How many of you are Black Friday addicts?

CynicNovember 17, 2012

I went out one time probably about 10 years ago and said I had no desire to ever do it again. And haven't. I'm thinking more of going to the parade if the weather is conducive.

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Not this girl!

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Never! I hate shopping in crowds, even the parking gives me anxiety. I do have a sister in law who plans BF like it's a special shopping holiday. She's up and in the car at 5 am. Not for me!

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I am retired and can shop whenever I like. I would have to be crazy to get out in those throngs of people.

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I prefer CyberMonday--no crowds in my home.

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Not me, either. We usually take the day to do something nice and quiet for us--it's a great time to go to anything other than shopping, and we usually go out for a nice lunch

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Oooooh heck no!!! I don't like shopping under the best of circumstances. Not my thing.

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I usually go to brunch with some friends, followed by some shopping in an area that you don't get Black Friday crazies, and then we go to the movies. That's as close to Black Friday activities that I get.

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When the kids were little, we planned BF family activities. One year we took a train into Manhattan and went to see "A Christmas Carol" then ate Friday night dinner at McDonalds.

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I used to do that years ago and it was actually kind of fun. Some of us girlfriends would meet and do a little crazy shopping then have breakfast.

The crowds are so nasty now - it just isn't fun anymore.

I will do mine online.

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I've gone shopping on the day after Thanksgiving almost every year since I was born. As a child, it was the trip into center city Phila to the department stores and lunch at the elegant Crystal Tea Room in Wanamaker's dept store.
Later,it was the local Mall, and for the past 45 years, King of Prussia Mall.

I go to browse, not to look for bargains, but may pick up a gift or two, and have lunch at a nice restaurant....staying away from Penny's and Sears stores like that.

This Friday, Granddaughter will have the obligatory picture taken with Santa Claus.

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Toni S

I go but NEVER to run into stores and manhandle the sales. This year I won't be able to go with my shopping buddies but still plan my shopping list. Most items are household deals for my home often found at Wallgreens, CVS and gift card deals found on black Friday. We used to get so much free stuff at CVS and Walgreens but they have changed to make that much harder to do. Can't say I blame them but it used to be an amazing day! Sears usually has items we use for the best deals on black Friday. Dh and I are remodeling with new floors and new paint this fall. Can't wait to see area rugs, shades and furniture deals. Every bit helps.

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I never have before, but this year may be the first. DH needs a new TV for the lanai, so we may go to BJ's to save $130.

I hate crowds, and usually don't even go to a mall from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

It's just DH & me, so Christmas doesn't mean much.


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I never shop Black Friday, hate crowds, I rarely even shop on a weekend except for an occasional Costco trip where DH is then free to drive (an hour away) and put the heavy stuff in the car.

I worked in a hardware and appliance store that sold things like bikes, and had a toy section at Christmas, for 10 years when first married. That day after Thanksgiving experience (where everyone was required to be there and bright, energetic no matter how far they'd driven on Thanksgiving to be with families) cured me of wanting to be in a store the morning after :)

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Not me, family will be helping me decorate for Christmas, trees etc., which I have several of.

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Not I! I even avoid shopping on weekends because I don't like crowded stores and parking lots.

I do like online bargains, though!

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No. Way. I remember going when my son was younger. We got up early and were there by 9. This was before the stores started opening at the crack of dawn. By the time we left a couple hours later, we could have sold our parking space. It was madness.

All the stores are starting their sales on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I have some returns,so I will go on Tuesday. I may miss the Friday super sales, but whatever I would save would not be equal to my loss of sanity.

I feel bad for people who work for stores that are now opening on Thanksgiving Day.

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I am so glad, I don't work in retail this year. No way will I venture out for BF... as far as I know. No telling what the "kids" have planned. I am going there for Thanksgiving.


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The only time I have gone to malls on BF was when I worked retail and had to be there.

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NO! I will pay full price if I want it bad enough rather than go out on this day!


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Not in this life time--and only in the next one if I end up in the evil-person place!

Our grandkids are all adults now except for my sweet Alex, who is 16. Three live in California, and I have no idea of their tastes, styles or what they want/need. One GD in CA is in college, one GD is married and GS is working but could always use $$$. I know people think it's awful to give money, and I did ask if they would prefer gift cards this year and, if so, tell me which store. None of them wanted a gift card. So we are all happy! Man, have I been ranting or what??? :-) Sorry!

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No way!

I have recently been shopping for a new printer. What a chore that is. There are a gazillion different types now, and the ones I have seen are all BLACK. How dreary that is. But I won't be out on BF hoping to save a few dollars on a gloomy old BLACK printer.


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I heard a Black Friday report that said, Prices are always cheaper the closer you get to Christmas and always cheaper than Black Friday......I wouldn't fight the crowds if they were giving stuff away...

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I'd rather stick pins in my eye.

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No! I'm not dealing with those people. I prefer Cyber Monday. I drop the kids off at school and then I get on-line and start ordering.

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I've been a few times. I mostly go to dept. stores. I've usually scouted everything out in advance & have just a few listed items that I'm interested in. I never go to Wal-Mart that day & I never stand in line to try to get the one of the few "prizes". I've noticed that our area stores have already started their sales. We need a new dishwasher so I'm on the lookout for a good deal for that. Our wall microwave died this morning & we may need a new one of those as well (DH is going to see if he can repair).

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I've gone shopping on Black Friday more times than I can remember. It's become a tradition for my DD, DIL, 2 teen granddaughters to go with me to Tyler, which is almost 50 miles from here. We'll get there by 9 a.m. and stay as long as Grandma can stand. :)

I can still shop till I drop...I just drop earlier now.

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Not ME! but I HAVE worked them. blech! lol

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I have to work that day but even if I didn't I wouldn't go out shopping. It's dangerous anymore and just annoying.

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Some people are *really* into it. They spend most of Thanksgiving Day planning out their BF excursion. I guess it could be a good time for friends and family if that's what you're into but I just detest crowds of people and those heavy shopping days, people are not their, shall we say, friendliest! LOL

I grew up naive of the Black Friday ritual. Shopping? There was a trip to the big city and head downtown and go shopping with my Aunt. Now there are some memories! However, Thanksgiving was always a family event and the day after was often cleaning up after the big affair, or even having Thanksgiving Part Deux. Neighbors would come over and there'd be another celebration. I really didn't know the term until I got into retail, and I learned a lot about it then! LOL

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