Trick or Treaters??

minnie_txNovember 1, 2013

How many did you have? Second year in a row none here. didn't hear any in the neighborhood. It was rainy this morning but cleared up. I understand some cities cancelled it until tomorrow because of terrible weather

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It rained, then cleared up nice here too (WA coast). We went out before dinner and swept the entryway, DH used the blower on the circular driveway, I put up a 6' undulating pumpkin/ghost lighted decoration that my brother bought me last year and turned on all the house lights....

We had about 12 kids. Candy for about 140. This was our first Halloween in our new house and we didn't know how many to expect.

We always had between 100 - 160 at our other less secluded location, and DH loved it. Absolutely loved Halloween that he didn't get to enjoy or participate in as a kid. I was feeling badly for him for a while tonight, it was almost like a party where none of his guests came :), but he had many years of treating before we moved, and things change.

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Sadly the weather was horrible and we only had 8. We now have a lot of leftover chocolate bars.

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We had 3 trick or treaters, and 2 of the 3 their parents drove up into our drive way. I knida hope we we have some tomorrow night.

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The weather was so nice here and we had only ten or twelve. I had enough for thirty or more. Leftovers, anyone??

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Two years ago none, last year 5, this year 17.. (once was 5 at once, once was 6 at once)...luckily I always have candy on hand just in case. I was surprised this year, although my porch light was on it was freezing out, but the kids were all driven out here, the houses are not real close, lots are over an acre each.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We had one group with I think 7-8 kids and one adult.
It had been raining but cleared up. Mosquitoes were out though.
We rarely have much more than that.

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We had a Halloween party... but only got interrupted less than 10 times. Our reason for the party was of course, trick or treaters.


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We had 4! Two groups of 2. But, I was SOOOO excited! We've never had trick or treaters before!!!

They were all before 6 pm, so it wasn't dark out. I forgot to light my jackolanterns and put my spooky glow eyes in the flower pot....

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None came to my door.

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I had 71. I pack 100 goodie bags because I reached that amount one year. I think though, I will prepare less next year.

My friend who is around the corner had 90.
The kids usually come in large groups, so not too much answering the door.

Morz, so sorry your husband didn't get lots of trick or treaters.
I always liked handing out the candy, but enjoyed it more
when my daughters were younger. I would recognize their friends or neighbors. Now that my kids are grown and I am not involved with the new young families, I really didn't recognize any of the kids coming to the door.

I decorate the morning of Halloween and take down the decorations at 9:00 when trick or treating ends.
We always buy lots of candy because we like the leftovers.

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This was my slowest year ever. The weather was perfect, the kids didn't even need coats or heavy sweaters.

We had 3 groups- totaling 11 kids. next year I'll give out dollar bills and forget the candy.

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We had about 170. It was rainy but not cold. Everyone said thank you. The kids love Halloween so I'm willing to get up and down for a few hours.

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None here......used to have about 150, but the school now has a Halloween party, so they go to that. I miss trick or treat! Two years ago, I had loads of candy, and only about three kids showed up, so don't even turn the light on any more.

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It was perfect halloween weather--looked a bit gloomy, but it was dry, and in the low 70's

For all intents and purposes, this was our 'first' Halloween in this house, as last year's celebrations were seriously interrupted by Hurricane Sandy. So we, too, were unsure how many we'd have.

Purchased for about 100. We had slightly over 70. Not bad for an area that's on the edge of suburban and rural.

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35-40, in the rain.

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None. Horrible weather. The wind was howling all night! Made for great movie watching atmosphere. We did take a break at one point and the street (our block party every year is Halloween) was deserted. The houses were all decorated and lit up, but no people. We typically sit on our lawns with blankets, have parties on the lawn, parties in the house that spill out into the street (it's blocked off and has police at both ends). No one. Glad last year was te last year for my son to trick or treat and our housemates have an 18 month old and I was glad he won't remember missing out this year. Sorry for the rest of the kids.

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We had 67 - a little more than usual, we normally get around 50. It was a cold night but no rain or wind thankfully.

