good grief.... darn time change!

OklaMoniNovember 7, 2012

My electricity flickered yesterday while I was at work. When I rest my clock in the bedroom, I used my wristwatch as a model. Darn it, I hadn't changed that one yet. (its the one on my bed shelf, that I wear when not at work)

I was just ready to leave for work, when I realized, it isn't light out yet.


I used last weeks time to set my alarm! Now I have an hour to kill. Should have, could have... really is the pits.

I should have set it to the correct time, and I could have slept another hour.


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Look on the bright least you aren't LATE for work.

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It's always the clock in the car that gets me. I agree, better early than late. This whole time change thing is silly.

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I don't know how to change the clock on my recently-acquired car.

Maybe I can blame it when I arrive late to a meeting, church, etc.

And ... it gets dark an hour earlier ... have you ever tried picking tomatoes in the dark?

ole joyful

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Picking tomatoes in the dark is a hit and miss affair to avoid the green ones. However, at this time of year, I would not expect many green ones and all of them should be brought in since a little cold nip at night ends the plant anyway.

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for a second, I thought I was late for work on Monday, because the sky was getting light...and a little panic set in..I have to open!

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