Survivor! this will probably be a spoiler! beware!

kacramNovember 29, 2012

what did everyone think? I say the immunity challenge was
a set up.. sheesh!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Very disappointed. I am just done with Lisa, she is nuts. I was disgusted with Abi and her ignorance is astounding! She has no clue! I swear someone needs to slap some sense into her empty head. And why do they all just sit and listen to her bs and not call her out on the spot? Are they afraid of her?
If they don't get rid of her asap that dingbat will end up winning.

I am very sorry to see Penner leave. I hope Lisa gets played by her new alliance.

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I'm very done with Lisa. God, does she like to talk. Doesn't she know how to keep a secret? A very bad player. I liked Penner but I didn't want to see Denise go. As for clueless twit. No way she will ever win anything because no one would vote for her.

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We were hoping that Probst would bust Abi on her lie about there being two parts to the message that she bought at the auction. Disappointed that he didn't. And I sure as heck hope that Malcolm doesn't believe that story she told him about having found another hidden immunity idol.

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FlamingO in AR

I loved how Penner refused to hug Abi when he left, but my gosh, he's got a flair for the dramatic! I thought his exit would never end. And he brought it on himself, he should have aligned with the others when he had the chance. It only takes one slip up when the numbers start to dwindle.

I heard Scubin say something interesting as Abi began the knot-untying challenge (which was geared toward smaller fingers, geez, what a set-up for Abi!) He said something like "I'll bet her knee works great." So, do you suppose she sat out almost every challenge by using a "I have a bad knee" excuse? She was moving better than I thought she would, knee or no knee, last night. I guess because she was fresh and the other 2 guys were pooped out. But it just killed me that she won.

She is totally clueless as to how she is perceived by others. If they don't get rid of her soon, I'm going to be so disappointed. And if anyone falls for her oh-so-obvious "I have another idol" play, they deserve to lose! Why would anyone believe her?

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I was waiting for a reaction from Jeff when Abi talked about a second part to the message, and he never did! Does he not know what it contained? Pretty dramatic to tear it up- "so no one will see the second part".
I liked Penner, but he knew he made a mistake when not going for an alliance. Abi is smart enough to let people think she may have an idol. That was good thinking. I hope they don't fall for it, but unless she tells someone, which she won't, she'll get through another council.

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She talking too much about having another idol. When others
have tried this, they've just tried to APPEAR like they
had something, they were more quiet, she's announcing it,
so I think they will catch on. I still like Lisa, but
she does need to stop talking and trying to play truthfully.

lol it's a game and lying is in the rules! lol

I don't mind that she stuck with her alliance, Penner was
nuts to turn Lisa and Skupin down.

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I was sad to see Penner leave, but would have been really upset if it was Denise. Yes, Penner sure does have a flair for the dramatic lol.

Abi proved last night that her knee is fine. Not a wince of pain or complaint. I don't get how Survivor could allow her to sit out for so many challenges. Challenges are a large part of survivor, if one is not fit to play, one should leave the game. Not fair to the others. If she makes it to the finals, I hope that factors into the votes. She really raises my blood pressure!!!

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If you BING Penner you will see he acts the way he does because he is an actor, writer and producer. Also check out some pictures of him younger with longer hair, he is a Hottie;)

Abi makes me want to 'barf'. I am thinking that Malcom is a dumbhead himself by acting all sweet and wanting to hug her, or is he a good actor??

I think they do not respond to her because it would end up in a fight or a pity party for her~~it is best to leave her alone.

I want Lisa to go she is just to wishy washy for me, she is almost as much drama as Abi. Too bad Abi is such a beast or they could make this a girls game.

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Here's the recap.

Here is a link that might be useful: 11/28 recap

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I like Penner. Sorry to see him go.

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I liked Penner too. I have a friend from Brazil....she acts just like Abi.

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I was surprised Jeff didn't "out" Abi about the supposed second part of her prize. I hope no one buys it. Funny how well she healed. Penner brought his going home himself by not aligning with the group when Lisa asked. I think I want Denise to win now.

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I liked Penner also, but he cut his own throat. Lisa is getting very trying. Enough with the "I just think this game is bigger than me, and I don't know if I can learn all of it in 39 days", yada, yada, yada. Remember, she's an actress also.

I. Can. Not. Stand. Abi. Selfish, cold hearted, nasty little b!tch. Then when someone comes back at her, it's I don't understand, cultural barrier. She's just stunned that all the guys aren't falling all over her. Although, Malcolm is going to get sucked in I fear.

He already feels sorry for her. He's getting smacked with booty blindness. (Which was his term at the beginning of this season).

I think with all the drama with Lisa, Abi, Malcolm and Denise, Carter just might slip on by everyone and win. I don't think I care for Skupin to win. Definitely don't want Abi to win. Really don't want Lisa to win. It's down to Denise, Malcolm and Carter.

I wasn't surprised Jeff didn't out Abi. Remember the season with Johnny Fairplay? He said his grandmother died! Jeff called home to offer sympathies and was told she wasn't dead. He never gave Johnny up on it either. And he shouldn't. He shouldn't do anything at all to change or steer the game.

I want to know why someone hasn't stolen the damn idol yet. Unless it's hidden, I would absolutely get in their stuff and take that puppy first change I got. lol

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Carter just might sneak into the final three.

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It does amaze me how Carter is never asked anything, no one says anything bad about him~~~the camera people hardly ever even talk to him~~YUP~~he could just sneak on in and take it all and good for him if he does!

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FlamingO in AR

Yeah, Carter is slipping under the radar really well.

When Psycho Abi stuck her tongue out at tribal council, at Denise I think, I nearly died laughing. How old is she, anyway? 4? 6? What a twit.

I'm rooting for Denise. She is a little dynamo.

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