Note to self...never leave dog in garage...

KathsgrdnNovember 10, 2012

even for an hour. Came home to find big holes in the garage door. Emily chewed up the styrofoam (didn't even realize that's what it was made of until today) garage door. I thought she had gotten ahold of some packing in one of the the microwave was the door.

Turns out I didn't even have to spray the house. I took Chewie and Bushido to get flea meds for all three animals. They wouldn't give me any for the two because they'd never had a check up with that vet. To save money I left Emily at home because she was there within the last year. Anyway, the vet said that the fleas would keep hatching for three months and eventually they would get on the animals and die. No more fleas because they would stop reproducing. I put Emily in the garage so she wouldn't be exposed to the chemicals in the spray.

So, now I'm wondering what I can find to fix the holes in the garage door. I wonder if those cans of foam insulation would work?

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Sorry she chewed the door. I'm glad to hear you don't need to spray the house.My dog Molly went to the groomer last week, the groomer spotted fleas and an ear infection. Molly got her ear cleaned (only one side affected) and flea meds. The label implied all fleas would be gone soon. I did vacuum and wash beds where Molly sleeps.

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You should get a crate to put her in when your'e not home.

My rescue dog ripped apart a couch to the coils one day when we were out golfing. I had forgotten my cell phone and it had a beep with a missed call. I think someone had put a shock collar on her in the past and everytime she hears beeping she goes crazy. Lucky thing I hated that couch anyways, lol.

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FlamingO in AR

Do the holes go all the way thru, Kath? Or just the insulation part? If the latter- tape some heavy cardboard or something like that over the holes and then you can shoot some of the expanding foam in there. You need to contain it and guide where it will go. I would wrap plastic over the cardboard and maybe spray it with PAM so it'll be easier to remove once the spray is set up. A test sample (for sticking) would be a smart idea. I bet you can paint it later, too. Good luck! Sorry the dog did that!

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Make sure you have your cardboard "form" attached VERY well. That foam stuff really expands. Don't go overboard on squirting it in. Give it lots of room to grow. It is paintable!

It is also the stickiest stuff known to man - never use it as the base material for making a 5th grade science project volcano! LOL! It will NOT come off the garage floor. It will NOT come off your hands. It will NOT come out of your clothes.. or the dog. It's been a lot of years, but the evidence is still there everytime I go in the garage.... fun memories though.

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I put her in the garage and then put Bushido and Chewie in the I could spray the house. Only later found out that it wasn't necessary to spray. She's never been destructive before, she stays in the house all day long when I'm at work and the kids are at school.

Jannie, my vet said it will take three months for the fleas to be gone. They lay eggs in your house, hatch and reinfest the animals. I got a three month supply of Comfortis for the dogs and an 8 month supply of Revolution for the cat (6 doses, get two free). It's expensive but I'm tired of fleas in my house and the animals are miserable. We had the same problem two years ago so I'm just going to keep them on a monthly flea med schedule like the vet suggested.

Flamingo, it's just the insulation part, there's a thick layer of that and then the outer metal. I'll try your suggestion. Thanks.

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Oh no! That is too bad. I bet that foam insulation would work. Worth a try anyway.

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I dont have any input for your garage door-- however, I'd like to pass on a simple flea trap trick that worked at my house with great success.

If you take a shallow container (I used white plastic take out containers because it is easier to see the fleas- the instructions suggested pie plates with slanted sides- not as easy for the fleas to crawl out) -fill with water and liquid dish soap. You need enough soap to change the color of the water. Then at night, you place the containers around the house under a light source. (I used night lights) The fleas are attracted to the light and fall into the water, the soap breaks the water tension so that they cannot bounce off the surface. They drown and often sink to the bottom. We placed the traps close to the cat bed.

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Pets - they wind their way into your heart and then straight into trouble. I just hope Emily is OK.

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Sparky accidently got shut in the garage one day this week while I was in and out of the garage. Unfortunately I had a wagon full of full size candy bars for the PTA that I had brought home to try and sell at my garage sale. I have no idea how much he ate! I opened the door from the house to the garage to recycle something and he was standing there with a package of Starburst in his mouth. He dropped it and casually walked away. There were bits and pieces of various wrapper shreds near the wagon. Here he is trying to keep a low profile afterwards.

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Not good, Lisa, hope he doesn't get sick from the chocolate! Lauren and I went to eat ribs the other night and had tons of leftovers even after sharing a full rack between the two of us. I could only eat one rib ( : myself. So, she finished them off Friday night, left the plate in her room and walked out to the livingroom. She thought she closed her door but she must not have because someone (Bushido, Chewie, or Emily) ate all the bones...nearly a full rack of ribs full. It was like a plate and a half of rib bones! We suspect Chewie and asked the vet about it when we took him. He seems ok.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

this is just so appropriate I had to do it!


You really need to submit one!

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LOL, Ravencajan....I've thought about posting to that site many, many times.

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Early in their marriage DS and DIL bought a male Boxer. They decided he needed a companion, so they bought afemale Boxer -- terrible move, BTW, since a female will always rule the roost.

The two became inseparable, which has an upside...and a downside. (No, not what you're thinking; they were neutered.) *Inseparable* means they could not live apart -- ever!

When DS once took the male to the vet for an hour, the female completely destroyed the basement rec room -- upholstered furniture, carpeting, the base of the entry door. From then on, if one went anywhere, they BOTH went.

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Hope she didn't swallow any of it! Keep an eye on her over the next week and watch for signs of a possible obstruction.

Hope you find a good solution to repair the door. We've used that spray insulation stuff too. It's great!

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