Need to find a moisturizing bubble bath/salts

pammyfayOctober 29, 2012

I added a bit of Burt's Bees moisturizing baby oil to a bath but then realized why I never liked baby oil in the bath: It felt nice, but it's waaaay too slippery getting out! (And my dog's way too small to reach the phone to call for help! LOL!)

Any products I should look at in the drugstore? My skin needs a little TLC for wintertime. I have some Curel Anti-Itch moisturizing cream for non-bath times.

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look for the spray-on oil, for after your bath/shower...keri lotion, is heavy. there's a 24 hr oatmeal lotion aveeno...try and keep the temp of the water down..that's the hardest for a hot shower...

i did the oil baths 2x daily once... back when i was MUCH younger and had a skin problem...the dermatologist also gave me a for allergies...but i had to be very careful in the tub for know wal mart has a sturdy bath chair i use everyday in the's very reasonable...

the best result is consistency...i get busy or take a quick shower when we're going someplace and end up with nothing...

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Yeah, it's a toughie because baths alone cause dry skin from soaking in the water. I use Aveeno lotion after showering (I rarely take baths), or vitamin E oil if I'm really dry. I've also heard what works well is to use the baby oil after you get out of the bath but while you are still wet, let it soak in for a few minutes, then towel off. You will probably oil up your towels but you could have specific towels you use for when you use the oil. Less dangerous too than slipping around in the tub.

This is completely unrelated but your post reminds me of a few summers ago when we had a heat wave and I had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ. We wanted to make a make shift slip-and-slide so I found a giant piece of plastic in the garage that we laid out on the lawn and hosed it down. Well, we weren't on a hill and it just wasn't slippery at all so we squirted baby oil all over ourselves and the plastic sheet and then went for it. Still wasn't slippery enough but we still had a good time. Still makes me laugh to picture a bunch of adults in swimsuits covered in baby oil and trying to fling themselves down a giant piece of plastic in my back yard. :)

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