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bengardeningOctober 28, 2012

Does anyone on here play card games? We used to play a lot at home. When I was a teenager my mother taught us how to play pinochle even though she hated playing cards. The only reason she hated it though, I think was because my dad was such a card shark and he hardly ever even let his opponent have the bid, much less let them win. They always had couples over to play cards or went to someone elses house to play cards.

Even when we went to weddings my dad always had a deck of cards in his pocket and before the dance or dinner started there would always be people playing cards.

It was mostly pinochle but there was some whist and smear played too.

We have guys that come out to the restaurant almost everyday to play pinochle or buck euchre for money. My dad used to go to town and do that too in the bars. No big money just for quarters.

I play pinochle and euchre at the yahoo game site and it has been down all day.

Does anyone else play on there and have you had problems too?

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We recently started playing Skip Bo with our next door neighbors.....I don't like playing cards usually but this one is fun and easy to learn.

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I used to have a BF years ago that liked to play cards he taught me alot of games but I have forgotten them over the years. I think it is neat to see folks playing cards and like your dad taking them everywhere, that is a good memory for you and very smart of him to make friends and keep people from getting bored;)

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Grew up playing all kinds of card games hated pinochle but it was my sister's favorite. Mostly we played solitaire we'd play on each other aces in the middle of the table someimes 4 -6 would be playing and it would get wildMy MOM was a fantastic player.She and I like to play what we called 13 v you deal 13 cards in a pile then 4 out in a row face up then put a card in the middle of the table and play on that (not necessarily an ace) Came to find out it is called Canfield I play mosly on line now here is a sample link the regular game is called Klondike

Here is a link that might be useful: Canfield Solitaire

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A hand held card game I've played for years and can be played on airplanes etc.
1 regular deck of cards
Hold them in your left hand with the decorated side up
Take one at a time FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE PACK and put face up on top of the pile so you have 4 look at them
now if the 2 middle numbers match (like 2's) then discard the two middle cards
check the end numbers and follow procedure. if they match also.
if not then deal yourself two more checking as before
keep going
ideally you'll get rid of all the cards
You might have half a deck leftover in your hand.

I used to keep a log of how many times I'd GET

All you need is a lap or table to put the discards on

try it

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Love playing card games! My husband and I play pinocle with my folks and Shangai with neighbors of ours. I have a great memory of a week I spent with my grandfather when I was in my early twenties. He taught me how to play Cribbage and we played the whole time I was at his house. I was given his Cribbage board after he passed away. Before my husband and I had kids we used to play sometimes. (Boy, that came out not quite sounding right!)

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My parents used to play Euchre. I have played it but has been years ago.


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minnie, thanks for putting a name on the game I play. Never knew it was called Idiot's Delight! That's a great game to play to kill time. I have gotten the "delight" maybe four times in years of playing! LOL
Don't remember how I learned it.

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Love double pinochle. Have played triple before, but man that's a lot of cards to hold.

My parents and mother's side of the family always played euchre. One of my brother's likes this one. I learned it once, but can't remember how now.

We just played 500 rummy with our daughter this weekend,she was home for a Halloween party.

When our kids were young, we played Old Maids, Phase Ten, Uno, etc. with them. So much fun when all the grandkids, 14 of them, would be at my mom's house for Thanksgiving. All the cousins loved seeing each other and playing games, movies, and camping out in sleeping bags wherever there was room on the floor to put another body, haha.

Such happy, joy filled memories.

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My parents always had friends in to play cards and after my Dad passed, my Mom went to card parties with 3 other gal friends...When she died, the one friend put a deck of cards in her casket.....
I go to the card parties in our area and we play 500 bid and every Sunday, hubby and I get together with one of our sons and his wife and we play Canasta, gals against the guys.....
At the last card party, in looking at all the ladies there, everyone was older, no young people...When we pass, there will be no one to take over...These younger people are missing a lot of fun......

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Thanks for posting I have never heard of anyone playing it wxcept my family
I think if you dont want to hold them in your hand you can lay them donw on the tale
got to get my deck out now !!

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Yes, we play all kinds during game night at our house. I miss playing penny ante poker, though.

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I'm a big board game fan but don't know many card games, although I enjoy playing them. My boyfriend and I were trying to remember how to play rummy the other night and I said we really need to learn more card games for something to do when we run out of things to talk to each other about, LOL!

I'd prefer games to watching tv so I need to learn to play a few more card games.

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We grew up with my grandparents and Nan just loved playing cards.

We learned how to play cribbage, canasta, Spite and Malice, Euchre, Double euchre, a number of solitaires.

I've never played pinocle....

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I LOVE playing cards. But nobody I know likes it. Mom and
Dad taught us Pinochle and Grandma and Grandpa taught us
Hearts and Canasta... I don't think I would remember
Canasta. And might remember Pinochle. I miss playing

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Minnie, that Idiot card game is one my BF taught me~~~glad you reminded me of it;)

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When I was growing up at home, my parents were religious and very anti-gambling. Because of that, they would not allow a standard playing decks (with aces, kings, queens, etc.) in the house. They bought a Rook deck; remember those? There is 4 suits of different colors numbered from 1 to 15 and a few 'wild cards' in place of jokers. These were deemed ok even though all the same games that were played with a 'gambling' deck could also be played with a Rook deck - LOL. Our family and friends played several different games with the Rook deck, but no gambling.

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I'm surprised none of you has mentioned bridge. That may be a hint as to why my group can't find anyone to fill in when we need a substitute.

Most people my age learned to play at college, or at least around that time in their life. I gave it up for years and then about 5 years ago was talked into playing with a group. Of course we are all "elderly". (When did I become elderly?)

I love to play, though I'm not terribly good at it, but there are lots of clubs in my area. I sometimes factasize that I'd love to spend a weekend at the Gulf, just playing bridge and eating seafood all weekend. . . especially if I could get Omar Shariff to be my partner! He's quite a bridge player, I hear.

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HA! maxmom, would be able to concentrate on the game? LOL

Bridge is one of those games that requires focus! I prefer games that allow you to converse a little while playing.
I hope you get your wish someday!

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Another bridge player here. I first learned in college and then didn't play for about 20 years. Now I play two or three times a week. It keeps your mind active.

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I always would have liked to learn how to play bridge but it never happened.
I remember I was at a card party a few years ago that the American Legion Auxillary had put on. We were playing Whist and I had such good cards. One of the ladies asked me if I played bridge and I said No. She said it was probably a good thing.
They have whist club in the next town over. I always thought I would like to join that.

When my husband and I started dating, we spent a lot of time with his parents playing a game called MADDOG. It is a lot like Canasta but it is played with 4 decks of cards and usually takes about 3 hours to play one game. I remember on holidays right after we were done eating he would say "get the table cleaned off" he was ready to play.
Dhs DS and DBIL were both really good card players too. They would go to the Moose club 2 a week to play cards in a tournament. We also played cards with them a lot too.
I remember I was playing cards with DH and his parents on my 21st birthday thats how I celebrated it.

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