Bladder infection

lily316November 5, 2012

I got one very suddenly tonight. I want to treat it myself because I hate taking antibiotics. It doesn't surprise me because my immune system is shot for the past week. I worried for days about the storm hitting and knocking over my huge trees and destroying the house. Then I watched all the coverage. I've been working for the presidential campaign and not getting much sleep, and my cousin is dying of lymphoma. ..I should drink lots of liquids, right? I don't have any cranberry juice and have been drinking lemonade. Any other advice?

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Tomorrow buy a gallon or two of cranberry juice, straight cranberry juice. Don't try cranapple as it is too dilute.

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Too much sugar in most cranberry juices and lemonade. Sugar feeds the infection. You can buy cranberry pills in most drug stores. I always have to take an antibiotic.

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Sams Club stocks a low calorie Cranberry juice in 64 oz jugs. At our local store, this is stocked at the same location where V8 tomato juice is located. If I remember correctly, it is 5 calories per 8 oz. (uses artifical sweetner)

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Be wary of "cranberry juice cocktail" and even "100% juice" " on the label. Juice can be apple or pear. Read the ingredients. Tho consuming plenty of water is a good start.

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

You can take AZO pills which are OTC. Along with lots of cranberry pills, juice, and water, I can usually knock out a UTI in a couple of days. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: AZO

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The best cure I know of (for years now) is to drink a lot of water with baking soda added (about a level tsp. per glass of water). The water flushes out the bacteria, and the baking soda takes away the burning of acid urine--plus it creates a hostile environment for the bacteria.

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I second the bakingsoda cure!!! Works every time! Not the best tasting drink, but it works.


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Do you think it's a urinary tract infection, not a bladder infection. If the later, you should contact your doctor asap. I'm assuming it's the UTI. Oh, I hate that. I wimp out and run to the doctor for those "little pills" that clear it up right away, but the baking soda cure sounds interesting and I will remember that. My mom has been prone to UTIs all her life, I will mention it to her.

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Good luck to you. Hope the baking soda works. I use to get them all the time and would put off going to the doctor thinking I could take care of it myself. My experience was that it didn't work. I don't think cranberry juice or flushing out will be successful, but I hope it works for you.

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as a kidney patient and trying very hard to keep them as healthy as possible, go to dr, have the urine/blood test get on the correct medication...then to maintain, do your cranberry stuff...believe me that's NOT one set of organs you want to mess with! after the anti-bio's, add yogurt to your diet, as part of your diet!it returns the body back to pre anti-bio levels...

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I second those who say to go to the doctor. You could get a blood stream infection and end up very ill.

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Beware, I thought I had a kidney infection and it ended up be a case of EColi. Same thing happened to a cousin of our DIL. She ended up in the hospital for 6 days. Nothing to mess around with..

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I have gotten them almost my whole life and always ran to the dr the last few times I got the meds as usual~~but to me it never went away. They ran test 2 diffrent dr's said nope no infection and just sent me home in pain! So I went on line looking for a way to do it mysel.

I swear by DManose you can get it at a health natural food store~~I also now take everyday 365 days a year 2 cranberry pills and two 600mg turmeric pills. But, when I get stressed I will still get it, I drink 100% pure cranberry juice taste awful I do about 8ozs..a day only when I have an infection. I have heard about the baking soda, also heard taking an over load of vitamin c helps fast. I have never tried it, maybe next time. I go to an Ayurvedic lady and she had me boil 1 teaspoon of corriander seeds in a cup and a half of water drinking it down several times a day~~~with all of that mine was better by the next day~~I am sure not totally gone. I kept doing everything for 2 weeks.

If it had not gotten better in about 2 days with all of this I would have gone to the dr.

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I sympathize with those who don't want to over use antibiotics, but a UTI is nothing to fool around with. Even if the symptoms subside, the bacteria can migrate and, in the most severe cases, cause kidney failure. Cranberry juice is a terrific preventative measure, but it is not a cure. I urge you to see your physician, confirm that you indeed have a UTI and, if so, follow your physician's treatment plan to cure it.

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Thanks for all the great advice. I don't get UTIs much but am quite sure that's what it is. I've been drinking lots of water and will add baking soda to it . I really don't like cranberry juice but will get some. I have no fever and just a real burning sensation and urge to pee. I had go get up once during the night and that never happens. It's better today, but I know you don't mess around with anything to do with the kidneys. My daughter got one as a teen , never told me about it and as a result got a bad kidney infection. She's been fine since, and I think she drinks cranberry jiuce regularly. >>This past week has been crazy., and my nerves are shot, so hopefully the weather and everything else will get better too.

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The internet is a great tool, but please do not use it to treat something you may think you have. Please see your Dr. I'm a RN and I hate going to the DR, but always best to do so!

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An infection can only be cured by antibiotics. If not treated correctly and thoroughly, you could end up with damage to your kidneys.

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I would go to the doctor. I am very prone to UTIs and bladder infections (and have suffered from ACID based kidney stones). I absolutely cannot drink cranberry juice -or eat/drink anything acidic. I am not the only one - so unless you are very certain that you do not have my problem, I would avoid the cranberry juice. If you are able to drink it - get the "real" stuff. Hope you feel better soon - I live with this.

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My problem is I have a new doctor who I don't know at all. When I had my old doctor, who started a new expensive "boutique" practice, I'd just call and he'd order me an antibiotic. This will mean an office visit and I don't have the time till the election is over. But it seems to be okay for now, and I don't mind the baking soda water. I thought it would taste awful, but it's tolerable. I will be drinking like a horse led to water all day.

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Be careful, Lily. Like Linda in Iowa said, it can turn into something worse. I waited one time and got a full blown kidney infection. You don't want to take a risk of damaging your kidneys.

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I will be careful. So far it's better ,but if it takes a turn, I'll see the doctor.

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Well cranberry juice will make your pee acidic and baking soda will make your pee alkaline. So it's hit or miss if you get the right ph to combat whatever is ailing you. And too much of either could throw your internal ph off kilter and cause other problems.

I say go to the doctor and treat it right the first time before you have an even bigger problem on your hands.

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I had some of the same symptoms you are having while we were traveling.....I thought if I drank lots of water and lots of cranberry juice and got some of those pills that turned my urine orange I would be OK...(and I am a retired RN)....but when I awoke the next morning in severe pain, peeing blood with clots and a fever, I knew I needed to be seen.
Even if you don't develop a full blown bladder infection, those nasty bacteria still lurk, awaiting for your immune system to become may end up attacking your kidneys.
Please get it checked out.

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I thought that a bladder infection was just a more specific identification of a, all bladder infections "are" UTI's. ?

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The infection can be lower- that's when you have spasms, its hard to urinate, burns, and often it comes on quickly.
Others can be from the kidneys and those you can have back pain, achy feeling and when I have had mine, the urine often is really cloudy and has a "different" odor. Either way, it is an infection and products like AZO and drinks like cranberry won't cure it. AZO is helpful for the spasms and cranberry does something with the PH levels but you might need an antibotic to get rid of it.

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