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Just one, my granddaughter. We've gotten 3 including her, in the last 20 yrs. The houses are very far apart here.

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I had about 30 well-behaved, polite kids. I love having them come. I'd have been fine to have more. And something I noticed (and loved) this year was that every single kid had a costume that they put together themselves, not store-bought. Not one store-bought costume in the bunch!

I loved the creativity and effort put into it. Took some thought. Good for them!

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We live in a new house in a new neighborhood that is still under development. We probably had about 60 trick or treaters. Lots of candy left because I wasn't sure how many to expect. We will have more next year when more houses get finished.

A neighbor had a block party so trick or treating ended around 8 pm. Most people just had the bowl on their porch to go to the party so we didn't ring a lot of doorbells. My dog and I and then my husband and a couple of other adults dressed up. The kids from the bus stop weren't sure what to think about that. Lots of fun was had. Next year will be even better.

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We just moved to a new house and new neighborhood so I had no idea what to expect. Usually I get none, but I was pleasantly surprised that probably around 100 kids stopped by!

They were all very polite. We gave out full sized bars this year and it was fun to hear how excited they got when they realized. :)

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I had about 150 before the candy ran out and it was getting late. First some neighbors put together our annual block party, which was fun. The only problem is that some neighbors invite friends and I can never figure out who is who.

I was down to just a few pieces of candy, so I turned off the lights at around 8:15. Hardly anyone was still out there and it was a school night. Around 9 a couple groups of older kids came by and were banging on people's doors. They were too old to trick or treat. I wonder where their parents thought they were at that hour on a school night? I'm sure they all have cell phones.

Later I went to put out the trash and found that someone (undoubtedly the older late-night crowd) had knocked all the pumpkins off my fence. Grrrrr. I found all but one and put them back. For my trouble, I got a bug sting near my eye and it swelled up. Too bad it wasn't earlier in the day because I looked kind of ghoulish -- still do, and it itches.

The younger kids were adorable in their costumes and 90% of them were so polite. I enjoy that part of it.

One little girl was so funny. Someone gave her a little bag of pretzels and she asked if she could trade it for some of my candy. I took her up on it!

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I love it. Trade ya some pretzels for some chocolate! I like her. She's my kind of people.

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I only got 3.
We used to have a lot but our neighborhood has grown up and has less kids.

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I had 21 ghoulies last night; one of the larger turnouts I've had here in Larimore. No dogs this year; I always have Milk Bones in ziplock bags for the four-legged critters.

It was 48 degrees, no rain, no "good weather" for ND trick-or-treating.

I noticed all the kids here were being driven by adults, too. Last year, with howling wind, drizzle, and below freezing temps they were running around like herds of banshees.

One Grandfather did have a small trailer hooked up to a four-wheeler vehicle. He had hay in it and a dozen or so kids and a couple dogs packed in like sardines. He'd pull them to the end of a block, they'd all jump out and run up and down the block collecting their loot, and pile back on the trailer to go to the next block.

They were having a great time.

All my extra candy is being mailed to my nieces/nephews today. A diabetic can't have a huge salad bowl of candy sitting on her table!

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Warm here, but rainy off and on, and then very windy. Our town has trick or treating, 4 - 8 p.m., but neighborhoods with lots of little ones have a Halloween Parade and party at four.
We've been in this house since 2001, and the few (10-12) kids we'd see out early on have dwindled I don't decorate or even buy candy anymore; just leave the house dark. Homes are on one to ten acres -- too far apart for little legs.

Our DIL's parents live in an old NW Chicago neighborhood with many houses on only 25-foot frontages. People from outside the area even drive their children there to trick or treat. Our DGS and DGD help hand out candy at Busha's and Jaja's house and troop up and down the blocks there. I think they ran out of candy after 500 last year.

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They postponed Trick or Treating until tonight. They had an indoor Trick or Treating at the local flea market, though, so not sure how many kids are going to come here tonight. They also have tons of churches here that have Trunk or Treat.

We had storms and I had to take down my plastic door decoration. It kept coming off at the corners and I was afraid it would get torn completely off. Close to 50 mph winds last night! Blew one of my big garbage bins over.

