations. With the Niagara peninsula and other geographical issues, apparently satellite doesn't work well for our city. Toronto gets a lot of stations, both Canada and US.

So we hook up the computer to watch tv shows. I have a couple of websites that I use, but I'd like to find more. What are some of the sites you use?

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viptv is a great site for watching television shows (no movies). You buy "points" and spend your points on shows. I think every episode is 2 points. The more you buy, the cheaper the points are.

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Jasdip, some stations stream their broadcasts. I used to enjoy watching the news from Duluth since I have friends in the area. Most networks, well, many of them anyway will stream their shows, some for a limited time after broadcast. There's sites galore for old movies and such. Much depends on what interests you. Hulu, Sidereel and TVBlinkx are ones I use often. (Some have recommended Koldcast and Crackle but I've never really used them.) Hulu runs commercials, while the others don't. Networks sometimes run commercials. Alluc is another pretty good site for movies. Even YouTube has a lot of programming of interest. Things change often though so my saved links often are dead after a relatively short while. Best thing is to learn to search and see what works best for you. There's a little time investment, but I think it's worth it considering the cost factor.

One thing I miss about satellite is the Canadian channels. The cable channels in the northern part of the state gets CBC though.

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I too have OTA (Over The Air) channels. I have a roof antenna. Although, it is sitting in my living room at the moment. I really need to find someone to install it on the roof.

Anyhow, in Houston, there are almost 90 OTA channels. My antenna that sits in the living room picks up around 75 of them. Half are foreign & religious channels though.

What many people don't realize is that with a TV antenna, we can actually pick up true high definition picture. Whereas, cables & satellite services often compress the pictures and what you see on your TV is only what you get from these services. Regardless that you have an HDTV (high definition TV).

Anytime someone comes over my home, they're surprise of how crispy clear my TV is. All it is is simply true high definition signal via OTA.

Between AntennaTV, MeTV and ION channels, they keep me entertain 24/7. I'm not a big sport fan; thus, paying to watch TV just doesn't make sense to me.

I had Infinity and Uverse young salesmen tried to sell me their services. They insisted that their service beat the price of all the others. I repeatedly tell them: No thanks. Then, they asked me: "What do you do for TV?". I simply point my finger up in the air and tell them I watch OTA channels. They had this puzzled look. LOL, these kids had no idea what OTA channels and a roof antenna were. After getting some lengthy explanation, they admitted that they can't beat the price of OTA channels. LOL... these kids...

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