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OklaMoniOctober 12, 2012

Yet another charger eluded me for a bit... but this time, I found it within 20 minutes. I consider myself lucky, cause last charger I hunted for, hid out for about two weeks.

How/where do you keep your various chargers?

I have one for my headlight (two weeks to find),

one for my coby tablet/ e reader (found this evening, after realizing it was missing),

one for my phone (actually, two, as one is a car charger, that lives in the car, and

one for my toothbrush

I think, I may have to dedicate a drawer for chargers?


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DON'T!!!! Trust me....
It will become the drawer of unused chargers. I had a drawer filled with so many chargers from past cordless items that I could have been featured on that hoarder show!

let them go... let them join their respective partners and rest in peace.

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Sorry Moni... I just had charger relapse... SHIVVERS!

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I hate rechargeable anything... I like old fashioned plug-in stuff! I do have a charger for my phone and I have a rechargeable dust-buster... everything else plugs right into an outlet or uses batteries.

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But that old charger just might fit something someday..and then you are going to say "I should have kept that charger" ..


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I keep the two I have in a drawer and always, always, always but them away in the same place after I use one of them.
Oh,and I keep on in the car for the cell phone.

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I lost my camera battery charger on recent cruise.


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I picked a spot near my computer and placed a power bar there with the chargers plugged in it at all times. When I come in the phone, ipod, camera batteries and laptop if I have it out gets put right on its' charger. The rechargable house phone sits on that same shelf. Anyone visiting knows just where the chargers are, and most are likely to charge up while near one than not. I can tell from the ends of each charger what goes with each unit but I also took plain stickers and wrote on each charger what it was for. If I leave home for an extended period of time, they go with me in a zip lock baggie.

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I do the same as threej's and it works great. Here in the motor home they are all kept in the cabinet over the door. After being used they are put back.

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I finally wised up and now MARK THEM with masking tape and keep them in one drawer in the kitchen. If something dies, the charger goes with it to electronic heaven.

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Thanks threej's. Great idea. Only problem l have, this old house has to few outlets. I guess, I will go with a dedicated drawer. I just have to get in the habit of putting them away, so I can find them again


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If you get a power bar that would solve one problem of too few outlets. At the cottage I used one of the six outlet boxes that just fits in one outlet. Most bars now come with power surgers on them which doubles their value.

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I keep my chargers on a corner table in my family room.

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I have a round, fabric covered box that holds all sorts of cords, chargers, etc. Holliday, you're right, there are cords in that box from years ago. However.....

iowagirl is also right. I just recently found a cord that had been in there literally for years and it and the appliance it went to still worked, yay.

And I also, finally, do what wantoretire does, I mark the cord with masking tape. If something dies, the cord goes with it.

Glenda, did you check with the company, or ck ebay for a replacement cord for your camera? I'm sure you can find one.

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I have a sharpie that writes in silver. Perfect for marking on black background! I marked all my chargers this morning.


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My phone charger is by my bed and I plug my cell phone in each night. My husband's is the same. My laptop is always plugged in, so I don't lose my chargers. My laptop is always on my little desk.


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I made a charging station, using a photo box , power bar and grommets from the fabric store.

Like the one in the link below, except the photo storage box is bigger (already pretty, no covering necessary) , and the grommets were the large ones for drapes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charging station

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If they are small enough just put them in a ziplock bag, hang it in your closet (you can even use a hanger) or put it in a drawer. Just don't forget where you put it!

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on the nightstand beside the bed

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I do the same as threejs, I have a power strip under my end table--I keep all my chargers on there, laptop, Kindle, phone, - lamp and house phone, candle melt pot, oh and the small fan I use all the time (menopause) are plugged in there too. It does kill several birds with one stone, it is so handy, right by my big chair and now I don't have to unplug something to plug a charger in for something else. Seemed like before I was constantly switching plugs around.

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on pegs inside of a cabinet. We wrap the cords up so that they're fairly short and then hook the ends on a pushpin. Works great! They're all in the bathroom. Why? So we remember to take the phone to work/school after getting ready, for instance.

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