Christmas Shopping anyone???

OrchidllauragaNovember 1, 2013

Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping yet?? I have about finished mine. Just need to order a few things then I am done. I like to be finished before Thanksgiving, because crowds make me a nervous wreck. I am excited, now that we have moved back my Aunt will come down and do all my wrapping. She loves to wrap presents and is very good at it. I hate it and it am terrible at I get to visit with my Aunt and fix her a nice lunch and she wraps the presents..wahooooo

So who has their Christmas shopping done or almost done??

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Almost done, I hate crowds too.

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The day after Halloween?

I don't rush my seasons like that.

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I typically shop between the day after Halloween to the day before Thanksgiving. So not yet!

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Just have to get something for DS. Granddaughter out in Calif and is 21 Grandson in So Cal so they get checks..Christmas used to be exciting and full of decor and wrapping etc but most of family gone. I look forward to the KT Christmas Card exchange

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I certainly don't do as much shopping as I used to but I do manage to pick up things all year long...Also, we do a lot of gift cards which are very easy to pick up.....I refuse to be out in crowds......

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I shop all year long, not as much as I used to tho. I have a closet in an extra bedroom with bags that have each of my girls names on them, I dig through them for each of their b-days or if I am looking for a hostess gift~~I also give them each a house type gift for each holiday. That I have bought after the holiday the year before;)

I also am always looking for goodies on shopping trips with my GF or when DH and I go on vacation~~my DS is a moutain biker and we always stop at every bkie shop we see looking for tee shirt's for him.

I now give everyone a GF card except 5 year old DGD, an ornament, I shop for them all year also, trying to get one special for each person. I also give everyone somethng specila I picked out for them to open~~since I started doing this, it has made shopping easier and more fun.

No I am not done, I am in no hurry, it all comes together rin the end;)

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Done and wrapped for the most part. Still need something for my boss and my great neice and nephew. Then I will be done. Got a new tree this year so I'm excited about getting that put up too, but I promise to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

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My gosh! I try not to think of shopping until after Thanksgiving.
For those of you who shop early, do you still get the same deals? It seems that there is more price slashing as we get closer.
Some of the specialty stores that my daughters both like, don't do Christmas sales. So, it doesn't matter when I go there.
For others, I like to go to Macy's or Lord and Taylor with my coupons.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We don't do a lot of gift giving anymore since the families have grown so much. I do buy for my 2 sisters and my Mom. And my husband for his mom. For our grandchildren and family we send one big check for them to either split up or use for a family gift. They love that. And it sure is easy.

I have one present for one sister so far. I do start to keep my eyes open around this time of the year for good options. I like to get a selection of gifts for my sisters to make one big gift sack each. Since mom is in the care home not a lot she can have there so we are pretty limited. I always get a beautiful floral arrangement for her room, she loves flowers.

I shop online as much as possible it is just so much easier for me. Being out in the crowded stores in a wheelchair is not a lot of fun. I have had people actually fall sitting into my lap because they were not paying attention or on the phone. And I have a BIG RED wheelchair LOL.

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I keep my eyes open for gifts all year long, so I'm usually finished buying early. Most of my gifts have to be shipped so I like to have them purchased, wrapped and on their way before Thanksgiving. Then, I can concentrate on Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, and several parties that I host during December.

There are lots of nice sales throughout the year that are equal to or better than the sales just before Christmas, so I don't think I lose any money by shopping early.

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Ellendi, that is what I think~~~what about the deals. And for my DGD some KEWL toys do not come out til later~~my DGD changes her mind every commercial. Also some nicer winter clothing comes out closer to Christmas or the lastest movie;)

I like to shop and so it does not bother me to wait a bit, I never do the Black Friday shopping or wait to long I hate crowds.

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I like to do my shopping in December. By then all the stores have great sales.

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Christmas???? *groan* My least favorite holiday.

Last year I did almost all my shopping online. I will again this year, but I will probably give more cash than presents this time. It's a lot easier. And I have mostly males to buy for - only 1 female - and they really prefer cash anyway.

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I'm doing cash again, as Harry and I always did. I lke to find cute little trinket boxes to put the money in. Just got a catalog with some new ones so I'll order them on-line. Wrap, box up and ship. Voila!

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I have been done since before my surgeries which was late Aug.

The gifts are wrapped & in boxes ready to ship when it is the right time.

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I'm almost done! I have most of the gifts for my side of the family wrapped and delivered already (we got together for Thanksgiving 2 weekends ago so I delivered them then). For Joe's side of the family I have several bought but nothing wrapped yet since they mostl all live nearby and I can deliver them Christmas eve. I love having everything done early, that way I can enjoy the holidays without stress!

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We are making homemade limoncello for everyone just like last year. It's already started; we'll mix it with simple syrup & put in smaller bottles closer to Christmas. I will buy something for my sister since she doesn't drink alcohol. I already have something for DH's young nephews that I found on sale. I'm not sure what we'll do for my dad other than spend time with him & buy him some treats. This will be his first Christmas in an assisted living dementia facility. Other than that, everyone will get limoncello. We've decided to make this a yearly tradition. It was a real hit last year.

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