Documentary on Ethel Kennedy

marie_ndcalOctober 18, 2012

Just got thru watching a very interesting documentary made by her daughter Rory about Ethel Kennedy's life. It was on HBO, channel 300 about 90 minutes. Brought back many memories. To me worth while watching. Remarkable woman!

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I would have like to have seen it but don't get HBO. I've seen snippets of it. She has lived an interesting life.

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I watched it also. Thought it was very well done, I learned alot about Ethel Kennedy and in fact another side of the entire Kennedy family in general. I admit I was waiting to hear about her feelings on the whole Marilyn Monroe thing, but nothing at all along those lines was mentioned. That's why I say it was a different side of the story we are used to hearing. Did you realize many of his children were so young at the time of his death? I didn't. But then there were 11 of them.

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I'll watch for it. It must have been hard raising so many kids after Bobby died.

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If you have On Demand, you can get it. I have it recorded.

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