It's been 4 weeks

eileen101November 6, 2012

It's been 4 long weeks since the big flood in our home and we are still living on concrete with most of the flooring torn up, holes in the walls, baseboards torn out, etc. I'm getting so sick of this that I could just scream!!!!


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Very disheartening I imagine... Is this a fairly common occurance and if so have you considered moving?
I couldn't take it, I know that.
Good luck


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Forgive me, i'm on here rather sporadically. Is this when you came home and the water heater or softner had run and run and run? Do you have to let it dry out for a long while? Waiting for insurance money?? Just curious what the hold up is. I would be ready to scream too! Bad enough when things are disheveled (sp?) for a good reason like a remodel.....

Hope things improve for you soon!

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Our ice maker ran and ran and we came home from vacation to a mess!! Insurance and contractors and fighting over numbers. Insurance wants to give us only a fraction of what we paid for our flooring and also thinks we can get the house painted and baseboards changed, plus patch up the holes in the for less than what we originally paid for just flooring!

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My SIL lives in a two-family house.She's downstairs and the landlady (owner) lives upstairs. The lower floor flooded, so all the damage was to SIL's belongings.Shje hsd to throw out rugs,clothing,luggage,even her Christmas decorations. Plus some the house shingles blew off. Landlady called her insurance company. They sent an adjuster, who offered $1000 but landlady wants much more. She thinks the insurance company should give her ten grand for completely new siding. What a cheater! Insurance is to repair what you had, not remodel! Anyhow, SIL has now moved out. Landlady is having a contractor come in and fix the downstairs so she can rent it out again!

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Oh dear, Eileen, what a mess. Living in the midst of any kind of renovation is awful, but at least if you choose to renovate, you have something to look forward to. My friend's housekeeper came in to clean the house while they were on vacation and found that the upstairs bathroom had sprung a leak and the entire downstairs was flooded. The damage was unbelievable. That was last spring and the repairs are still not done.

I always have to remember to remove the ice bin from the door of the fridge when the power goes out or the ice melts and runs all over the floor. I'd almost be happy if my hard tile kitchen floor would be ruined so I could get something else.

So sorry you are having to deal with this. One day it will be over and life can return to normal.

My brother has two cockatoos. They are funny but a lot of work. They could destroy a house faster than a flood!

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