Cream drops

CynicNovember 19, 2012

Used to get the cream drops candy all the time. Sickeningly sweet so usually I wouldn't be a fan but for some reason these things were a favorite. Got to the point they were carried only by a couple stores around holiday time. Now I don't see them anywhere. Must not be popular. I know you can order them on the internet, but they're not *that* good to pay the shipping! LOL

Any candy you liked that's disappeared from common availability?

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That was my favorite candy! I would only buy them at Christmas time since I couldn't resist eating the whole bag. I have not been able to find them for the past two years.

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I always loved them, too. The Vermont Country Store catalog and web site sell them. There are 36 pieces in a one-pound box, and it's $21.95. You can choose from Vanilla, Maple, or Assorted (vanilla, maple, chocolate, orange, raspberry, and lemon).

There are two retail locations -- Weston, Vermont; and Rockingham, Vermont. Right now they do have free shipping on orders over $65.

The Vermont Country Store carries Lanz flannel sleepwear and a lot of other great stuff. We've purchased a lot from them over the years and have always been happy and satisfied.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Vermont Country Store

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My favorite old time candy is those little molded maple flavored leaves. I don't know what you call it. You can still get a little box of it at Cracker Barrel, but it is expensive.

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Yes, I miss them, too. I also miss Walnut Crush candy bars.

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Candy cigarettes? We have a store called Edwards Freeman that sells all kinds of old-time candy, and I think they actually do have some candy cigarettes. I rarely go in that store because I just can't resist all the goodies.

Here is a link that might be useful: edwards freeman

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Just a couple years ago I saw the candy cigarettes in a store. I thought the "PC" folk put a stop to them.

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Well, you would think, but evidently they are still around for the nostalgic among us.

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Phyllis, my husband is always saying how much he misses Walnut crush bars too. He said they were the best

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Another Vermont Country Store fan here. There's a Website, I think it may be "Old Time Candy" which sells Walnettos, Skybars, all the old candy.

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Brach's used to sell little rectangle candies called Neapolitan's. It had pink, white, brown and caramel colored layers. I'd eat each one a color at a time. You could buy them by the pound or by or there was a little box with where you could put in $.05 or $.10 for a sample. Another Brach's candy you could buy by the pound had a caramel outside and a flavored inside. It makes me want one just thinking about it.

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There is a corner store near us that has a little coffee bar and they also sell all the old candy - candy cigarettes, sen-sens, candy strawberries, jawbreakers (all sizes), pink bubblegum, etc.

What I do miss is the big dark chocolate hedgehogs by Purdys Chocolates - now they only sell the mini ones at Christmas. They really are a "why bother".

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I've ordered the chocolate Ice Cube candy from Vermont C.S., and they weren't as good as they were when I was a kid.

I did discover a new candy last week. If you're a fan of Chocolate Covered Cherries, Hershey's Kiss makes a Kiss filled with the cherry cream, and they're very liberal with the cream!

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Queen Anne is now making DARK chocolate covered cherries and I bought 2 boxes (Walmart) - they taste wonderful!

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I noticed the dark chocolate covered cherries the other day at the store. Chocolate covered cherries were a favorite candy of my dad.. I saw at the Brach's website that the Neopolitans are still made too. I occasionally pick up some of the Milk Maid Caramel Royals - the caramel rolls with the flavored filling. One of the stores around here still has the Brach's pick a mix setup.

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I see them every now and then...I wonder if it is at Cracker Barrel or Bass Pro...both places carry candies from my youth

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marilyn, by "little molded maple flavored leaves", do you mean the maple sugar molden in the shape of maple leaves? Those are still readily available, but of course I'm in New England (maple sugar area) so maybe not in your neck of the woods.

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Yes. I can get them at Cracker Barrel, but not any of the other stores I know of.

Those Brach's Neapolitans...they still make those. My husband loves them....I don't.

One night, I said, "I wish I had something sweet to eat." My husband said he had some candy out in the truck. I asked what kind and he said chocolate with coconut. Hmmm. I am thinking haystacks, and I boogie on out there to get them. (Truck is parked no where near the house.) I get out there and they are those damned Neopolitans. :( Well, it's candy...when you live in the boondocks, sometimes you can't be choosey. So I start back to the had been raining. I jumped a puddle and landed on a 2 x 4 with 2 big nails sticking up in it. I nailed myself to the board. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I went in and laid across the bed and cussed a blue streak. My foot swelled up like a football. I did go to the doc the next day but it took a long time before I could walk on it. So I always associate that with Neopolitans.

A favorite candy of mine was Napolean Bonbons. Hard lemon candy with sour lemon powder in the middle. It came in other flavors as well.

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Bit o' honey - you can buy it online but I don't shop online. I am still hoping my sister is going to bring me some home from St. Louis next week

Bonomo Taffy - chocolate or banana

Chunky Bars - square chocolate bar with raisins

I have a major sweet tooth.


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Cream Drops? I just got in from Family Dollar, and they had loads of them. Head over to your local one if you're having a craving.

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