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sheilajoyce_gwNovember 5, 2012

It sure got dark early tonight!!!

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It felt like I lost an hour somewhere.

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I'm not a fan of the time change, however I adjust almost immediately. So did my kids, which was a big blessing! I know some people struggle with it for days.

I really don't mind driving to the office in the dark prior to the time change, but I dislike it getting dark so early now. Last night I noticed it was pitch black at 6:30. It was always dark by about 5:45 when we lived in Chicago. HATED that! Driving home from work in the dark is awful!

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I don't like the early darkness either. I would prefer to stay on Daylight Savings time year round.

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Don't like it either!

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Hate it! I just had an"argument" with a four year old, it was five here, six where she is, it was dark there. She told me I couldn't tell time and something was wrong if it was light outside! She was also making letters out of glow strings and I had to guess what they were, was told I needed to practice my letters because I guessed wrong. I hate early dark!

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I woke up so early this morning that I had to take a nap this afternoon. I prefer DST. I just hate to think of the long dark winter ahead.

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Dare not take my usual afternoon nap as I might sleep the whole night away.

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I'd prefer to stay on year 'round DST. The argument around changing the date was for the poor kiddies on Halloween. It would get "dark too early" for them. Give me a break. We always waited until almost dark to go out so it'd interfere with our trick or treating.

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To those that hate it! I love the fact that it has changed! Try being a school bus driver and having to pick up your 1st stop at 6:35am. It was so dark starting in the 1st part of Oct that you couldn't see anyone standing on the side of the road. Really dangerous.. Get close to stop, turn on light, stop leave light on until child got seated and then light off again..only to do it again at the next stop. I was tickled to be able to walk to the bus in the light for a change!
Now this spring I will be the first ready to go back.LOVE the longer light in the afternoon then..

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