SteinMart Have You Shopped There?

brightonbornNovember 10, 2012

Up here in Boston occassionaly we see these commercials for SteinMart. It looks like a very nice place to shop I must say., The only problem being up until yesterday I didn't know if we had any in New England, let alone the state of MA.

Well lo and behold a friend of mine said yes there is one here about 45 mins. from where I live.

So today,we are going to take a ride and see what SteinMart is all about.

If you shop there what do you like about it, or dislike for that matter?


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It's Ok, not great, in my opinion. I'd compare the clothes quality to Kohl's, I guess. Some of the deals on housewares are good. It's just not a "go to" for me.

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All I can say is that I used to go there all the time and I loved it. That was many years ago and so many stores have somehow lost their way these days. But if I saw the store, I would definitely go there!

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I just went the first time a couple weeks ago. Wasn't impressed with the clothes, or the prices. No big deals to be had. I did buy some cute ornaments though!

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There's a SM near where my Mother lived. Since she's now passed away, I never go to SM anymore. I did like their quality and prices.I don't think there is a SM anywhere on Long Island.

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I love SteinMart. They have cute clothes and I could spend hours browsing the houseware departments. Shoes are nice but pricey. Nice men's clothing, too. I like the one in Gainesville better than the one here in Ocala. G-ville caters to a younger crowd than this one.

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I love their decor items, but their clothing, not so much.

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My sister is always talking about what she buys at the store when she is in St. Louis - she loves shopping at the store.


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When I lived in Texas years ago, I loved the store for decent quality clothes and cute housewares similar, but in much smaller quantity, to HomeGoods. The last time I went, the selection was reduced and I walked out empty-handed. If I happened to be by one, I would probably check it out, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

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One opened near us. I went once--it was like a Ross or Marshall's--raggy looking imported clothes, overpriced for the quality.

I hear a lot of people who claim to get good deals at all those stores--I never have much luck at them--the clothes are always way, way out of date, damaged, wrinkled, and look like they were tossed around in the stockroom for a while before being brought out to the floor.

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We have one near me and another one just opened on the other side of town, so they must be fairly popular here. Personally, I don't shop there often as I really don't find clothes that appeal to me. I did buy a purse there a couple of years ago. Both the price and the quality were excellent!Our daily paper always has weekly coupons for 20 to 30 per cent off.

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Went in the one close to me on Thursday. Haven't been there in several years.

Nothing hollared out my name, so I left.

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I have found several nice things there over the years when I was still working. In fact, I was in a fashion show that featured their clothes and ended up buying the sparkly evening pant suit I modeled with the necklaces. It was so comfortable, flattering and reasonable that I knew I should buy it though I had no immediate use for it. Lo and behold, several years later I wore it to my son's wedding in Big Sur, and with the necklaces. I had perhaps worn the suit once before, if that, and not around my family if I had.

Our area Stein Marts are like small department stores. They used to carry some nice holiday clothing for Christmas and New Years every fall, but when I went looking last year for a wedding outfit, they didn't have any, so I ended up in something I had saved for a special occasion that was in my closet.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes we go and like it. My husband can find tons of ties he just has to have they have a wonderful tie selection and often have good sales on the name brand ties. He has bought several pair of very good quality name brand shoes for work for reduced prices.

I have bought several bedding items there.

Occasionally I find clothes for me too. I bought several of my bling bling watches there.

We always leave with a basket full when we go and they send me sale coupons all the time which is nice.

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I was in one just this past Sunday & got a great deal on bras: 3 Lilyette bras for less than $11 each!

I don't go often as the only ones nearby are in Orlando.


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There is a SM and a Home Goods in Des Moines but I haven't been to either one. I would like to go to HG.

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Well here is my summation of Steinmart... it was a smaller type store but had all depts. They were having a good sale today and I was amazed at the clothing...some of it was outdated , yes. The selection and sizing was very limiited. I was really interested in a Michael Kors coat, but they only had small sizes. The housewares dept. was great. Shoe selection was was so warm in there, and I didn't even wear a coat or jacket...that it cut my browsing time.
I just had to get out of there and go sit outside and wait for my friends to finish. Definetly would go back perhaps in the early summer. I did manage to get three tops,one for winter and two that were marked down summer items. Made me happy.
:Thanks for your input.


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We had one in Lewisville Tx when I lived there As I remember it was very nice a small scale department store

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When the SM moved in to the shopping center across the street from our home 15+ years ago I went to check it out. Came home and told my husband I'd never shop there, it was for old ladies. Now it's one of my favorite places to shop. Oh, how time marches on. :-)


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the one that was close(sort of) was very dissapointing..had tjmaxx (same co) prieces for lesser quality they've closed...but then i havn't been to tj maxx or marshalls for sometime....

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