celery storage

lindalouNovember 22, 2012

after you clean and cut up celery, what is the best way to store it so it lasts a few days, for snacks. :)

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FlamingO in AR

For whole celery, I wrap it in foil, it'll keep for a long, long time. If it's washed and cut up, I'd put it in a closed container, like Rubbermaid or Tupperware or even a good ziplock, with air squeezed out.

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I was really skeptical about that foil thing--I usually just leave the celery in the plastic bag it comes in. Last time I bought celery, I tried wrapping it in foil when I brought it home. What a huge difference in the length of time it lasted.

It takes only seconds to wash and cut up celery--I'd store the bunch in foil, then just prep what you need each time. It really doesn't store as well cut up--the ends always get dry and nasty-looking after only a little while, so you'd still have trimming to do.

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Yes, wrap it in foil. I cut in in half and have about 3 foil wrapped packs. It lasts a long time this way.

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I agee with Flamingo...it keeps really well in foil (3 weeks or more)

Karen UK

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Wrap it in a paper towel before wrapping it in foil. That will help for the moisture.

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Cynic, I was just going to post that! This idea works well with Romaine lettuce, also.

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