Name Three Things You Will Be Doing Today

marilyn_sueNovember 27, 2012

My three things for today are...

1. Take 3 cans of trash out to the road for pick up.

2. Go grocery shopping with Amber and Alyssa.

3. Have breakfast meal at Bob Evan's.

Do you have three things you would like to share with us?


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1. Doing much needed grocery shopping.
2. Catching up on General Hospital
3. Reading.

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Not feeling too perky today, and the weather is really lousy (rain, snow, ice predicted), so will be laying low, probably.

But I'll try to:

1) clean and decorate the living room
2) hang the Christmas curtains in the bedroom
3) work on the scarf I'm knitting for DD for Christmas

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Putting away the bridge tables and chairs.
Packing for an overnight golf trip with the ladies.
Making a nice spaghetti dinner so there will be leftovers for DH while I'm away.

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Going to see my financial planner this morning
Sew some quilt blocks together for a new quilt
Make meatballs and spaghetti sauce

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1. My final dentist appointment (for Now).
2. Go to library, return one book and maybe check out something interesting. I thought I lost my library card,but I found it in the back compartment of my wallet.
3. Call Flooring Company to get an estimate on fixing my kitchen floor. Sears wants $2400 for a whole new floor.

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1. finish changing from one bank to another. I have three more things to change. I have to wait for printed checks and an outstanding policy number to finish up.

2. listen to some good music

3. figure out which and buy some materials for son's science project

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Lunch with a friend
Grocery store

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1. Put my 4 green recycle bins in the tool shed for the winter along with my pond equipment.
2. Take out the garbage.
3. Clean the bathroom.

I have tons more to do today. My todo list is very long.

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Go to my sister's and color and cut her hair plus visit. Then get Chinese take out and eat it at home where I'll wrap my gifts while listening to Xmas music and basking in the gorgeous aroma of Thymes Douglas fir candle. DH is away for a week so I'm not going to cook at all!! lol

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Going to the chiropractor
Getting my hair cut
Volunteering at the hospital
Attending the ISU women's basketball game
I know that is 4 but I have a busy day.

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Went to my Women's Bible study group
Find the list and update it for the Christmas Cards
Think about going thru the receipes and actually use them

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Setting table for blog
Drag garbage can from curb now that it has been picked up
Cooking dinner tonight

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1. Empty the dishwasher and sink dish drainer--done
2. Pick up "clutter" and put it away or trash it--done
3. Start on Christmas cards after I pay bills
4. Wait for the new frig to be delivered--sometime between 3 and 7.

If I have more time, I'm going to sit on the screened porch and enjoy our warm day and look at all the catalogs I didn't have time to look at last week.

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Got 3 loads of laundry done.
Put a double batch of 5 Hour Stew in th oven.
Now I am going to relax (read, work on a puzzle) till the stew is done.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Paying some bills
making either a pot of chili or turkey soup
maybe some laundry

I am feeling a little better, still coughing, but at least I can try getting a few things done but I still don't have much energy at all. So that laundry is questionable LOL it may be a nap instead.

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Toni S

Moving the rest our dining room and kitchen appliances out so the floor people can prep for the sub floor. Not so good on the back tho.

Shopping for fruits and veggies. We're all sort of suffering from the post holiday eating.Plus grab and run eating after my FILs illness and recent passing. Plus our kitchen is out of commision while the flooring is put in the next few days.

Doing paperwork for school, rebates, church~ allthatstuff. Gathering pictures for FIL funeral. Keeping busy!

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Hemmed a pair of pants.. Six more to go.
Baking some cookies.
Fix hubbies supper.
Go play bingo..

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I finally got the "guest" bedroom put back together after DS was here for 3 nights, last week.

Found RX medical information for DH. (I "file" things so carefully, I can hardly ever find them, when they're really needed! :>(

Thought hard about starting to address Christmas cards, but haven't done it, yet. Of course, the day isn't over, yet, either.

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Silver Sneakers Yoga
Shopped for new camera
Bought new camera

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Lets see, I rode my bike to work... even so, it was cold, and there was lots of frost on all windows parked in the streets and drive ways.

I worked.

Now, back home, I am doing a load of laundry, which just about finished and needs hanging up on the line.



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OK, since you asked...what I did today

I reviewed 27 individual profit and loss statements before I signed off on the verification of the November financial statements.

I had a conference call to review the status of the remaining 2012 capital projects, actual spend and projected estimated final costs.

And I spent the rest of the afternoon arguing dealing with screwups issues on the Capital Budgeting system which was giving me incorrect spend data to prepare a report that was due at end of day and didn't get done :(

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1. go to the feed store and get chicken food and chicken scratch.
2. Pick up my moms prescription.
3. Return the battery for my house phone, still can't find one!
Pretty boring I know, but hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting! ;0)

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1. Finishing embrodiery project for my sister at Christmas.
2. Work on quilting project that I HOPE is finished in time for Christmas.
3. Heat up leftovers for dinner.
4. Somewhere in the mist of those projects I found time for breakfast and a snack.

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Finish a BIG project at work (done!)
Work on the Christmas tree
Pay bills

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Wash/cut hair
walk dogs extra long walk
finish outside decorations

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