Very thankful for my yoga teachers~~

YogaLady1948October 21, 2012

Yesterday was DGD's 4th b-day party and this 'Grooma' as she calls me was the only adult who played off and on in the bounce house the whole time! I do it every year and the kids go crazy pulling and jumping on me. I know if I had not been doing yoga for the last almost 5 years I could not run up the slide and be a monster and jump and run around with them;)

YEA! That she is 4 now I do not have to carry her around anymore she weighs 45 pounds! That is the deal her and I made~~~I had to carry her yesterday because she was not really 4 til today as she reminded me;)

Happy Birthday to my sweet Harper Ruby Fay~~~;)

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Sounds like a blast!!! I'm thankful for my yoga teachers too. Yoga has really changed my life.

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My Sis and I were discussing Yoga. I go to a class once a week. It's Gentle Yoga, not fast or demanding on this old broad with osteoporosis. Starts with breathing and stretching, then moves to poses, cool down with lying on our backs and relaxing/images of the sun moving thru our bodies.If I miss a class, I'm moody.

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jennmonkey~~what style of yoga do you do?

Jannie I used to do 3-4 days a week at my senior center, now it is down to 1 day with budget cuts. It is Iyengar yoga specialy geared to seniors. I also go 2x's a week to a studio for Yin Yoga AKA slow deep stretch~~~I love doing the two styles really works for my body.

Yoga has also changed my life, I can do so much with my little grandbaby and keep up with the teenage grand kids also~~~I also practice meditations and breathing.

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My studio offers mostly just Hatha, but also Flow, which is basically just faster hatha. Sometimes they'll have a Yin Yoga class or Restorative Yoga or a Yoga Nidra class, which is mostly a deep meditative yoga (it's awesome, you can find youtubes to do it at home, since you just lay there).

Besides losing weight and just being healthier in general, my anxiety has virtually disappeared since I started yoga and meditation.

I have a couple of videos to do at home too, but I really like going to the studio. It's a non-profit studio with sliding scale fees, but sometimes it can still get expensive, so I don't get to go as much as I would like. I'm trying to move over to that side of town soon, and hopefully I can do a work-study thing where you can clean the studio for free classes. That would be ideal! I'm also a member of the Y and can take their classes for free, which are fine but I don't like it as much as my studio.

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I like going to a studio more also they play music and it is more meditative~~~I have taken a Yoga 200hr teacher training workshop and that was fun I do not want to teach but wanted to get into the history and philosphy of yoga more. As I move along in my retirement I add more and more Yoga/Ayurveda (which is the sister to yoga some say) into my life.


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