I have lots of candy and am wearing Lauren's donkey costume to pass out candy.

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None. I rarely have any. I used to buy a few full sized candy bars and freeze the leftovers, but now I just keep a few dollar coins on hand, just in case.

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We had 17 kids....all of them were polite and they all said thank you.
I love seeing all the costumes and the smiles.
The weather was warm we had the door open until 8PM.

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We've been in our house over 30 years. Some years no kids, once we had over a hundred. Yesterday we got just about 20. The sweetest were 2 little girls. The younger one said in a soft voice "Do you have any change for Unicef?" Her older sister held out the collection box. A classy act!

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We had Trunk or Treating at our Church. Jim is a clown,Jimbo the Hobo, with our Church Clowns. He has also been the Clown and Sana Claus at Wal-Mart.He also does some magic. Our Church had about 200 hundred children. There were games for kids. A great time was had by all.

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The weather was very bad in TN.

We have lived here 16 years & never have had a kid come to the door. It just might be because there are no street lights & only 4 houses on a very long road.

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Tons...and one adult tweeker who said her kid was in the car.

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I live in a town of 45 and no we didn't have any. The few kids that are here go to the next town over.

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About 130. We just moved to this neighborhood and weren't sure what to expect. For the last 12 years we lived in the country where we were lucky to have 2. We made up for it last night.

We had almost exactly enough candy. I was surprised at the number of older kids (probably 13-17 years old) but they were all polite and very friendly.

All in all, it was good. DH loves handing out the candy. He had two arms (bought at a surplus auction from a nursing school) stuck in shirt sleeves sticking up out of our yard and had great fun trying to get the kids to go over and help the "man" who was trying to get up out from under the yard! Some of them were really uncertain about the whole thing.

I thought some of the older kids would come back after dark and take the arms, but they didn't.

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The weather was great and I had a lot of trick or treaters, always do. I think I had enough candy for over 200 and probably have maybe twenty left!

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2....about 2 hours apart...
Weather had nothing to do with it..down town businesses stay open late...and then several churches do trunk and treat in their parking lots...

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None here for the 38th year in a row. We're rather isolated back on our dirt road . . .

No, wait! A small tiger showed up, and when he lifted his head I spotted my 2-year-old grandson underneath. :-)

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My friend Lynn is a teacher. This was her last "Halloween Parade" at her school. She plans to retire next June. She teaches second grade. She started to cry when she realized it was her last Halloween with the kids. One boy (in costume) saw her and said "Don't be scared. I'm not a real Wolfman."

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Last night I got about 150 trick or treaters. I wore Lauren's donkey costume and got called "Donkey" from Shrek, a horse...and got my picture taken by parents 6 or 7 times. LOL. My favorite trick or treater was a little girl about 3 who just kept taking handful after handful of candy from my bowl. I had to raise the bowl to the other kids because I didn't think she was going to stop. lol. Most kids only took one piece even when I said "take a couple". My least favorite kid, about 9 or 10 who asked if I could see in that (meaning my donkey head) and when I nodded he told me if I couldn't he was going to take more candy.

I had older teens too. I also found one corner of my post outside knocked out onto the sidewalk this morning. It's been loose for a while but I wedged it back in there.

The last half hour I still had lots of candy leftover and gave out handfuls, still had some leftover.

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We had 21 ghosties and ghoulies. That was a record for here.

All were polite, entertaining and sweet. Even the much older ones! I enjoy seeing the older teens still enjoying the holiday. As long as they are well-behaved, I like giving them candy. Several of my older teens were in costume, and "escorting" groups of younger children.

I soooo miss living on base for many reasons, one of them being the unending stream of trick-or-treaters.

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I absolutely love how you all love the trick or treaters, and how you say most were so polite and cute...even the older ones.

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OMG, I ran into my former neighbor this evening, lived across the street from us, and where DH was disappointed to have so few trick or treaters here, she said they had 319 come to the door Thursday. That's about 40% more than we ever had in all the years we lived on that block, wonder what was going on. And I would have found myself out of candy for the first time if we had still been in that house.

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