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jasdipNovember 8, 2012

Yesterday's question had nothing to do with cookware...

If you're older than say 35 or 40 you've probably owned a spider. What was it, and what was it used for?

A: A little plastic disc used in the centre to spin a 45 record.

Today I'd like you to make words using only the top row of the keys.

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Interesting! I had many of those adapters, but I don't recall them being called spiders. Was that a regional thing?

Gotta think a bit on today's question.
Pouty, pout, power, quiet, quo, qi, quirt (for a start- sadly, it is a busy day- gotta run!)

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Oh. I thought you mean 1234567890!@#$%^&*()_-+= which one is the "top row"?

01134, upside-down on a calculator is hello (actually, you'd have to put a . to make the zero stay put)

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I still have one but never heard it called that.

we you, it wit quit quite pot toy pit pier to quiet pore rote wrote writ woo wire rep per pre out tree yew wore were tort port woo opt you your

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Yes, I have a bunch of those plastic thingies, but never heard them called spiders. I even googled it and that did not come up. Oh well.

Presuming you mean the Qwerty row:


I have a feeling I am falling for a joke.

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Yea, see? I thought that'd be too easy. I could likely go on forever as that is something I'm good at. Way too easy.

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Never heard the adapter called a spider....always an adapter.

My keyboard's top row is all function keys.

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I'm thinking you can't use the same letter twice in a word. Some more...
Write, wire, wit, wept, woe, poetry, poet, try, trip, trio, toe, tip, pit, pot, pore, poi

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