What is Your Weather Like Today?

marilyn_sueNovember 14, 2012

It is 24 outside at the present time. I think it will be fair today, and not too warm out. What is your weather like where you are?

Sue in Central Indiana

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Here in Ohio the weather seems to be doing the opposite of what the weather man predicts. If they say sunny, it's cloudy, if it's supposed to be cloudy...um well it usually is cloudy then too. It's basically cloudy here ALL THE TIME! Today was supposed to be a gorgeous cloud free day and it's solid overcast...yesterday was the same thing...solid clouds but was supposed to be a glorious day...NOT!

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grey, wet, chilly. Typical November Canadian west coast weather. From now until April my answer to this question will be the same. :)

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North Dakota reporting in,--main roads clear, very foggy this morning, beautiful trees/bushes all ice covered, still lots of snow and temps 26 and NO Wind
Pretty sunrise--made things look pink for a short time.

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Sunny but chilly....50 degrees

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Nice sunny fall day. Currently 48ð(F that is, which converts to 8.889 ðC)

Pretty much stable temps expected the next week or so. I have some yard work I should try to get finished before winter sets in, but... :)

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It's a chilly 66 and overcast here. 50% chance of rain. Ick, ick, ick!

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sunny cold, 44.

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